Thinking without the limitations of words

Thinking without the limitations of words

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Thinking without the limitations of words to achieve reality.

This is going to be difficult to explain to you do to the very limitations of words, but the reality of understanding how to think without words is actually very enlightening.

I will first give you a bit of occult historical information as to the use of words that have been previously shared for humanity’s enlightenment.

All through human history, there have been enlightened individuals that were usually labeled as geniuses who have attempted to share their enlightenment of reality with humanity.

As I am now doing.

Historically few people were given an education and an ability to read the words that the positively enlightened geniuses shared.

This was done for the very reason I am about to explain.

In the past, their positive gift of enlightenment was always confiscated by people of negative spirit for their selfish empowerment.

Their negative selfish empowerment has always ended in the destruction of people who possessed positive spirits.

Today we have the wonderful opportunity to reverse this historical behavior of negative destruction.

The Internet has provided the means for the spirit of the positive thinkers power to be shared to enlighten humanity.

But those with the negative spirits are doing everything they can as they have always done to keep humanity from coming to the realization of the wisdom that is freely available on the world wide web of the Internet.

You are about to discover how you also can be a genius, and that it is actually very easy to do.

All it will take, is your willingness to be a positive spirit.

This reasoning will go beyond any languages, as it takes no words to understand the reality I am now revealing.

If what I am now writing ever becomes universally known and understood, the world will be a better place.

So far all these words that I have written are making it sound as if what I am explaining is very complicated.

Stay with me here, because it is about to get very easy to understand.

First you just have to understand that pure truth is always very simple.

I am now revealing the pure truth of positive thinking.

Historical geniuses, were also limited by the words used in their cultures and periods of time.

Our world has gone through many horrific historic events.

These horrific events occurred and are still occurring because people knew not how to achieve understanding of their reality of existence.

After you read everything I am now writing, your awareness of reality will be so easy and simple that you will not need to even think about memorizing these words.

You will soon discover the reality of existence without the need of words.

Everything in existence has either a positive energy or no energy. The no energy is said to be negative.

Everything in the reality of existence has come into existence through the birth of positive energy.

The reality of the last sentence I just wrote is very limited by the use of words.

All through history, those who hoarded the wisdom of the written words that were shared by the positive spirits of geniuses, have kept that wisdom from reaching all of humanity.

( A side note here; Much true wisdom has been used and incorporated into the many different religious teachings. There are countless reasons for this. Be they good or deceptive reasons is irrelevant for the topic of this article)

your soul

In the past, masses of peoples were controlled by keeping the people dumbed down.

So in came the culture of those times.

Long ago, very very long ago, even tens of thousands of years ago.

The enlightened geniuses of that time were also limited by words.

They tried to understand and explain the reality they sensed by using words.

But at the beginning words did not exist.

For even before words came into existence, reality already existed.

Reality has existed for infinity.

So language was born and evolved to where we are today. On the Internet.

But long ago the geniuses developed a word that tried to explain their understanding of the reality of existence.

That word was, God.

People saw God as a positive spirit of creation.

That positive energy was understood to mean goodness.

So the word God developed from goodness.

Meaning good. Over time that good positive energy word became God.. Or the word good with an o taken out.

Just think when people began speaking words how the word good sounded..

Then after never ending variations of understanding came into existence through the words of countless different languages.

So in every different language there was a common thought of reality.

That became known as God.

Please read on, I am not writing a religious sermon.

Through history people needed to realize their reality with the use and limitation of spoken words, those who could not read were even more limited.

But words have always failed humanity.

Later huge and varied religious cultures developed all over the planet.

These cultures ended up being used by those with negative spirits to manipulate the masses into thinking that they had to participate in religions to gain understanding of their reality of existence.

So those with negative spirits created another God.

A God that we were told is the Devil or Satan.

The effective purpose of this ended up being a control mechanism made of negative fear over those attending their religious masses.

For those who were not educated and were deprived of real historical truth as written by geniuses, were kept in the darkness of negativity.

The masses were kept in a trap of never ending complications of words.

The masses were kept wanting to know and understand their reality.

But the truth of their reality being pure energy was never told to the masses.

Knowledge is power, and those in control kept the power to themselves so that they could always exert their lack of energy on the masses. This made these controllers feel more empowered because they were draining all your energies from you.

So as you read on, you will realize that religions have really nothing to do with realizing your reality of existence.

You will also come to the understanding that Satan or the devil only exists in the minds of the insane.

For truth is a positive force.

Truth is absolute and the further you go from truth the sooner you will arrive at the absolute opposite being insanity.

Everything in reality exists in infinity for ever, in every infinite directions, and that includes time.

A side thought here. Many people who have sought intellectual awareness have this belief that each and everyone of us are Gods. When you read on below, you will come to fully understand God as an energy and not as a religious belief.

So the further a person goes from the positive energy we know as light.

The sooner you will arrive at the opposite of positive energy.

That being negative or no energy.

Some deceivers today want you to believe that there are black holes that evil spirits travel through and come out of..

Do not believe that insanity for a second.

There is no such things as black holes, all there is, are expanses of nothing as in negative of any energy.

