Nova Scotia’s ‘Protection of property act’ Is an act of communism

Nova Scotia’s ‘Protection of property act’ Is an act of communism.

For under communism no one has any human rights.

The protection of property act deprives the individual any due process of justice.

The act, is an act of terrorism against an individuals freedoms.

The act is purely undemocratic.

It is not based on common law.

The act turns a peace officer into a penal officer that arbitrarily takes an individuals human rights and constitutional rights away.

The act empowers the Police to behave like tyrants that care not for due process of law.

The act even states that the Police can deprive you of your rights without you ever getting accused or charged.

They Police will impose their penalties on you without even having to give you a written notice of what ever they claim you have done wrong.

That which deprives you the ability to present your case in front of a judge.

The communist act empowers the Police to impose penalties.

But in common law only a Judge with a jury can impose penalties and that is only done after a fair and just hearing of evidence in a court of common law.

But like under communism. Individuals never get a trial or hearing.

They just get destroyed by agents of the communist government.

The act sounds like it is intended to protect property that falls under provincial control, so this is supposed to exclude federal lands..

That is not what is does, nor is that what it is being used for.

The Police is using it to ban individuals from common public areas such as whole sections of the city and including public sidewalks.

Those that are victimized by this communist act are the most vulnerable in our society. The drifters, gypsies, homeless, the disabled and any one else that tries to speak up and defend their human rights when being confronted by a Police officer who is on a tyrannical power trip of corrupted authority.

So when the vulnerable try to speak up the cops just take all their human rights away. Be that a beating, an arrest or much worse. The Police do not care for they are operating under a communist act of the Nova Scotia Provincial Legislature.

If the Police do not touch you they will impose fines on you of $260 every time you try to walk or ride you wheelchair down a public sidewalk. The Police will continue this until you go to court to fight against the tickets. But again justice will not be done because the Police being the witnesses will not show up in court and the judge will just trow the case out.

But in the meantime like more then eight months after the Police started imposing their communist authority, during that whole time you, the victim have been terrorized and victimized by the Police and have had you freedoms taken away.

So then after the court dropping the case You never get a fair and just hearing to challenge this communist act.

You go back out and try to walk home or ride your wheelchair down a public path. But then again the Police will just start the whole process of harassment and terrorism again you or anyone else they choose to, because they have been empowered by a communist act of the nova Scotia Legislature.

So when a so called peace officer bans an individual from anywhere.

The Police will fine the individual and if the individual returns to that unstated in writing area.

The Police will fine you again even if you are not in the area they claim they banned you from. The Police just do what ever they want, for under communism fighting for your human rights is not permitted.

But the act of communism permits the officer to arbitrarily change what ever the invisible boundaries are. That means that one minute an officer says you are banned from a particular location and then the next time the officer will changes that location without due process of notifying you. And will give you another fine, even if you are not even in what ever area you were previously told.

But you having been given no written instructions, are powerless to this abuse of power, because you can not show the evidence that you are not in the area you were supposedly banned from. You have not document to prove that you are not in the banned area.

Then when they accumulate enough fines that you can not possibly afford the police will put you in jail for not paying the fines.

So as you have read.

This whole “Protection of Property Act” is a communist act.. So when did Nova Scotia become an oppressive communist state.

That happened because you the individual never spoke up to protect your rights and freedoms as I am no doing.

You never spoke up when you were still free to speak up.

Now soon just speaking up will get you killed by the Communists that are taking over.

So when are you going to get involved in the functions of our society?

You are to blame for letting communism take over.

Your inaction for justice is guaranteeing you soon will not have any.

The Corporate Zionist Rothchild Communists are taking over and you are letting them do it.

When you are killed no one will know and they still will not speak up.


 Written by A Truth Soldier

Nova Scotias Protection of property act.pdf RIGHT CLICK TO SAVE

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6 thoughts on “Nova Scotia’s ‘Protection of property act’ Is an act of communism”

  1. did you know that Canada is a corporation, and all laws and acts and statues do not apply to anyone other than those who work for the govt.. for more info into this, please search out dean Clifford on you tube… this is the real truth… Canada is privately owned corporation, run by London


    1. yes i know that they stole Canada from the Canadian people..for now!… Canada is a Common wealth country that has a house of commons where we common people elect common people to create common laws based on common sense so that we all have that in common… everything else is a fraud against the common people of Canada..


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