ADHD is a quack psychiatry Fraud and HOAX

written by Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier

Psychiatry is a complete evil fraud that is damaging and killing our intelligent childrens’ intellects, futures and even their lives.

Ever since the NWO banksters created the United Nations to Carry out their insane Zionist Nazi U.N. Agenda 21 and took over the curriculum of the school system because of the Hippie protests of the late 1960’s to stop any other young bright intelligent young people from ever again protesting against the criminal Zionist state of this world.

After 1969 the schooling system was taken over by the U.N. and changed from a system that taught children how to think, to a system of brainwashing where students are now told ‘What to think”

So that is why there has never been another student uprising against corruption.

Now our intelligent intellectual children are being destroyed by being labeled and drugged for having their minds completely starved of intellectual stimulation in the so called schools.

In a system that tells kids what to think, they keep repeating stupid dumb shit all day long.

The bright young intellectuals get really bored to death and start acting out and being restless.

Our young intellectuals are not permitted to ask questions about anything they are being force fed in school.

So they no longer pay attention ‘Attention Deficit Disorder” because there is nothing for their bright young growing minds to be nurtured with.

Since the so called teachers are not teaching anything except indoctrination.

So the NWO system knows exactly what is happening and they can not risk the general public and parents ever asking what is going on in the schools .

The schools are now prisons for the minds of the young people of the future.

Ever notice that they removed all windows that gave children the ability to look outside while they are sitting in their seats bored to the death of their minds.

All windows were horizontally narrowed and raised.

Then after the intelligent children are drugged with psychotropic drugs and the rest we know.. School shootings, suicides, etc.

Why you can not comprehend the magnitude of the problem on this planet, is because you can not understand what has happened since the Rothchild insanity took control of the creation of money.


Please see these posts to get the remainder of the information.

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ADHD is a quack psychiatry Fraud and HOAX


Davin Lyseyko  does this mean i can sue due to the fact they doused me with synthetic heroin to calm me down when i was younger because they called it ADHD???

Rogena Summerour There should be alot more brain storming on this subject.

Laurice Losey Attention Deficit Hyperactive definitely describes my 8 yr old grandson. Since he was 5. I don’t understand it either, but I live it every day.

Rogena Summerour i dont know too many 8 year old children who will sit still and listen.Not that they shouldnt.But are drugs and a failed psychiatric system the answer.heck discipline worked better

Gord Broughton I think good wholesome food, fresh air, exercise are the answer, all of which are in short supply these days. Crappy factory food {sugar, white flour…etc}, toxins in the air and water supply which goes everywhere, everything we eat and drink and brea…See More

Gord Broughton No Big Pharma…….

Daniel J Towsey At five the minute they enter into the school prison they start being poisoned with VACCINES…..

Gord Broughton Are babies still given something right after birth?

Rogena Summerour alot of good food for thought and where is Hutterlite

Net Workdood It was done for monetary reasons – lol, like what is not done for monetary reasons, nowadays…

Daniel J Towsey They do not do it for money..they create their money out of thin air..It is all about them controlling us.

Net Workdood No, I meant a diagnosis brought in money….

Net Workdood
How Schools Are Making Big Money On ‘ADD/ADHD’

Net Workdood Seems like lifem in general, is just one big scam….

Daniel J Towsey See they use the money they create out of thin air to control by buying off the schools.

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