True Intellectual Genius Will Never Again Be Known On This Planet

True Intellectual Genius Will Never Again Be Known On This Planet


written By Daniel J Towsey

Audio-Video transcript (contains typos)

(Typos corrected below)

True genius only occurs in a brilliantly clear intelligent mind.

A mind that is not burdened with illusions, nor confusions.

For a genius mind only knows pure truth in everything.

For pure truth is always the real meaning of genius.

The brilliantly bright light of genius has been put out.

For the light of truth on this planet has been extinguished.

For to be a genius, one has to have a clear mind, which can only be achieved by always seeking and expressing pure truth.

That brilliant mind can only grow in a healthy environment and society.

Both of which are now seriously ill.

An illness that spread to the natural world due to the mental illness that is now a world wide pandemic.

That is why now in our world today a real genius can no longer exist.

For a true genius can only be known and recognized in a world that puts truth ahead of everything else.

For truth is sanity and the further one goes from truth the sooner one arrives at the opposite, the mental illness we named as insanity.

Today our world has been taken over by a very horrible illness of the mind.

Our world is now a place where true genius is not noticed, respected, understood, acknowledged nor appreciated..

For today people no longer live by the light of truth.

For true genius can only be recognized by others who have healthy bright minds.

Unfortunately today our world now functions under the influence of those that lurk in the dark secret corridors of the minds of the insane.

To prove my point I am going to further clarify by making this statement.

Only healthy minded truth seekers will even read this, I know for sure that most people will not get past the title of this article.

Geniuses can not flourish in a world of people who are plagued by mental illness.

A world were truth no longer exists as a norm in society.

That mental illness that has spread over our whole planet was hatched in those dark corridors of the insane.

For the insane can not possibly exist when exposed to the light of truth.

This world wide mental illness that has spread all over this planet has a name.

A name that everyone is very familiar with.

But that name is presented to the world with the false image of beautiful truth, honor, brilliance and honesty.

The illness I speak of spreads through the mind from this false image.

This image is the very mechanism that has been used by the insane to spread their very contagious mental illness world wide.

Soon when I tell you what the name of this illness is you will also understand how this image is now used to spread this mental illness to every dark corner of the corridors of this planet.

I can only hope that this message I am now writing by expressing my brilliance will maybe help some of you who are trying to find the cure for this world wide mental illness.

But then also that, I understand that like all illnesses.

When one becomes ill.

One never knows how they became ill.

One tries very hard to understand what illness has taken control of oneself.

One tries with everything they have remaining of their strength to overcome that illness.

But unlike bodily illness, Illnesses of the mind are much more devastating and almost impossible to cure unless one receives healthy antibodies from others who maybe know what that mental illness is.

An antibody is a medical term used for a medical process where a healthy persons antibodies is taken and reproduced to give to unhealthy people.

But antibodies are only taken from once sick people who had the very illness and over came it.

In the first place though.

There is always a healthy natural way to prevent ever getting an illness in the first place.

In this case of this article pertaining to mental illness.

A person today is no longer able to find that natural preventative cure.

For the whole of our planet today is now afflicted with this world wide mental illness.

Unfortunately today the only thing that people believe in for dealing with mental illness is an industry of death that falsely pretends to be like the legitimate field of psychology.

Do not ever trust psychiatrists…

People today are now becoming clearly aware that there is illness all over this planet.

People are now aware that indeed sick minds are destroying this once healthy planet.

But that mechanism that is spreading this illness all over this planet is very much out there making it very difficult if not impossible for those people who are noticing that some kind of illness is afflicting them.

The cure is first to remove the very source of the illness from our environment.

But like all illnesses.

Many people suffer the worse consequences from illness, while those that are observing your downfall are frantically trying to understand what is afflicting you.

But the mental illness I am speaking of is the very reason why no one else can help you for they to are unknowingly at different levels of progression of this very contagious mental illness.

The sick can not cure the sick.

I will repeat again what has to be done by those of us who still have a somewhat strong healthy mind.

It is imperative that The source of this mental illness and the false image mechanism also must be removed from society NOW.

Our planet today is plagued by universally accepted deceptions or untruths that are part and cause of that mental illness.

I know you want to know what the name of that illness is.

But I have to continue to explain what it is before you will ever be able to fully understand it’s very name.

I have to present to you a very clear view of this mental image that hides behind and actual image.

You can not defeat this illness if you can not see what the illness truly is.

Which is why I am writing this cure for that mental illness.

So bare with me. I have to write this information the way I know best.

I understand why this illness is and has spread world wide.

It is very much because people have not looked past and beyond the very image that this illness pretends to be.

Which I explained earlier.

The illness I speak of is very adaptive and can and dose mutate constantly so that it can afflict its victims.

Like most very deadly pandemics.

Your natural antibodies can not protect you, for your natural defense have never been afflicted by this very unnatural insidious slow moving but overwhelmingly destructive mental illness.

I would like to make a small side note here for future reference.

This illness spreads most effectively if the minds are in a captive environment such as public schools or any other place where large numbers of people congregate in socially controlled structures of thought.

Remember that this metal illness is spread through the use of mediums of what you thinking you actually see. (Such as media).

Which is partly why I said that this mind illness is spread through images.

