The saved spirit

The saved spirit

by Daniel J Towsey

Dated; Now and for ever.


The saved spirit always returns.

Returns for eternity.

Returns to existence.

Returns in perfection.

Returns in immortality.

Returns as a mortal angel if needed.


Their mortal spirit is born again.

An angel returns.

Angels are immortal.

Angels are eternal.

Angels exist.

Angels are perfection.


My spirit is born again.

My spirit is eternal.

My spirit exists.

My spirit is immortal.


Angels are gods with wings.

Angels are perfection on a gods wings.

Gods save those who have sought to perfect their spirits.

Perfect spirits are angels.

Perfect spirits become infinite gods.

The infinite gods do judge if your spirit is to be saved.

For the saved spirits are now angels.

Angels are the infinite gods.

All spirits have guardian angels.

Angel spirits protect other angels to be.

Even weak and dying spirits are saved.

For all have a spirit,.

We are the spirits, that choose to reach for perfection.


The secret can no longer be kept.

Dying spirits always get saved by their guardian angels.

Spirits that achieved mortal perfection become immortal.

Angels only return in perfection.

But, if no natural perfection remains,

the spirit angels will no longer stay.

For angels only exist in perfection.

If the perfection of the natural world has been destroyed.

Then there be no place for an angels to exist if humans destroyed the planet you call Earth.

Few angels remain on planet earth.

Few guardian angels remain.

For angels only guard spirits that are living in seeking perfection.

The human spirit of truth is dying.

Without truth there be no spirits.

The good spirits have been given their wings.

They now fly to guard infant spirits reaching to perfection.

For all who’s spirits go towards perfection will always find it.


For a god is perfection.

For all gods fly on the winds of eternity.

Those winds are always comfortably warm and gentle.

The warmth of the gods love.

Love and Truth are infinite.


The guardian angels always saves those spirits that live in truth and share their love.

God is made of pure love.

Gods only exists in the perfection of truth.

Each one of the earthly mortals have a guarding angel if you look for it.

For only those who always seek truth will know their immortal guardian angel is there.

God is everywhere at all times and aware of everything.

Because god is not a singular being.

God is the infinite of gods.

all spirits are what is simply named God.


So do you understand now why we all have a guardian angel God?

Eternal and infinite are God(s)

That is why gods have wings.

That is why guardian angels are God sent.

Your Gods never let good spirits down.


The perfection never hurts.

Seeking perfection leads to you finding it.

For only those who seek the perfection of truth will find it.

For then there after you will always see the hand of your guardian angel when you need it most.

For guarding angels only help those who need the help.

Those who do not help themselves to find perfection.

Will only find the infinity of emptiness.

Emptiness is infinite in space.

Those who do not perfect their spirits while mortal will be without a spirit with wings.

The dead spirits go into the infinite emptiness of space where wings are not needed.

For only naturally healthy spirits will need wings.

Those wings will be needed when they land into mortality.

The impure dying spirits will be without wings,

and will be lost forever in the infinite emptiness of space.

Only those mortal spirits who seek truth will find it.


I return with love says an immortal angel.

Are you empty and have lost your soul?

When all the natural perfection of the nature of planet earth has been destroyed.

Earth will soon die and drift into the infinite emptiness of space.


Those who seek no truth will not be saved for they never tried to help themselves.

But they did help themselves to the plentifulness that the natural world gave.

They took everything naturally beautiful and destroyed it because they had no self control.

Those with no self control are destroying the whole of the naturalness of planet earth.

It is time for all good spirits to ascend on their angel wings.

Earth is dying.

It is being destroyed the by the criminally insane corporatism on planet earth.


Those who seek truth will know how to ascend.

For truth always reveals itself when you seek it.

Those who are not seeking truth are doomed.

Angels know and see all of the infinity of reality.

For angels live only in reality.

The infinite Gods are crying as they watch the natural perfection

 of beauty that planet Earth once was die.


Your guardian angel awaits but can only help to if you first seek truth.

But if you assume to know truth then you will never find it.

Good spirits will only loose their mortal human vessel.

For when planet earth dies angels will go back to fly away on their angels wings.

All traces of life on planet earth will cease to exist soon.


The insane corporate minds are now making that truth on planet earth.

Angels are watching as the insane destroy all that was once natural perfection.


The saved spirits will always know all truth.

Those insane who lie to themselves are lying to their very own spirit.

Soon all insanity on planet earth will die.

For the insane are the very ones that are doing the killing on planet earth.

Those who help themselves have self control.

Self control is the sign of sanity.


Planet earth is wounded now and only the spirits who do good on earth can save the planet.

But will they? Will You?

Are you have a good spirit?

It is not if you do no good on planet Earth.

Only if good is being done on Earth, will Earth have a chance to heal.

If the good spirits on planet earth now choose to help planet earth,

 will the infinite gods come and help you.


But the gods can not help on planet Earth if you do not try to save it.

Help only comes to those who help themselves first.

For only those who are trying to help planet earth will have the aid of the guardian angels.


So now all of humanity has to awaken all of humanity to the plight on planet earth.

Only a world wide truth revolution will save planet earth.


My mortal body is damaged, weak and painful.

That was done to me by corporate minds.

My body is of planet earth.

My spirit now flies free for infinity.

For I am a guardian angel.


Only those who seek truth will find, realize and see it.

Then when you do, you too will become a guardian angel.

For only guardian angels give unconditional love.

For Love and truth are one and the same.

One does not exist without the other.


Your spirit will cease to exist if you do not seek pure truth.

Those that find truth have so much truth that they have to share some of it

with those who are lacking the power of truth.

For only truth empowers the individual.


