Beware Of This Canadian Facebook Group It Is A Covert Trolls Phishing Site

Also see.
This thread below I had on this group page Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper at
Facebook troll site..

Here is a post I did long ago that explains a bit about Fake Truther Sites.

Learn much more about Facebook here.

Covert agencies will lure the unsuspecting truthers by using an appearance that their site is really a truther site for people who care about learning and being part of a group or site that cares about discovering the truth of the events happening in our world.. not the place to be for newby truthers..….

It is a very interesting tread. If you read this thread you will see how Facistbook, which is CIA, NSA and now confirmed, also CSIS. censors and even tried to install a virus on my computer. See this comment and my response, Jacques Belley I’M part of CSIS..

Jacques felt comfortable in saying that as he thought he would be able to crash my computer with his virus.and that I would not have a copy of his comment. He was not aware that I was copy this tread and he really thought he could screw up my computer. Will I am a computer geek and i know how to secure my computer. It was interesting when all my browsers

crashed and I got pop up notices on my screen.

But hey..nah I can’t say any more..I can not tell my secrets about my computer’s security…. read the tread to see how this happened

For those of you who are serious researchers. You will enjoy reading this and discovering about covert trolls….

This is a professional covert site to entrap real activists… I knew something was wrong when my post “Harpers Report” disappeared off the the groups page. So below you will see how these professional (call center like) trolls work as a team using non existent facebook profiles…..

DISCLAIMER: I have to mention that is is also possible that some of the administrators of this site my not be aware of what is actually going on in this group with the covert activities.

My first note below is the one I posted after they deleted the tread below it…..

By the way..I copied the whole thread and I will repost it on my blog with a warning about this covert troll phishing site..

This site is use by covert agencies to monitor response from real interested activists.. Jacque does not have a real facebook profile.

Yah he’s the one that said he is CSIS.. I know you will be deleting this comment after I post it.. But to late..I copied everything..

This will be the title to warn other facebook users about your group.. Beware of this Facebook Group It Is A Covert Trolls Phishing Site.. go here to read will soon be posted…


I was right..They deletted me from the group.

Start of tread …
So did you delete my post about “Harpers Report?”
  • Mary Ellen Davis No.
  • Daniel J Towsey So where is it?
  • Daniel J Towsey it does not show up on my screen.
  • Benjamin Kendrick well its on the wall
  • Daniel J Towsey I scrolled down for several does not show up..The admins might see it..but facistbook can hide it from everyone else.
  • Benjamin Kendrick I don’t know what to tell you, try refreshing your browser
  • Robin Chat It’s at the top of the wall now. Just refresh your browser.
  • Daniel J Towsey weird..I refreshed several times..and it was not that i am writing about reappears..
  • Robin Chat PEBCAK
  • Daniel J Towsey what does that mean
  • Robin Chat  Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard. Old, old, old joke.
  • Daniel J Towsey NAh..the NSA and CIA run this site..
  • Robin Chat Actually they just collect data. A corporation runs it.
  • Mary Ellen Davis Now we have found the missing link, we should remove this thread? It served it’s purpose. Glad we found it.
  • Daniel J Towsey I am not a troll.. go read this.

