A leaderless resistance empowers the individual


A leaderless resistance empowers the individual.

A leaderless resistance teaches the individual how to be a good leader by leading their life always towards the love of truth..

The World Wide Truth Revolution was brought in by a leader that remained the leaderless leader..

One day if humanity over comes the insanity that is now destroying this planet.

They will understand that it only one took one lone voice to spread the first seeds of truth that sprouted the healthy tree of life that bloomed a healthy food for thought that humanity matured from…

But that can only be “When the seeds of truth are sown. The grassroots truth revolution will blossom from the enlightenment”

So are you going to sow those seeds of truth?

If so then you need to understand that truth is absolute, truth is a way of thinking, truth is an action for it will only exist when you act on it.

Truth is not some ones idea, thought or fact, as those are just known as “The truth”.

The truth is only a truth in a moment of time.

Where as truth without the, the in front of it is absolute.

Everything in existence always has a counter balance.

So the further you go from truth, the sooner you will arrive at the opposite absolute.

That being insanity, for insanity is absolute.

Have you not noticed that all the healthy trees of life all over the planet have been deliberately and methodically destroyed?

It is time for the awakening to happen.

It is time for you to wake your minds up and learn the truth of how to think.

It is time for you to plant seeds of truth everywhere.

It is time for truth to be put back in the front of the path into humanities future.

Someone has to save this planet.

Someone has to plant those seeds.

That someone is you being the one.

It only takes one and not a leader to save this planet from the grips of the insane.

So are all of you going to be that one?

Because you are the only one that can do it.

written by A Truth Soldier.


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