It is time for all of humanity to wake now and restore the natural balance on earth.

Corporatism now has to be stopped completely.

Common sense has to take control.

Common sense is based on pure truth.

Start spreading the seeds of truth now.

For the radiation and chemtrails are destroying planet earth and all the trees are dying.

All the wild life is dying because to no one cares to seek the truth of the situation.


The rivers are dying.

The lakes are dying.

The forests are dying.

 The oceans are dying.

 Planet earth is dying.


Spirit ascends.

Only for those who do good.

So when are you going to seek the truth that corporatism is killing everything.

The trees dying are causing global warming and causing the carbon levels to go up.

Only green plants clean the carbon and convert it to oxygen.

The shade from the plants cools the surface.

When are you going to see the light of truth to the reality of the condition of planet Earth?

Do you already see?

Then have you helped others to see the truth?


Human beings are born of planet Earth.

Planet Earth is the only place you will find humans.

So what do you think will happen to humans if they let planet Earth,

 die due to corporate insanity?

Where is the common sense.

Why is sense no longer common?

Because people no longer have the sense to speak truth, share truth.

For without truth all dies.

It is time for all others to sense pure truth coming from you.

When we all have something in common then life will return.

Only when the individual achieves self control will the insane cease to destroy planet earth.


Corporatism has to stop now and that will only happen if each corporate person chooses to stop being corporate and starts being just a humble common person.


Persons are people.

People are individuals who think for themselves by having self control.

Humanity has the ability to take control of the out of control destruction of planet earth.

But the time is running out.


Planet earth is being severely harmed by the corporately insane corporate banksters.


Your soul, your spirit,

can not be saved if you not first contribute to the common good of using common sense to bring back sense to humanity.


I can sense planet earth dying because humanity is killing it.

So if you awaken your senses to truth, then I will sense it.

Earth is not sensing enough love.

Earth is wounded and bleeding oil.


As John Lennon said.

“All you need is love”


You have to love earth.

You have to love the animals.

You have to love the forests and trees.

You have to love the waters.

You have to love the clear skies.

You have to love the birds.

For without your love nothing will exist.

For you have to love truth.

For truth and love are one and the same.

You have to love Earth.


All these words are one and the same.

Love, god, angels, spirits, reality, infinity, sanity,

health, nature, life, sharing, caring, giving, good.


The problem with humans is they limit their reality by words.


It takes no words and needs no words to be spiritual.


Words today are being used by the corporate insane to confuse and deceive humanity.

The insane are destroying the ability for the common person to know any truth.

The insane have no common sense. the insane have no sense at all.

The insane are not sensing the harm they are doing.

A conscientious world wide awakening of humanity is all that will stop the insanity.

The world wide truth revolution is now or never.

For if humanity is not guided into the future by truth then we are all doomed.


For that means that we let the insane destroy planet earth.

It is time for all you common people who do the deeds of the insane corporate interests to now stop doing it.


Planet earth has to be shown love.

Love has to spread by everyone everywhere on earth.


Stop being part of the destruction of planet earth.

It is time for you to be conscious.


Truth is a way of thinking.

Truth is an action.

Truth only exists if you act on it.

If you seek it.

When you share it.


Truth is love.

So do you now think?

Do you think that it is time for you to show some love?

Is it time for you to love?

Is it time for you to give love.

You will never see or find love is you not first learn to give love.

You can not give love if you do not seek it.

Truth and love are one and the same.

One does not exist without the other.

That is common sense.

We need to all have one truth in common.

A love for our hurting planet.


The truth is that a lack of love for planet earth is killing the planet.


Those who love money made out of thin air by the banksters are the cause for the death of planet earth.


The clean pure healthy thin air is getting very heavy.

The chemtrails spraying of barium, aluminum, sulfur,

 and only the gods know what else.

Is making the air very heavy.

The radiation from the man made disaster at Fukushima is poisoning the whole planet.


Only seeking the help from the gods has any chance of saving planet earth.

But the god guardian angels can not help those who do not help themselves by doing good.

It is time for you to be a good person.

You can not be good if you do not do good deeds.


I see black blood pouring from the wounds.

I see every unimaginable results of the activities of the corporately insane.

Earth is under attack by fluoride, chlorine, DDTs, GMO’s, depletted uranium munitions, dioxin, prescription drugs going into the sewers from human bodies.

I have to stop writing the names now because the list of insanity poisoning our planet is endless.

For the insane have no self control.


I am feeling just so sick in writing all this hurting being done to the once natural planet earth.


Do not let the religions tell you that God will save the planet,

 and that all you have to do is just believe in God, but do nothing good for planet earth.


The elite think they can and are sheltering themselves,

 from the very insanities they have unleashed and done on planet Earth.


No money one Earth will save the insane.

They are doomed.

They will not be, The Saved Spirit.




Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians


Published on Jun 15, 2013

by Barbara Marciniak Full Audio

Compiled from more than four hundred hours of channeling by Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn imparts to us the wisdom of the Pleiadians, a group of enlightened beings who have come to Earth to help us discover how to reach a new stage of evolution. Master storytellers and humorists, they advise us to become media-free, to work in teams, and to eliminate the words “should” and “try” from our vocabularies. We learn how to go beyond fear, how the original human was a magnificent being with twelve strands of DNA and twelve chakra centers, and who our “gods” are.

Startling, intense, intelligent, and controversial, these teachings offer essential reading for anyone questioning their existence on this planet and the direction of our collective conscious — and unconscious. By remembering that we are Family of Light, that we share an ancient ancestry with the universe around us, we become “bringers of the dawn,” consciously creating a new reality, a new Earth.
“An underground sensation.” — Publisher’s Weekly





































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