For all your thoughts are actually images in your mind.

So now we are getting closer to you understanding what I am now revealing to you.

For the cure I am writing about will be bright and blindingly clear to you so soon.

I am writing all this to prepare you for the blinding truth.

For truth is the only cure for mental illness, it is also the only preventative measure for this world wide mental illness I am now revealing to you.

But this description I am explaining is about mental, such which is why it is so difficult for me to write it without causing you harm.

The harm I fear the most is the harm that is always self inflicted.

This self inflicted harm is actually your minds natural defenses kicking in as best they can, such as antibodies do, so as when your once healthy mind gets attacked by a mental illness.

But in this case your mind has been carefully crafted by those insane I spoke of earlier that control our world today.

Such so, that when you are presented with the very true facts of this mental illness.

Your mind has already been fed the very image that will prevent your mind from protecting itself.

That has been done to you all your life by the very unhealthy professions of social engineering through the presentations of images for your mind to believe as being truth and virtuous.

Now I know you will understand that the mental illness I speak of was and is man made.

By those insane I spoke of.

So I will keep writing in hopes that your mental blocks that were socially engineered will not prevent you from understand what I am writing.

That which is the very cure for this world wide man made and deliberately spread by the mentally ill insane humans that lurk in those dark corridors of secret societies.

Do not run away now.

I am not delusional.

Trying to awake you to the healthy truth of what is plaguing this planet is truly difficult because your mind, as I said, has unknowingly to you been unnaturally socially engineered.

I have previously written many articles that further explains and reveals what is plaguing our planet.

The hippies of the late sixties where the very last batch of young people to receive an education that strengthen their mental health.

An education that thought them how to think.

After which the system destroyed their movement and obscured their very message that they were presenting to the world as a warning.

The education system was changed by an organization that was created by those who are the very cause of this mental illness I speak of.

That organization is known as the United Nations.

They took over the education system to make sure that never again will their be a student body of healthy minded young people.

For those I speak of are insane and are making sure that their mental illness gets spread all over the planet.

So that agenda to change the schooling from a place where you learn how to think to place of social engineering where you are now presented with images of what to think.

Meaning brainwashing.

That is now known as the U.N Agenda 21. But that agenda involves all aspects of society.

But the illness I speak of is what I call Corporatism. So you see now.

That image you have been looking at all your life hides the very illness plaguing our planet.

(Just like in digital photography, images on the internet can also be loaded with hidden viruses.)

An illness that can and is only vulnerable to those who have been mentally disarmed and weakened their whole lives.

For truth is empowering and the avoidance of truth will make your mind very weak.

So the mental illness I speak of always hides behind a corporate image.

The social engineers of today are making sure that no other intellectual genius ever flourish.

For the truth that genius’s freely give to the world is a very serious danger to those criminally insane Banksters that hide from the light in a building with no windows such as the skull and bones of Harvard.

Why do you think they are drugging all the children is school?

They are drugging all the kids that are bored to death in school and can not keep their healthy active minds still due to all the repetitious brain washing being fed by those we once called teachers.

Please understand that the illness inflicting our planet is caused by the avoidance of healthy food for thought that was grown on a healthy tree of life that was planted from the sowing of the seeds of truth.

So please learn the truth of the insanity destroying this planet before it is to late.

Go out and learn the truth and then sow those seeds of truth.

The world is very sick now and so few of us with healthy minds still exist.

We now need a man made miracle to stop this man made insanity of mental illness that is killing everything.

That miracle will be you when you wake up and empower your self with truth and then go out and spread those seeds of truth into other minds as I am now doing.

Side note. The word Corporation was knowingly created by the insane who created corporatism.

The word is a combination of these two words.

Which is exactly what they did when they created the first corporation to take over the world.

Cooperation and corruption equals Corporation.

True Intellectual Genius Will Never Again Be Known On This Planet.pdf RIGHT CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

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musicis2words says,

Love your photo of that light behind bars… I have seen lights like this & it does express an unfortunate truth about our world/society. I guess I now know why they say, “truth ain’t pretty”.

Hey… I saw your video… very nice (despite typos). I only say that to let you know I understand & hope you don’t get any trolls attacking your video for that.
I remember reading a book called “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”, which seems to flesh out the concepts you are describing in this document.

Glad you’re still putting out info. Stay strong.

Musicistwowords Mu 2 hours ago

Women in America have been heavily disarmed by the Disney princess movies, which create a form of “learned helplessness” not described by the Seligman experiments on dogs. But this is after weve already been exposed to a virus in our very language, including (but not limited to) negative roots in so many words that are now in common use. Chill, Bill, still, trick, lick, mars, march, chow, cow, bow: those all have root words that indicate sickness or harm in them. Sadly, theres many more.

I would add that true genius is also ridiculed & condemned & driven out of people even in childhood.

Response by Daniel J Towsey

Your words are music to my ears.. What a pleasant sound. hahah

One thought on “True Intellectual Genius Will Never Again Be Known On This Planet”

  1. Hey… I saw your video… very nice (despite typos). I only say that to let you know I understand & hope you don’t get any trolls attacking your video for that.
    I remember reading a book called “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”, which seems to flesh out the concepts you are describing in this document.

    Glad you’re still putting out info.

    Stay strong.



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