The empowerment of the individual idiots

The empowerment of the individual idiots


Where do I start in explaining the history of the modern age and its eventual demise due to the under earned and undeserved empowerment of the individual idiots.

I am sure that the true idiots amongst yourselves who are reading this will be insulted.

The truth always hurts those who care not about truth, that being the idiots amongst you.

Idiots are always lost in wonder, when their little artificial grandiose empire of idiocy collapses.

Some idiots achieve much higher artificial grandiose then others, they achieve that by being more cunning, deceptive and ruthless then the lower level idiots.

These upper level idiots are the most destructive to the preservation of the pure natural world and natural healthy thinking.

I have studied and watched the ebb and flow of the destructive effects of the empowerment of the individual idiots.

The most destructive effect of empowering the idiots, has been that true visionaries and leaders with superior realistic healthy enlightened minds of true genius are ignored and undermined by the overwhelming undeserved empowerment of the individual idiots.

The individual empowerment I speak of has been brought on by deliberate covert stealth socialist communist propaganda.

Communism’s sales pitch is so amazingly effective in luring in the individual idiots, by making the individual idiots believe that they actually have intellectual worth.

That has been the social engineering used to bring down all free and prosperous healthy societies that were originally fueled by real intellectual geniuses.

The only reason Rothchild Banksters Zionist communism ideals are ever used on a society, is not to bring in collectivism of equality.

Communism’s effects and goals have always been the destruction of superior societies that grew form the respect that they showed to true intellectual geniuses.

A society where true genius flourishes is a society that respects truth.

But that stupid artificial empowered individual actually believes that they have more and better worth then true intellectual geniuses.

What a mess the illness brought on to this planet by the money manipulators has caused.

Our once natural and beautiful planet has almost completely been destroyed by the empowerment of the individual idiots.

And I assure you that it takes a true genius to know the truth of that fact.

Empowering the idiot through the manipulation of and the creation of unearned fake money that has been created out of thin air by the privately owned banks that fooled the now empowered idiots into believing that they actually have real money in their pockets.

The idiots have been empowered, while the true visionaries have been robbed of their potential, true worth and achievements.

Now the idiots can not understand why their delusional artificial grandiose personal empires are collapsing.

This whole planet’s eco-systems and natural environments are, and have mostly been destroyed by the artificially empowered individual idiots.

That is what you get when you get fooled into believing that collectivism socialist communism will empower you. What a stupid contradiction that only idiots would believe.

You idiots can not understand or realize that when you believe that unity and equality will empower the individual idiots. it in reality will only destroy you and your society.

If the intellectual geniuses are not the ones empowered, then what will you have?

You will have a society that is doomed to collapse thanks to the empowerment of the idiots.

The Zionist money manipulators never build anything.

They only leech from society and eventually their fake money destroys your once beautiful and functioning truthful society.

Unfortunately today that empire of insanity that has bought the whole planet with their fake money, has taken over the planet, and is destroying the planet.

It will take the thoughts of a visionary intellectual genius to save you.

So when are you idiots going to realize that you have no intellectual worth?

When you do, it will be the day that you will then begin to look at yourselves and maybe try to develop your worth by seeking and speaking truth.

For when you become truthful, is when you become a true intellectual.

Then if you spend you whole life always seeking and speaking truth.

You then will realize true genius.

I await your intellectual genius to contribute to the rescuing our very poisoned world.

The first poison to be eliminated in saving our planet, is the poisoning of your minds by the banksters influence over every aspect of the artificial reality they created, that then has produced the empowerment of the individual idiots.

It is time for you to GET REAL….and WAKE THE FUCK UP

We have to save this planet from the grips of manufactured collectivist communist banksters insanity.

Written by A Truth Soldier.

Thank You Henry Ford for your warning…


Laura Ludwig says, I can just hear their genius call to arms now: “Idiots of the World, Unite” Yea! HMMM wonder where I heard that before. The idiots have to remember one thing if nothing else. It was them that separated themselves from being part of the citizens of the world, They deem themselves worthy of taking what is not theirs to take, so that makes them dependents and not individuals.

Canadian Situations says, Very astute of you..I agree with your observations..

One thought on “The empowerment of the individual idiots”

  1. This is the way of the destroyer of all that is good… Good thoughts this morning Daniel!
    There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, and it is common among men:

    2 A man to whom God hath given riches, wealth, and honour, so that he wanteth nothing for his soul of all that he desireth, yet God giveth him not power to eat thereof, but a stranger eateth it: this is vanity, and it is an evil disease. Ecclesiastes 6:1-2

    Fascism, Communism or any form of Collectivism that opposes what God would, is an evil disease.


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