Human Clones Have No Soul

Human clones can be identified by the fact that they have no soul


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[Below you will find a comment thread that developed from the posting of the above thought on my Facebook timeline]

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Darby Gallagher says, And you would recognize that how?

Daniel J Towsey says,k Hmmmm you do not know what a soul is!

Daniel J Towsey  says, Clones can not see a soul

Michael Parag  says, What’s a “soul”

Michael Parag says, Guess I’m a clone. I’ve never seen a soul.

Daniel J Towsey says, Your spirit of existance that is not matter

Michael Parag says, I’m a materialist and a non-dualist. All that exist
is energy and matter.

Daniel J Towsey says, ah but energy exists outside of matter

Daniel J Towsey says, Your spirit is energy which is your soul that has
conscience.. once you are aware of your energy then you can control it which is what makes your soul

Michael Parag says, Matter is a form of energy E= mc^2

Daniel J Towsey says, But that energy is only positive..negative
energy is nothing.. some people die forever because they have no soul,, others continue on in the cosmos of energy and time..maybe to be reincarnated as a life form of matter

Patty Motley says, Must be a lot of clones out there. I meet people all
the time with no souls.

Michael Parag  says,And what evidence do you have for this other
substance? I’ve never seen any compelling evidence for any kind of dualism.

Daniel J Towsey says,yes there is. some call them Zombies…
according to the NWO there is around 6.5 billion of them to be cleaned up

Daniel J Towsey says, Matter is only used by energy

Daniel J Towsey says, So maybe you can understand how, what we
call extraterrestrials, travel.. they travel as a conscious energy and can use matter to materialize into what they want.

Daniel J Towsey says, But I realize that, that understanding is truly
alien to most zombies..ahahhaha..

Daniel J Towsey says, Scientists have been cloning and genetically
creating humans since 1938.. Some say they want to facilitate a body for aliens of energy to use while on earth

Daniel J Towsey says, Is anybody out there……….I hear silence

Alien Light_p06

Michael Parag says, According to the law of the conservation of
energy, energy and matter cannot be destroyed, only change form. Energy can become matter, and matter can become energy, energy can become a different kind of energy, matter can become a different kind of matter. There is no known way to take energy and matter and reverent them to a state of non-existence.

Daniel J Towsey says, hmmm..there is black holes of no matter..there
is mater that has absolutely no is full of dead matter..

Daniel J Towsey says, matter is only the vehicle for energy if energy is
applied to mater..otherwise that matter is dead..

Daniel J Towsey matter has always existed and that is why it
does not matter..hahahah

Daniel J Towsey says, energy always exists and that is why that
matters, when it comes to matter

Daniel J Towsey says, So how come that matters?

Michael Parag says, I don’t understand how anything you said proves
anything about something like souls existing.

Daniel J Towsey says, I can not understand how zombies can exist

Michael Parag says, Soul isn’t the same as consciousnesses or mind
even though people like to use them like their interchangeable.

Daniel J Towsey says, The energy of existance is the mystery that
mortals can not comprend..that is why many dnas in the chain were removed

Daniel J Towsey says, true extraterrestrials have their whole dna
intact.. maybe you can now understand why scientists say that humans only use about 5% of their brains..aliens in human bodies with souls are not alien to me. Aliens use their whole mind and dna

Daniel J Towsey says, scientists that look at dna do not realize that
the dna piece they are observing are only a sliver image of a moment in time. One day scientists will realize that, dna that is fully active changes continuously

Daniel J Towsey says, The dna science is very flawed for they, the
scientist do not understand what soul is..

Daniel J Towsey says, see this,

Top Secret Extra Terrestrial Message

Daniel J Towsey says, A soul gives off positive those who
have no soul only emit negative..

Daniel J Towsey says, So by the time one that has no soul dies..they
will have no positive spirit to continue on..all the soulless just disappear into the black hole of nothing

Daniel J Towsey says, That is why they say to do good as God being
the positive spirit, will judge you come judgment day..if you are a negative soulless zombie, you will not continue one after your moral vessel you travel in time with becomes worn out.

Daniel J Towsey says, So those with Souls are positive about life and
what it means.

I think it is amazing how televison and corporate media social engineering is creating human zombies

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