WordPress shut down my A Truth Soldier blog

ATruth Soldier Blog (Last look)

Click on image above for full size..

I am able to access my FolkPhotographer Youtube channel with some difficulties and complications..

update I can now access my youtube.

Yeah!..Wordpress reinstated my A Truth Soldier Blog..


WordPress Just deleted my A Truth Soldier wordpress blog when I posted a page about fema extermination camps
http://atruthsoldier.wordpress.com/ the silencing has begun..
See they blocked my Youtube a few minutes ago and now my wordpress blog and you people think this is not real…

I warned you long ago to copy information and share it to wake everyone up..but you all did nothing..
I did my best to inform and warn. I reached 781,103 views on this blog. Was it worth my years of work?

Full list of FEMA camps


2 thoughts on “WordPress shut down my A Truth Soldier blog”

  1. Wow the heat is on and rising, but be encouraged my brother the truth soldier, help from on high is on its way!!! In the name of Yeshua !!!!.


  2. I read your facebook glitches or shenanigans post and it got an eyebrow feeling uplifted, plus when i checked this one out it got me paranoid since eventhough my posts are mostly short i put my heart into all of them. I guess i’ll have to do some saving. Shalum kiddo.


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