Canned Tuna in Water Fraud Wastes Natural Resources

Your last warning

Canned Tuna in Water Fraud Wastes Natural Resources

So do you like buying flaked canned tuna in water and ending up with a half a can of tuna?

I can not comprehend the stupidity and waste of natural resources in putting half a can of water in the canned tuna.

Please note that this also applies to many other fish products that are canned.

Adding water to the fish products in a can is completely unnecessary and has nothing to do with preserving the product.

That is very easy to prove.

Go buy a can of tuna that has no added liquids, it is perfectly healthy and fresh.

Do not try to have me believe that there is any logical reason for adding the water, except that it is much more profitable to the corporation at the cost of the natural environment.

This insanity is going on because it is very profitable to sell water in a can and then receiving the same price for the water as you get for the much more valuable tuna.

Have you ever tried to make a tuna sandwich with this liquefied tuna? It is very difficult and disgusting because you end up getting a very soggy sandwich when you open it at work for your lunch..

The cost to the natural resources, the tin, the paper, the energy to make the tin and label, the energy to pump the water possibly polluted water into the can, the fuel necessary to ship that tuna can around the globe to me in Halifax Nova Scotia.

Then think of all that added weight of the water that ends up going down the drain.

Multiply that by hundreds of millions of cans every year.

Add to that the cost to the tax payers when that water from millions of cans reaches the sewage treatment plant.

Then also the added costs for the fuel needed to ship that water around the world is a huge cost to the natural environment.

There are many more costs I could add to this list.

So as always, the corporate insanity is costing us the future health of our planet.

So let me break all this down for you.

I began to realize this tuna scandal at least two years ago.

I am now going to explain the results of my spending the last three hours calling Canadian government departments at all different agencies in Canada.

First, am I naive in believing that I live in Canada, a common wealth country, with A House of Commons, That we elected common people too, That makes common laws based on common sense for we the common people?

Am I the last person alive that still has common sense?

Because I could not find one person in the government agencies that had any common sense at all.

I only discovered that we the Canadian people have lost our peoples governments.

We now only have corporations pretending to be the peoples governments.

Corporations that only protect corporate profits and do not protect we the common people.

Corporations that care not about the natural resources of this planet.

That point is very evident now that the Corporate Crime Minister Harper of Canada, has passed his Omni Bill C-45, that now eliminates all our common laws that once protected the natural environment.

Of all the phone calls I made, these two are shocking.

First I telephoned the Federal Canadian Food Inspection Agency located in the town of Dartmouth in the province Nova Scotia.

Only to be told that they do not inspect the contents of food cans, and that they are only concerned about improper information on the label.

Trying to convey common sense to government employees is a futile effort.

For they are all programmed 9-5 lifers in a government prison for their minds.

So I told him that the can says it contained 170 grams and 120 grams when drained.

I told the guy that that is false and deceptive.

Because when I opened the can and squeeze the lid in, to force the water out, I end up with less then a half a can of lightly compressed tuna.

The density of the tuna is much lower then the density of the water.

So that the weight information on the label can not be correct.

Half a can of water weighs much more then a half a can of flaked tuna

His repetitious stupid responses to my common sense were just too frustrating.

I asked him, ‘Why is your agency named A food inspection agency’ if you do not open the cans to inspect its contents?

I would also like to add a thought for you the readers. Water is not a food..

I ended my conversation with this government robot.

I made some more calls and then I requested to be put in contact with the the same federal food inspection agency, but instead with the office in St.John’s Newfoundland.

This guy was more pleasant but still unable to apply any common sense to everything I explained.

But he did mention that the first guy was wrong, and that they do check the contents weight and how much water is in the can.

He described to me that they do it like this.

They open the can, keep the lid on it and they do not squeeze the lid in. Then they drain it upside down for ninety seconds and weigh it again.

I could not get him to tell me if the weight includes the weight of the tin.

That is a very touchy topic that they never want to speak about, so that tells me that very possibly the weight includes the tin cans empty weight.

I said to him that their testing procedure is flawed.

He just kept repeating his robotic identical repetitious answers.

I told him that, that is like try to determine the weight of a dry sponge without squeezing the water out of the wet sponge.

Do note that flaked tuna is very absorbent like a sponge.

I also mentioned to him that Tuna, when no water has been added is actually very dry and also very difficult to swallow.

I also asked him, Why are they adding liquid that did not come from the natural juices of the tuna?

Why add water at all?

Like every other common sense thing I said, he could not respond with any sense at all.

So do you, the readers agree that adding water to canned tuna is a fraud, deception and a waste of our natural resources?

Do you agree that this practice should be stopped?

So I suggest that you be sure and read the labels very tiny print and do not buy canned fish with water…

I myself really do not like buying canned tuna and ending up with mostly dirty water.

Written by A Truth Soldier…

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