It is the time NOW

It is the time NOW

If humanity is not guided into the future by truth,
then were are all doomed..
The signs today are very visible.
The reasons are very visible.
If only you could open up your soul.
If only you could open up your heart.
If only you would seek truth.
If you only spoke truth.
If only you would look at yourself.
If only you could give unselfish love.
If only you loved this beautiful planet as I do.
If only you could see my visions of beauty.
If only you could be beautiful.
If only you were truthful.
You would then know why I call myself.

The Visionary Folk Photographer
and A Truth Soldier.

Jesus told us he knew God.
He never said he was God.
He said he has God in his heart.

Jesus died not for your sins.
Jesus died because of your sins.

Your sins are now bringing about the very death of this planet.
The planet that truly is heaven.

Only you and everyone else seeding the seeds of truth will give
the tree of life a chance to continue.

Why do you think all the trees on this planet are now dying?

Because you seek no truth and speak no truth.

Not until humanity starts the world wide truth revolution.

Will this planet be saved.

I have heard many say they can not do anything.

I have said to them that yes you can.

Each and everyone of us has an energy.

We, you and all of us have to now activate the positive power of truth.

We all need to seek truth and then spread those seeds of truth to
everyone else.

Especially our young ones.

They need our love.

For love can not exist in the absence of truth.

It is time for you to love this planet.

It is time for you to love God.

Not the God of religions.

But the God of reality.

It is time NOW for everyone to flood this planet with every truth you
know about all the evils and insanity on this planet.

It is time for you to realize that yes you do have power.

You have the power of truth.

So seek it and you will find it.

It is time for you to sown your seeds of truth.

It is time for you to join the Army.

The army of of Truth Soldiers.

For God of Heaven is the truth.

I am a soldier for God.

A Truth Soldier only gives Love.

Jesus did show us the way.

He never wrote anything.

But I did.

Gives his Love.

He told us the the Love from God would never diminish.

You just have to believe in the positive power of God.

For those of you who are not religious.

Please do understand that the word God came from the word Good.

So over centuries the meaning of doing goodness has been change to
doing Godliness.

It matters not if you say God.

What does matter is that you discover the power of truth.

Please save this planet from the grips and control of the insane corporations.

Be it known that the word corporation came into existence by conspirators
agreeing to Cooperate in corruption.

Combine the two words and you get Corporation.

Please read by article entitled “Creation of first Corporation”.

Written by A Truth Soldier.

The time to save this planet is running out quickly.

Those who Love money over Truth are killing all that is natural and beautiful.

The World Wide Truth Revolution Needs YOU NOW..

Anonymous Rants

A Truth Soldier Occupation

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