    Posts about Facebook Stinks (Multiple Posts) written by Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier
  • Daniel J Towsey Do any of you who are attacking me report, write, research and post anything like on your own blogs anywhere? I am a journalist and more..what do you do?
  • Mary Ellen Davis OK…this isn’t a place to have a fight amongst oursleves. We need to get back to Harper and our work. I’ll delete this thread now. We succeeded in finding your link.
  • Mary Ellen Davis I’m a nurse.
  • Robin Chat Who is attacking you? You couldn’t find your post. We found it for you. What is the problem?
  • Mary Ellen Davis I am also Queen of Fucking Everything but I don’t like to brag.
  • Benjamin Kendrick [smashes head on keyboard]
  • Daniel J Towsey When I said facebook is operated by the CIA and NASa..I was right..That is a proven fact..and thye always censor and harass real activists reporter like me..I have had many problems with facebook..and I am not the only one..
  • Robin Chat Perhaps you need a conspiracy site and not a political site.
  • Mary Ellen Davis Distracting now. Time to move on IMHO
  • brqfaw
  • Benjamin Kendrick dspoerjnsdnf 3045rk23tegsd
  • Daniel J Towsey Just type either ‘A Truth Soldier” or my name in any search engine..I have been at this on the net for 15 years..I am will known..That is why I asked what happened to my post..and it was not on the screen..
  • Jacques Belley I’M part of CSIS..
  • Mary Ellen Davis Daniel…let’s go have a convo about the post you thought was missing. I’m deleting this thread now.
  • Jesse Nutter lol
  • Daniel J Towsey hey pretty neat..when the sis post popped up all my browers crashed..and they tried to insert a virus through my page file.. CSIS is just as bad as CIA..they are covert agencies that only serve the elite criminals.
  • Robin Chat offs
  • Daniel J Towsey why don’t you leave this active tread alone and stop censoring free speech?
    • Skeena Sage Williamson I’m amazed at how much pure entertainment I can miss in the time it takes me to step away and wash the dishes…. lol
    • Daniel J Towsey Hey Jaques you must be..You are a covert agent facebook troll..that is easy to prove.. When I mouse over you name..nothing but send you a message appears.. No friends or anything you have one of those shadow profiles? That are fake?
      Unable to post comment. facebook blocked it..
      Closed Group
      Welcome to Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper (CRUSH)!We believe that the Harper Government has lost its moral authority to govern and that, as a result, Canadians should come together and use the democratic levers available to them to unseat the Harper Government.
      We are a multipartisan group of individuals who agree on one thing only: the need to unseat the Harper Government.
      Many CRUSH members support one of the opposition parties, and many support no particular party at all.
      Because we come from so many different perspectives, we have declared a truce here in this group:
      No bashing of any parties that are in opposition to the Harper Government.
      In other words, at CRUSH we put aside our partisan differences to focus on our one common goal.
      For more information on CRUSH — our history, what we do now, and where we’re headed in the future –
      IMPORTANT INFORMATION:*** CRUSH is a monitored Facebook group. ***
      Inappropriate posts and open fighting are not acceptable and will be removed by administrators at their discretion.
      ** It is entirely up to the administrators to decide what is not acceptable.**
      Disparaging remarks regarding opposition parties, opposition party members, or fellow CRUSH members are not appropriate.
      Arguing with group administrators over admin decisions is also not appropriate.
      Please contact one of the admins if you have a concern regarding how the group is being moderated.
      Warnings should be observed not as censorship, but as reminders to maintain focus on the aims of the group as a whole.
      Failure to comply with administrators’ requests may result in temporary removal from the group or in permanent banning.
      It is strictly against the rules of the group for any member to block any of the admins.


      The statements, views, and opinions expressed in the CRUSH Facebook group are solely those of the author and do not represent those of CRUSH.

      Individuals posting to online sites (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and online comment boards) and mentioning or including graphical representations referring to, Canadians Defending Democracy (CDD), or Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper (CRUSH) do not represent the views of, CDD, or CRUSH. We do not endorse the statements of those individuals.


      Please don’t add friends to this group…. Instead, ask them to request to join on their own. In the past we’ve had complaints from people who were unaware they had been added and who came online to find that their mailboxes had been flooded with notifications.

4 thoughts on “Beware Of This Canadian Facebook Group It Is A Covert Trolls Phishing Site”

  1. There are all kinds of fake sites out on the internet put there by government operatives, I am a victim of a corrupt sting operation of which my wife and her side of the family joined into and they were targeting me and members of my side of the family!

    I tried recently doing a Google search for victims of sting operations trying to find other people that have been victimized or harmed by corrupt sting operations, and I ran across a website called with a forum about people fighting corrupt sting operations!

    I joined the forum and introduced myself giving part of my story, and then I posted a story about corrupt police sting operations called “What Is Pedofying?” and that’s when all hell broke lose!

    You can read about it on my WordPress blog here.


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