So those that always seek and speak truth are empowering themselves and others with the positive energy of life..

Those who have no positive self control end up lost into the expanse darkness of negativity.

I hope that one day soon people of this world will come to the positive enlightenment that Satan does not and has never existed.

Satan therefore has always existed in the minds of the insane.

Okay now I will stop with the religious history.

I had to mention the religious history because I think that for people to realize the reality of their existence,

they do not need the use of words.

So for the many of you who are going to try to understand how to think without words.

Lets just take the word God and just change it to mean positive energy.

Okay now I am ready to start explaining thinking without words.

This is going to get really easy to understand.

When you come to understanding, you will no longer need the use of words to achieve your enlightened awareness of the reality of existence.

But please, I ask you now to be sure to download this article of truth and spread it by sharing it all over this planet.

That is your duty.

Thinking without the limitations of words

The reality of existence has always existed for infinity.

All through the infinite their is positive energies of creation.

That positive energy exists in the otherwise expanse of nothing that we use the limitation of the word negative.

Please now visualize the symbol used for infinity.

It is a perpetual symbol of ever moving existence from the widest expanse down through to narrowest and on back out to the widest expanse.

This is the infinite movement of reality.

Below you will read some of the many different variations of combinations of words that have been used to resemble the understanding of infinity and existence.

But these words are very limited in the understanding of infinite existence,

and the positive energies that exist in the infinite expanse of nothing

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Due to the limitations of words, many other understandings of reality have been expressed with these following words.

Such as the Chinese Ying and Yang.

Good and Bad.

God and Satan.

Black and White.

Positive and Negative.

Light and Dark.

There are infinitely more examples.

There is also the study of metaphysics that some consider in trying to understand the reality of positive thinking.

So we need to understand that we exist, we are alive and living, we have and are energy.

What also needs to be understood is that the energy of life exists without words.

You and I came into the existence of reality when an amazing positive energy was born.

That is the secret to life that will always leave humanity limited in understanding due to the limitations of words.

So if you stop using words to understand the existence of reality.

You will begin to learn to use and guide your energy.

You will then sense and feel other energies.

But because we have awareness, we can be aware of the effects of the energies we give off.

Also the reverse is true but never realized.

The reverse is that of nothing. Giving off no energy.

For were and when no energy is given, none will be received.

That therefore leads to an expanse of nothing.

There is no awareness in the expanse of nothing.

The secret to life is to become aware of the reality of existence.

When we give off energy, we also can learn to receive energy.

For the very fact that we exist is the proof of positive energy.

For where there is no energy, there is no life.

If you do not give off positive energy you will not experience the full reality of your existence and potential.

Positive energy gives off positive energy.

Positive energy will always continue to be born for infinity.

The very existence of life exists in reality.

Reality is only perceived by conscious minds.

So once you become conscious of you very existence, your positive energy will expand and grow.

What all conscious living things need is acknowledgement of positive energy to be received from another being that gives positive energy.

That acknowledgement does not come from expressing words.

It comes from the directing of your energies.

So if you learn that life it self, yes your life comes from energy and that if you learn to live by your energy.

Then you will know your existence and be aware of reality of the existence of other life.

So all this that I have written sounds very complicated.

But in reality, all I did was expose all the complications of realizing the existence of your reality, the complications that have been created by words.

So I hope that you are now realizing that your true existence is the energy of life.

If you think with using your energy and not with the limits of words.

You will then be able to acknowledge your very existence.

The secret here is to blindly reach out for positive energy.

When you do, you will see and realize that you actually can be consciously controlling your energy.

If you use, share and expand your positive energy.

Your life will then be changed into a positive direction and that will only happen if you are conscious the existence of the positive reality of life.

Do you now see the limitations of words? And how difficult and complicated words make reality of existence be?

Having any negative thoughts during your conscious existence is always disempowering

Upon your realization of your living energy, you will then possibly understand that all life exists with and in energy.

Life forms my or my not be conscious ones. Or we may just not be conscious of them.

We are most definitely not the only conscious life in the infinity of the universe.

One thing is for sure.. The energy of life does not need to exist in matter. And that is why that does not matter.

Say hello in your conscience mind to the positive energies of existence and you will then be more empowered.

For positive things happen to those who positively know to think positively.

And I am positive of it…

So the very existence of God as a positive energy of life has to be accepted for as long as humanity uses words. For when we cease to use words we will then become pure energy that will continue into infinity.

Definition of a genius

A genius is one that spends their whole life always seeking and speaking truth, for only idiots will do anything else.

The generally accepted definition of a genius.

A genius is one that takes the most complicated issues and simplifies them to the simplest term so that anyone will understand it.

But the above accepted definition is incomplete.

Here is my completed definition of a genius.

A genius is one that takes the most complicated issues and simplifies them to the simplest term so that anyone will understand it.

And then re-expands the issue so that those who seek truth will be able to also know how to think like a genius.

For if the issue is kept in its simplified form.

The simple minded people will never believe it or accept it because they know not what was simplified in the first place.

written by Daniel J Towsey

So has this left you speechless?

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