Home Safe Living Shop Sabotages MY Wheelchair To Harm Me

If you see all the videos and read this post you will know for sure that t

‘Home Safe Living” has been deliberately trying to harm me by doing improper things to my power wheelchair. The extreme worse was when they gave me the new chair and installed the seat so far back that the chair would flip over backwards on acceleration by doing a wheelie and Home Safe Living refused to fix the really dangerous life threatening problem.. So I had to do it myself…

They sabotaged the setting in my chairs controller and many other problems. Listen to listen telephone recording and see how he just doesn’t care. This conversation proves that he is deliberately doing these things and that is criminal.

Wheelchair rights youtube

Below is a mirrored copy of my post from this link.


Scroll down below and have a look at all the previous videos I did about this cahir and tell me I am wrong when I say this is deliberate willful actions by Home Safe Living Shop to do me harm.

Very serious conversation about endangering wheelchair user in Halifax Nova Scotia
Telephone conversation between wheelchair user me Daniel Towsey on Feb 28 2013 with the manager of Home Safe Living (902) 404-7233 in Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

Here is the phone number to the Nova Scotia Provincial Minister of health (902) 424-3377 where you can request that laws need to be introduced to protect wheelchair users.
Laws requiring that wheelchair mechanics be properly trained, licensed and certified. and laws same as all other motorized vehicles laws have to protect the drivers of power wheelchairs… PLEASE help..make a call..

Driving an improperly manufactured or maintained power wheelchair on a busy sidewalk is just as dangerous to everyone as someone driving and improperly manufactured and maintained car on the street.

Getting hit by a power wheelchair that weighs up 800 pounds is just as dangerous as being hit with a slow moving car…

This conversation is being published for legal evidence that is now witnessed by the public making this recording then admissible in any court of law as a public document.

If you go to this link you can view the previous videos describing all the difficulties I have had with the Alex wheelchair and Home Safe Living  and below the videos about the Handicare Alex wheelchair are Wheelchair Rights related videos from around town.

Here is some more background information.

The very first day I tested the Alex wheelchair Hank from Home Safe Living brought it over. I did not drive it for more then a minute before there was a serious problem with the right rear drive wheel making a lot of noise.

The chair can have the seat over the drive wheels or over the casters. It had to be reconfigured to have the seat over the drive wheels.

So the first day I received the chair Hank brought it over to my place. I could not drive it. The chair drove backwards. Hank did not know he was supposed to adjust the joy stick programing to a rear wheel drive chair.

He had to take the chair back to the shop. He did not know how to program the chair.

A week later I got the chair back and I have continuously had  problems controlling the chair because Hank does not know how to properly adjust the computer inside the joy stick.

On top of that the right rear drive wheel has had continuous mechanical problems.

If you watch the following videos in the series it wont be long before you understand how bad the situation is and how they never assembled or maintained my chair.

Hank and Home Safe Living claim they know how to fix and maintain my chair. Then if that is true then all that I have gone through with my chair and it seriously endangering my life has been done deliberately.

After all Hank states they are qualified, experienced and know how to do the work on my chair.

So what is going on here? Is it criminal and willful?

One thing that was really serious and scary was that my chair was off balance and my seat was way to far back causing the chair to do a wheelie and ride on the safety little wheels on the back.

This chair almost killed me many times. It would pop wheelies where the from caster wheels would come right of the ground and the chair going flipping over backwards when ever I went up onto sidewalk curb cut outs.

I told Hank about this and he would not fix it by moving my seat forward. I had to move the seat my self. Hank claimed it could not be moved forward. I moved ot forward and I had to drill two holes in the seat frame so I could position the seat properly.

When the seat  was originally moved over the drive wheels the manufacturer did not put in the necessary holes for positioning the seat on my optional extended frame that I need due to my height.

There were many other serious problems as you will see in the videos.

Please learn more at http://WheelchairRights.wordpress.com

Alex wheelchair (01) has very dangerous design flaws

Alex wheelchair (02) Defective tie downs and controller

Alex wheelchair (03) Can not steer chair when going fast and on slopes

Alex wheelchair (04) Flipped backwards on acceleration and almost killed me twice.

Alex wheelchair (05) Backrest Issues and Poor Quality Tires

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