I see your spirit of love

I see your spirit of love


You have the most precious eyes of love and inner beauty.

You light up my life with your sweet and tender smile.

The smoothness of your voice bathes me in comfort

as you send me swimming in your sea bliss.

Your lips are like looking in a spring bloom of a red rose.

Your scent sends a tingle through my veins.

The movements of your body brings anticipation of security.

Your closeness diminishes all my defenses.

I can only surrender my affections to your heart.

Your natural purity gives life.

Your essence grows in the offspring of your love.

I sometimes will cry in front of you.

For my tears are of innocent pleasure.

Your caress lifts my soul.

My spirit now fluters with you.

I await your soft hand in mine.

Then to walk hand in hand through life together.

I feel your gentle tug.

You melt my heart as I respond and see your smiling face.

We stop there on the busy sidewalk of life.

We become oblivious to everyone.

As we hug and kiss forever.

Forever I will remember the first time I saw your butterfly smile.

For now my heart flutters with your wings wrapped around me.

your closeness gives me your sent of ecstasy.

As we stand there on that sidewalk of life.

Our pure love lights up the hearts of the strangers walking by.

For our kiss truly was a French kiss.

Je tem mon amour. (I love you)

written by Daniel J Towsey


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