Always ask the judge for a translator from legalese to english


When going to court.

 At the very start ask the judge for a translator.

The judge will be baffled, but do not wait.

Immediately ask for a translator to translate

from Legalese to English.




Lady Fox says,  Can you do this really?

Daniel J Towsey is the need to be able to understand what is going on..but the judge will be lost..A legalize translator would be a lawyer that would assist you by translating anything you ask..what a spectacle this would be

Lady Fox says,  Fucking says,  A! Gotta love the internet

Daniel J Towsey says,  and the court has to pay for it

Lady Fox says,  Lol Double Whammy!

Daniel J Towsey says, is time to stick it to the pooba

Lady Fox says,  Time to get my hands on a Black’s Law Dictionary

Daniel J Towsey says, Legalize really is a language

Lady Fox says, Yea i kno..tougher than Chinese

Jack Holland says,

Bullshit. Legalize means to make legal ….some sap is going to follow this like its true….asshole

Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier says, In reply to Jack Holland.

hey thanks..I miss spelled should of been legalese.

Daniel J Towsey says, There I fixed the image

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