The whole world is nuts and I know everything

The whole world is nuts and I know everything

written by A Truth Soldier


That is right I know everything and the whole world is nuts.

Anyone who goes to the internet for information about all the events going on on this planet is nuts.

The truth only exists from official sources.

Only government and corporate media tell the truth.

Anyone who gets their information from the internet is in danger of becoming insanely paranoid.

I am sure of that because, not once have I ever not believed the official stories.

So I know everything.

I am not nuts because I have never ever gone to the world wide web for information.

See I know everything.

I am sure I know everything.

Because the official stories tell me everything I need to know.


Above is the mind set of most of the people I have ever met.

I can not understand how people can believe anything without question everything.

I can not understand how anyone would think that every single person of all the billions on online is wrong.

I can not comprehend how anyone could believe that no truth can be found on the internet.

For the internet is the only place anyone can ever find any truths.

So I ask that person that know everything this question,

So do you talk to your television and ask the one dimensional talking heads you see questions?

Do they answer you?

So if you can not question those talking heads, then how do you question anything.

Then I realize that the person i asked the question of already knows everything.

So since they know everything they do not need to know how to think.

Why use your mind when everything is told to you from official sources.

I can only hope that one day those know it all brain dead sheeple realize that their is always only stories,

official stories and then their is the truth, and never shall the two meet.

The problem is I meet to many know it alls.

It is very easy to determine if a person is a dumb know it all.

See if they ever ask any questions.

Beware that those who never ask questions know everything.

They know everything because they are completely brainwashed by that one dimensional screen they grew up watching and relating to.

They never went out in the real world as they were growing up to discover reality.

So a warning to all parents.



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