I am going into the devils lair after the darkness of evil envelopes the town of Halifax

on the hollowed eve of February 26, 2013

Published on 3 Feb 2013

See Comments below description.

I am going to court Spring Garden Rd Halifax in front of the library on February 26 at 7pm Second should be in court room was supposed to be in court room 3.. I hope some anonymous witnesses will be there…My life is in danger if they want to arrest me under the false charges from The Protection of property act..

If you read this article (below) you will learn why I am now seriously disabled and why I use an electric wheelchair to go out. The Police have repeatedly done me alot of serious harm.In my condition going to jail for not being able to pay fines. Would surely cause my death. I would be unable to survive in jail..

Then check out this one..
Halifax Police Repeatedly Violating My Human Rights

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  • Chris Cannon Best of luck to you Daniel. If I could be there for you I would.
  • Brian Six Fight for Truth and Justice!
  • Daniel J Towsey Just be there in spirit..I will know..
    DecimusAquila says,
    I consider? my self an Anonn
    I have a high profile channel with over 4 million views and would like to help you promote your video.
    With your permission I will upload your video to my page (giving you credit of course for the video) so that more people can see it and possibly show up to help you.
    It’s time for these people to be held accountable, Anonymous will NOT stand for injustace, especially on the individual level
    I am sorry for what you have gone through, I hope things improve.FolkPhotographer says,Yes anyone can re upload this video with the included about info..thank you..·  in reply to DecimusAquiladamientherapperman says,

    Your story is a tragic reflection of what the Anon despise. All the best, your work deserves much respect. The only comfort I can offer is the knowledge that from a place far away in Australia, I have listened to your story and learned from your material. Your gift was received. Thank-you. In return please accept my humble gratitude and positive energy.
    KeepEmStraight says,

    You do matter my dear friend ! If I were not completely across this country from you I certainly would be there. Thank you for your braveness / like you once said: See you where angels fly. I will be there in spirit.
    DecimusAquila says,

    I uploaded your video, since I’m not a hacker withen the Anon group I find other ways to help, If you could also add me as a contact that would be great,
    Musicistwowords Mu says,

    Gosh, I wish I could be there for you, but I am so far away and have no vehicle. I am so sorry.
    Michael AndGod says,

    You could put down what you have done? Although good luck getting someone there to witness, hope the courtroom fills and they see the power of Anonymous.

3 thoughts on “ANONYMOUS Request from A TRUTH SOLDIER”

  1. Daniel, you are not alone, for the one true God witness’s all that happens to his children. I will be with you in spirit, and I will pray that the Lord sends many witness’s to your court appointment, and that you are allowed to continue to go free, but we all know the price for speaking truth to power is a high one. Our suffering is but for a season, but those who will not repent will be forever.


  2. I will be praying and interceding with Jesus on your behalf my brother, these demons and devils must be put to a stop spiritually and physically. They are trying to kill everybody that is disabled , old, Blacks and Hispanic Mexican people for sure through different diabolical reasons of their own!!! In simple words for the TRUTH and our Constitutional Rights!!!! thats what the whole fight is about our rights as citizens of the United States of America!!!!! Be encouraged in the LOrd my brother and stand up for your rights in your wheelchair and your case will be won in Jesus’ name. amen and blessings to you..


  3. hi dad, i love you.
    i hope you will make it out okay.
    i hope you will forgive them.
    i forgive them in the name of the Alpha and Omega.


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