Beware of the Halifax waterfront deadly gang

Beware of the Halifax waterfront deadly gang.

written by Daniel J Towsey

January 9 2013

This gang of criminals controls the waterfront.

They have always stolen from and destroyed any free spirits that have entered into their control zone.

They especially like terrorizing and attacking drifters, buskers, and street performers that are just traveling through their existence and entertaining people as they go.

Always when these individuals come under the attack of this gang, these individuals disappear. either they leave town or much worse happens. That depends on how strongly these individuals try to assert their human and civil rights when confronted by the gangs enforcers.

But be warned that this gang will prey on anyone that enters into their waterfront gang territory.

Their are no rules, guidelines or signs of any kind to give you a fair warning, that is why I am writing this.

To give you a fair warning.

This gang is deadly.

It will kill your spirit and your entrepreneurship if you dare to try to do your independent business in the gangs zone.

I believe that actually covertly killing a person physically is not beyond their realm.

You can learn much more on this topic by reading my previous article entitled.

WARNING all visitors to Halifax Nova Scotia.

This gang had also been on a turf war for years with our most wonderful previous Mayor of Halifax. The real honorable Peter Kelly. who faithfully and to the best of is ability served the people of the City of Halifax, even when continuously attacked by the very powerful waterfront gang.

Please read my much earlier article entitled.

“Man drowns at the Halifax Buskers ”

I am writing this because this gang has targeted me because I have been very active on the waterfront doing folk videos of the buskers, performers and events for many years. That activity has made the information I am now writing about very clear to me.

Please see all my 1600 folk videos at

I will be going to court at The Spring Garden Rd Court house starting on February 26, 2013 at seven pm.. Everyone is welcome to come and witness this lynching.

I have recently written this article providing details of how this waterfront gang has used their fellow gang members in the Police and an unconstitutional law to terrorize me and deprive me of my human rights.

Halifax Police Repeatedly Violating My Human Rights

Concerning this article about the Police violating my human rights. I have repeated tried to file my statement to get a police investigation done.

But the Police man I was talking to was told by a guy in a suit that he was not permitted to talk my information.

There after an investigator at the Halifax police station engaged in a an activity that falls under criminal law. He filed a fake and fraudulent police investigation report that contained none of my information nor did it contain my statement because their was no statement.

I am disabled and in a wheelchair. I was unable to write out the necessary statement at the time and the Policeman I was talking to said he would do an audio recording of my statement. But the guy in the suit told the Police officer he was not permitted to take my audio statement.

So now after receiving his fraudulent investigation report I just recently returned to the Police station and fled my audio statement complaint of Obstruction of justice against that investigator that i believe was following the orders of C.S.I.S. Canada’s Secret intelligence service.

I have been writing about my political history for years. I have been writing it because of the numerous crimes that have been committed against me and have been going on since I ran a federal election campaign in 1984 in York Center of the city of Toronto against the then Unhonourable Bob Caplan. Solicitor general of Canada. The very man that created C.S.I.S six months into the campaign and issued its first contract against me.

Stay tuned for more..if I survive their latest attacks on me.

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