Oat Hill Lake (fall 1999)

Oat Hill Lake (fall 1999).


This photo series is very important for historic and research that pertains to the present condition of all our forests, trees, plants and foliage sick and dying due to the effects of world wide stratospheric geo-engineering that is commonly known as Chemtrails.

Here you will see what true fall colors look like and see absolutely healthy trees and with no chemtrail clouds in the sky.

You will also notice how bright and vibrant the sun is. I did this photo series in 1999 in Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada.

This series is very beneficial for young people who have never seen healthy trees and natural autumn fall colors. Sadly I know this photo series is never to be reproduced in future generations. As what I see now of the dying trees and that light green material covering the bark of all trees today. That film is killing the trees.

Please go to http://ChemtrailsInOurSkies.wordpress.com to see my photos and videos of documentation as to the sick and dying plants, trees and foliage. After I started posting my videos on youtube I began to get testimonials comments from viewers indicating that this situation is a world wide event that is threatening the future life of our planet.

Please do enjoy this photo series and remember you are always free to download for personal use and research purposes.

One thought on “Oat Hill Lake (fall 1999)”

  1. As an avid chemwatcher, I have watched these craft release their nefarious payloads day after day after day. I use digital night vision to see the ‘trails as they tend to glow like crazy, luminescing and fluorescing brightly. Late one evening I was surprised to see a slightly exposed tree root doing the same thing. What I saw is exactly what is spoken of on this site. It seems to me that the intelligent payload released via aerosols is penetrating the roots systems of all plant life (I have examined dozens of leaves, twigs, weeds and flowers under the microscope) and contaminating them to the point of total failure. As if killing the plants wasn’t enough, I am beginning to find strange manifestations in the buds of the affected plants – like the plants are being used to grow ore of the parasitic contaminate. This is just my opinion although I have hundreds of images that would certainly support this-
    One last thing – could this destruction of flora (and fauna – another topic for another day – or site) explain the mysterious deaths of most of the world’s leading microbiologists? What do YOU think?


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