I Deleted another 400 Fake Facebook Friends

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Facebook is a very covertly oppressive CIA operation. I have in the past posted other articles about the

the bad things Facebook does. You will find the links to my other Facebook post below.

Facebook continuously promotes and wants individuals to add friends, then when you do,

they harass you for sending out friend requests.

Another thing Facebook does is limit friends to 5000.

But if your a poplar public activist that get continuous friend requests.

Facebook will make sure that your friends list fills up quickly with fake friends so that

you can not build up you following with real activists friends.

I discovered this long ago. So I got in the habit of deleting 500 fake friends form time

to time. Only to discover a month later that Facebook re added the 500 fake friends I removed.
So I posted this update on my profile timeline and here is the responses from real Facebook friends.


Deleted another 400 deadbeat friends

Brett Temple, Courtney Everson, Jordan Morris and 6 others like this.

Daniel J Towsey says,  I have another 250 plus waiting to be
friends..and I delete friend request everyday when I see they have nothing of value on their profiles

Randy Grover says, I am taking that as a compliment then…

GreenYogi Yogi says, how did U get entangled like that?

Rich Tichler says, Glad to make the cut…keep keeping it real …

Brett Temple says, keep up the good work thankyou for your time.

Daniel J Towsey says, Keep an eye on my friends count and you will
notice that when I bring it down to about 4500 facebook keeps adding more and bringing my

number up close to 5000 they do this so I can not add real friends..

Daniel J Towsey says, So facebook is adding fake friends to keep me
from adding more

GreenYogi Yogi says, how fucked is dat dude?

Daniel J Towsey says, It is for real.. Facebook has often harassed me
and popped up pages of harassment.. They did not know that I kept screen captures of everything

and that i posted articles on my blogs about what they were doing to me..

They have back off a lot now since I have documented what they are doing to me..

Daniel J Towsey says, Youtube is worse..they are blocking my view
counts on my seeds of truth videos..they often will cause the videos not to work or do other

things to wreck my videos.

Brian Parent says, Not fun is it! I hate it too!


Facebook is an offensive dictatorship


Facebook STINKS and Here is Why


Facebook threatens democracy


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