‘Yes I Can’ by Christian Sanschaines

I am master of illusions disguised in your vision.
I am the New World Order.
I am your murderer.
I come to rob you of you hearts and minds.
i am here to take your souls and make your body mine.
I’m here to deceive you.
I’m here to trick you.
I am the New World Order and i’ve got your number.
I’m evil to the core.
I will sacrifice your children, and the ones you adore.
I will sacrifice your planet because I am born of chaos.
I’ll drown you in your sweat because I am born from hate.
I will burn your souls in hell and all without regrets to keep my soulless life on ice,
Let me guide you gently to your death.
You are the one paying the price.
I will invade your minds so I can steal your souls.
I will make you blind.
I will crush your skulls.
I will black out your thoughts.
I will suck in your energy.
Do not ever have a doubt.
I am here for all eternity keeping the world unaware unless you wake up,
You better be scared.
I will fuck you up unless you break away.
I will keep you in chains to burn in my abyss.
I will keep you tame you my next sacrifice until i get my nobel price.


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