Halifax Public Transit bus tries to run me over

Halifax Public Transit bus tries to run me over. Bus Route 7 bus number 1069 on Robie St This late afternoon November 19, 2013. 

The bus drivers saw me coming.

I have flashing lights on my wheelchair.

It was day light outside.

The bus drivers slows down to stop.

Then when he was close and just as I was about to get in front of him he deliberately accelerated to run me. I am always careful.

I was able to spin my chair around and the bus drove by me just inches away.

Drove through crosswalk aiming at me and tried to run me over while I was in the crosswalk.

After this I went down the sidewalk towards the bus.

I caught up to a female police car driver and asked her to pull that bus over.

I told her what the driver did.

I said I need you to stop the bus so you can get the video from the bus. She said she would pull the bus over..

Then the Police car just leaves and dissapears.. Testimonial.. by Daniel J Towsey.


Betty Jo That is just apauling just scum
  • Allyson Vincent just curious Dan why are people always trying to run you over?
    Daniel J Towsey Alyson please go the full artilcle above with the same title..and see the bottom post on that article for starters..then if you read on my wordpress sites like http://911 Justice.wordpress.com you will get the idea..anyone that is an effective activist is always targeted..but my serious problems started when I ran a federal election in 1984 and discovered a lot of corruption including vote fixing..you can read that herehttp://CanadianSituations.wordpress.com
  • Keep Em Straight Send them a link to this page.
  • Daniel J Towsey Everything is corrupt here.
    Keep Em Straight Same here, it is not just your area. It is happening everywhere arming up for the big event.. That is if people are awake enough to see it & not just say, oh well lets go get loaded and forget about it.
    Donald Smith good job theses thug bus drivers need to be charged


The other day this happned.

The Halifax Parade Of Lights (01of12) Police Set Me Up Again

Published on Nov 17, 2013 This first video below was after I got singled out and set up by Zionist operatives. I was sitting in front of and near the crowd control railing behind me and I had a friend sitting on my left and a wheelchair to my right. Then the black husky Police officer comes overs and tells me that I have to move and told me to go over and park my chair in front of a bunch of children sitting on the ground. So then a drunk heckler starts harassing me and screaming rudely at me because he claimed I was blocking people from viewing. I knew this was a deliberate targeting of me and a set up when I said it was the Police officer that told me to park there in my wheelchair. The officer backed away while the Zionist covert operative when on to cause me difficulties. The Police officer should of resolved the problem he deliberately caused. But when I started to speak up for my rights. The Police officer came back to harass me. And moved in threateningly aggressive and close to me. So I quickly pulled away and kept speaking loud so all the people there could hear and see what was being done to me. Then the Police officer told me I would have to leave. I then asked him to call his supervisor. So this video starts as the police supervisor showed up on the motorcycle. See the full post with all the videos and photos here. http://thevisionaryfolkphotographer.com/2013/11/18/the-halif­ax-parade-of-lights/

PROMO Wheelchair

  • Daniel Rene Williams Daniel, maybe you are making up these stories.http://www.bing.com/search…


    Explore drug dealing corrupt gangstalking on Bing
  • Daniel Rene Williams I have witnessed the coldness of the doctors when a child is laying in a bed dying, I pray that they choke on their Porsches.
  • Daniel J Towsey Daniel Rene I am will aware of covert gang stalking.. but it is much more serious when the police are the ones doing it to me..
  • Nadia Stepanek You are good person..
  • Keep Em Straight Well it is all documented now, they would be real stupid to continue. But that they are.
  • Christian Sanschaines Towsey those fucking assholes will never quit and leave you alone…..
  • Daniel J Towsey Everytime I go out now they are agressively coming after me..
  • Keep Em Straight keep the camera running, also a good Idea to have a hidden audio recording device for when they think they are off camera…. Catch them with their own tricks. You have the legal right to record any conversation which you are part of and you do not have to tell the other people they are being recorded.. I checked up on that some time ago, count on it. At least in BC.
  • Keep Em Straight Sorry to hear that troubles follow you everywhere, stay cool you did a good job on handling the situation. One of the officers sounded like a right on dude with understanding.
  • Laura Ludwig its is shameful that people do not have concern or respect for people in wheel chairs. I could not live with myself if I behaved that badly,
  • Daniel J Towsey Recent this guy walked up to me when I was at the Halifax waterfront..he shows me his star of David tattoo and basic threaten me by saying that the Zionists do not like what I am saying and he says I will pray for you insinuating that I was going to die…
  • Laura Ludwig wow, unbelievable how horrible people can be. I honestly think you are not only a truth soldier but also a light warrior, you have to have a protective light surrounding you from all that you have been through,.
  • Daniel J Towsey Yes I do..that is for sure..My spirit is not alone..The universe is full of spirits..That is what to ascend to…the spirit world..but only purity in truth gets you there…
  • Daniel J Towsey I think they do not like my anonymous face and my signs on my chair.

And before that..

Halifax Metro Transit Does a Sting Operation on Me

Published on Oct 14,

Published on Oct 14, 2013

You can go to http://WheelchairRights.wordpress.com to see more videos and articles about the the history of organized criminals in the government here in Halifax Nova Scotia and how they have been terrorizing me for being A Truth Soldier Activist..


Halifax Police Repeatedly Violating My Human Rights

Published on Sep 14, 2012

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