Here is what ER and RE attached to words means

written by Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier

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Ever wonder what the purpose of ER or RE at the beginning or end of words means?

Ever wonder where the simplified common English language originated?

The English language was created by the Roman Empire.

So RE means Roman Empire.

ER means Empire of Rome.

Now start taking words such as ‘REguarding’

and adding the full meaning to all words with RE.

Regarding means ‘Roman Empire Guarding’.

The English language has been simplified from its once eloquent form.

If you have ever listened to anyone speaking the eloquent ancient English language,

you would understand that the RE and ER makes for perfect ancient

English meaning and understanding.

I will not at this time give you any more examples of ER and RE.

You will be able to do that for yourself easily enough.

The main reason I am writing about this is to explain in simple

common sense the difference between a society built on Common sense

which comes from truth, for common sense does not exist without truth.

Now Compare common societies to another type known as a REpublic…

Now I think you are getting the understanding that REpublic means

‘Roman Empire Public” structure and control.

So all those of you who believe that a system under REpublic is better

then a system under Common Law had better do some common sense thinking.

Any system that does not operate under common sense, is a system that does

not operate for the common good of all.

A system that operates under a structure of Republic is fooling the public

into thinking that a common good system of majority rule is bad and that

a system under Republic actually protects individuals from the wishes of

those who want a system of common law justice for all.

Those in a republic have a system that the wishes of the less controls the majority.

That type of system is a Roman Empire system built under a narrow

minded pyramid scheme which is what the Roman Empire was and still is.

A system where the public is not equal and not in a common good system.

A REpublic is a pyramid structure of control that the Roman Empire uses to undermine all of humanity.

Many have called this the Illuminati with the all seeing eye on top of the

pyramid, as you see on the back of the first fake money created by these masters of deception.

The one dollar note of the American privately owned and controlled Federal Reserve.

In Latin it says New World Order around the pyramid..

which represented the New World being developed in North America.

The Old World represents Europe.

So the Romans had their Old World Lies of deception and now created

their New World Lies of deceptions to control the REpublic with.

Many believe that The New World Order means a new system of controlling the whole planet.

That is not what it meant..

So if you understand what I have explained based on common sense

you will now have some common sense.

For the less common sense a person has the stranger they get.

Today through social engineering and the deliberate dumbing down of

society through the undermining of common sense.

The Illuminati has kept you in a REpublic.

Their Roman Empire Public slaves.

That is why today most people you see are now commonly thought of as strangers.

There is nothing stranger then a person who does not live

by common sense truth.

It is time.

The World Wide Truth Revolution is NOW.

For if humanity is not guided into the future by common sense truth, then humanity is doomed.

“When the seeds of truth are sown.

The grassroots truth revolution will blossom from the enlightenment.”

So stop being a stranger to the common people around you.

Start spreading seeds of common sense truth.

So a new healthy tree of life will grow from those seeds of truth.

A tree that will provide healthy food for thought for the future generations.

That my fellow earthlings is Common Sense Truth.

Sow are you now enlightened?

When you seek truth, you are going towards the light of truth.

You will always be in the dark of insanity until you go towards the light.

When your mind gets some truth in it, you will then be able to see better.

Your enlightenment will flood the dark places of Skull sand Bones with empowering common sense truth.

Only truth empowers the individual..

Go out and seek truth, then spread the truth to empower others then one day someone will empower you.

If all humans empowers each other by spreading the seeds of common sense truth.

This planet will achieve the heaven you seek.

And the fellow earthlings around you will cease to be strangERs.

Do as Jesus told you and showed you.

Go out a spread seeds of truth.

Go out a spread the love.

For Love and Truth are one and the same.

One does not exist without the other.

Jesus never went to church and fought against the money masters.

He went around spreading love and truth and that is why

Jesus is still loved today…

Jesus’s spirit never died…

I know…..

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Here is what ER and RE attached to words means

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