Canada is a Common Wealth and NOT a Corporation

Canada is a Common Wealth and NOT a Corporation.

written by A Truth Soldier


Canada is a common wealth.

With a house of commons.

That we the common people elect common people to create common law based on common sense.


The law of the land we call Canada, is common law.


The remainder of the so called laws are Corporate laws.


I and our country does not belong to any corporation.


Our once free country has been stolen by corporate criminals.


The government of Canada no longer exists.


That is proven by the fact that Crime Minister Harper announced that it is now to be known as

The Harper government.


If that is not a dictatorial statement then what is it?

Crime Minister Harper has now proven that he is a dictator.


Why did not the people of Canada riot in the streets when Harper made that announcement?


Ask yourself, Why are you paying taxes to the corporation of Canada?


The corporation of Canada is traded on the New York stock exchange.


Your taxes are going to the share holders.


Canada has been taken over by the international banksters who created corporatism.


When I was young Canada had no corporations, it only had companies.

We then had the most joyous happy prosperous country on earth.

With the highest standard of living.


Now we have all been turned into poor financial slaves.


Now let me tell you about the bank of Canada and how Canada had no income taxes until after the second world war.


In a common wealth country the people own the wealth.


That in particular applies to the creation and distribution of money (currency).


We the common people created our Bank of Canada to handle our currency.


The Bank of Canada, our peoples bank never ever had to borrow money from corporate banksters at interest.


We simply created the money we needed to create our roads, infrastructure and public utilities by creating money that is then know as inflation.


Then after we the peoples bank removed the currency from circulation once the infrastructure and public utilities were paid for and self sufficient.


Take note that the corporate criminals have now stolen all our Canadian assets, Our utilities, our governments,

our natural resources and everything else of value.


Now the corporate banksters create money out of thin air by entering any amounts they want into a computer bank account.


The commercial banks are no longer accountable for their actions to we the people because we the people no longer have any representative governments.


So the corporate criminals are doing what ever they want.


The banksters have now turned all of us people into financial slaves.


Remember, money has no value unless we the people agree to do physical work for it.


So now the situation is out of control because we the people have no means of controlling the financial criminals.


Even unionized workers are now living in poverty.


That has occurred because all those living off the gains they get from corporate banksters is robbing the value of your money before you even spend it.


The fake money the banksters are creating is watering down (Devaluing) the money in your pockets.


Add to that, the tax rates the (corporate) governments and fees they charge for everything else that are taken from you,

which adds up to eight percent of your income.


Now you should understand just how horrible the situation is in Canada and everywhere else on earth where the corporate banksters set up business.


Please read this.

One thought on “Canada is a Common Wealth and NOT a Corporation”

  1. Canada does not have a ratified Constitution!,and therefore all politicians are defacto and full blown criminals,therefore the judicial system and all laws enacted for the last 150yrs are of no force and effect!!please watch the video bellow
    New Folder The Myth is Canada

    New Folder The Myth is Canada
    [audio src="" /]
    [audio src="" /]

    ISOGFT~~~Say it FAST!,and it sounds like It’s a gift,and YES! Canada is a GIFT
    I STAND ON GUARD FOR THEE*:(fight) fight


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