Being beautiful in an ugly world

Being beautiful in an ugly world



Is to be an innocent person.

Forever innocent of any real evil thoughts or deeds.

True to oneself and all others always.

To be a beautiful person is to never have the thought of doing harm.

To be a pure beauty in heart and soul.

Where that beauty was known to you of a loving mother at an very early age.

Seeing pure beauty for the very first time in your life when you saw it on your mothers face.

Being a beautiful person is knowing true pure innocent love.

Being beautiful is pure love always for oneself and to all others.

Having a pure soul from the first time in your life when you knew consciousness.

Coming conscious in that gentle fluid, becoming conscious sensing and hearing the gentle hum of your mothers voice,

the gentle soft delicate movements of comfort as you were gently moving around in the warm womb.

Every day after feeling the vibrations of your mothers soft gentle voice going through your developing body.

Then knowing and feeling the pure security of your mothers security of love.

Then you, gently and softly coming into the world through the soft embrace of your mothers soft skin.

You then meet eyes for the first time,to see pure beauty.

Then after you spend the rest of your life knowing and being innocently beautiful in an ugly world.

A world of strangers who have never realized pure beauty.

The ugly superficial world only sees your exterior beauty.

The strangers think and may say that you look beautiful.

They never say that you are beautiful.

The ugly strangers know not a true innocent pure soul.

For they do not realize that pure inner beauty will make even the ugliest person beautiful.

If only those in the ugly world would only realize that true innocent beauty does exist.

Being beautiful in an ugly world.

Now I have grown old in this ugly world.

But I still am the same person.

I often see mothers to be or having been that have been given a mothers pure love.

I always say “hi beautiful” in passing a butterfly.

Just to receive a beautiful gentle butterfly smile.

For I too have that butterfly smile.

Knowing those butterfly smiles is to know love.

I love butterfly smiles for they are from a person with a beautiful soul.

Being a beautiful person in an ugly world.

Those delicate soft sweet smiles are so enveloping.

The knowing of pure beauty, the being of pure beauty, is to be a beautiful person.

So not to be just seen as just looking beautiful.

A person that only looks at beauty does not know real true pure beauty.

A world of strangers that have never ever enjoyed the sight of a butterfly smile.

A world where butterflies are pure beauty navigating through an ugly world.

I thank God everyday for the true beauty of creation.

For God created woman.

For my beautiful mother brought me into creation.

True beauty is not just skin deep but is created deep under a womans skin.

So the world of strangers sees your pure beauty as just superficial.

The superficial strangers will only say you look beautiful.

But just every once in a while a butterfly comes into your reality.

That pure beautiful butterfly with a smile.

To be a beautiful person in an ugly world.

Looking for another butterfly to share a flirtatious moment in time.

I can only say hi to a beautiful person.

For I know that if a person is of pure beauty in soul that they are always beautiful.

Ugly strangers always make the mistake of only seeing pure beauty as not purely real and natural.

Why is it that I am the only person that says hi to beauty when it passes by my reality.

Have you ever known an indigo.

Indigo’s are of pure beauty and intelligence.

To be a beautiful person in an ugly world is to be indigo.

For indigo’s know.

My mother gave birth to a pure blonde indigo.

Blonde has become pure silver wisdom.

For wisdom comes from experiencing.

Being a beautiful wise elder in an ugly world.

Is knowing pure real beauty when it comes into my reality.

I will always love butterfly smiles.

Written by Daniel J Towsey

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Bob Renner says, gees Dan that’s a very kind of cool,,you got a good heart man,,your a man after my own heart,,,,in alll the splender and beauty we percieve in life,,the under lying insanity of it all will never prevail over human beings such as you,,,,,your wisdom ,truths,justice in reality just shine through,,,peace

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