Members of the Halifax Police Department tried to kill me again

Members of the Halifax Police Department tried to kill me again.

written by Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier

Monday March 18 2013

I will do my best to write this as briefly as possible, but I do need to write in the details so that you will understand how real this is.

Not long ago after two years of fighting with the government, I received my new high tech wheelchair.

A brief side note here. That wheelchair was custom made for me and it is actually very dangerous to us and I almost got killed in it three times.

Here is a link to the article I did with videos describing how dangerous this chair is.

I will be writing an article describing how it was actually constructed to be completely unsafe to use.

So back to this article.

Someone in the Police of government has been tracking my every movements with the GPS on my phone.

I have the GPS turned off, so that means only the Police and 911 can track me.

My wheelchair has been constructed so that it is impossible for me to safely secure it in a public transit bus.

That has left me with having to ride my wheelchair only in the local area.

Halifax is a small town. I only frequent the same few streets when I go out. So figuring out my routes and habits is not difficult.

Also almost all properties in downtown Halifax are not wheelchair accessible

and there is only one wheelchair bathroom I can us in all of the downtown Halifax area that is within the range of my electric wheelchair.

Downtown Halifax is full of very steep hills.

I went down the sidewalk below the Halifax Citadel Fortress.

There was snow on the ground and small snow banks along the curbs.

The sidewalks were clear and dry.

I crossed the street by the Halifax convention center. The sidewalks were clear and dry in front of it.

Just as I went over the crest of the sidewalk and began going down I immediately discovered that I could not steer my wheelchair.

I managed to turn it into the snow bank by the curb.

The sidewalk seemed odd It had a wet film on it that looked like a waxy film.

The sidewalk is very steep and if it was water it would of been much dryer. Water can not stay on this side walk because of the steep downwards slope.

There was no water dripping off the building.

It made no sense that the rest of the sidewalks around this property were completely dry and had no snow on them, not even at the curb.

So I called 911 dispatch and told them about my situation.

This event was all set up by the Police because the dispatcher was not going to send the fire department to help me. She insisted on sending the Police.

After hanging up I phoned back immediately and got a different dispatcher.

It was obvious she knew something was being set up.

I asked if she could call the fire department and I told her the first dispatcher was not going to send the fire department.

She acknowledged that she knew that. And told me she was going to call the fire department.

She sounded very worried when I told here the Police were approaching.

She literally pleaded and asked me if I wanted to leave my phone on so she could record what was going on with the Police.

So I explained to the Police the situation and how I could not move my wheelchair because the sidewalk was too slippery.

I have a neck brace on so I can not turn my head sideways to see. I was facing the street and I could only see down the sidewalk.

So after a while the Police officers just kept talking to me. One officer went behind me up against the wall and was kicking salt behind my chair.

He then said that he was going to assist me by pushing my chair down the sidewalk.

I told him that that is impossible for him to hold my very heavy wheelchair and that he would not have the footing to hold on to my chair.

He told me that I was his only option.

I told me that I wanted to wait for the fire department. He said that the fire department was not coming.

He did not know I called back a second time and that the dispatcher was sending the fire department.

So I got really scared as the Police officer was putting his hands on the push handles behind me.

And just then the Fire department came to save my life literally.

(side note; My condition after having been rolled over by a car and add to that the total weight of 800 pounds wheelchair.

Would of killed me if my chair went down the steep slippery sidewalk.)

The Cop and his partner were very sure the fire department was not coming.

The fire department guys saw how scared I was of the Police.

They attached a rope winch to the back of my chair and I was able to back up the hill to the dry sidewalk.

They noticed that for some strange reason. The curb cut out on the sidewalk at the other side of the street was not cleared of snow.

That meant that I had to ride my wheelchair down the block facing traffic because I could not get up on the sidewalk.

As I sat there waiting for the light to change another Police officer thug was verbally harassing me.

The fire department guys were all behind me witnessing this abusive Police officer.

The light turned green and I went away.

Please note that only a few days before this I began a trial that involves Police officers that I will be questioning under oath about their harassing me previously.

I can not now write any details about the trail as it is now on going..

(side note; Please check out this article about my new wheelchair that was custom made for me so as to do me serious harm.  This post has videos. )


  • Laura Ludwig very scary Daniel. I am glad to see that you are ok. Maybe you should consider staying home behind locked doors until that trial is vindicated, as I am sure (or at least hoping) that they are not going to rule against a handicapped person.
  • Daniel J Towsey Not as scary as them having drove a car over me several times..which why I am in a wheelchair.
    If you go to this link, you will how the government is trying everything to do me harm. Like custom making a very dangerous new wheelchair that almost killed me several times.

6 thoughts on “Members of the Halifax Police Department tried to kill me again”

  1. Jeez, Daniel this is really bad. I know they’ve not only tried to kill me several times (for no reason) some on me are constantly trying to set me up. We seemingly have no rights any longer, since Sept 11. globally. Stay indoors till that case is over. Only go out to get necessities. Have them delivered, Daniel. Than, move out of that town problem here in the states, they call ahead and put us in data bases — Freemasonry.


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