This guy threatened to kill me and attacked me on Halifax Waterfront

I am about to tell you a very bazaar true story and will provide photos and videos below. Photos and videos were taken from far away while I was waiting for the Police to arrive.

This guy is not what he tried to appear to be… He seemed like a covert subversive operative…

See UPDATES below photos.


At approximately two pm on Friday September 5 2014, This guy stops me on the Halifax waterfront far from where these pictures were taken and gets into a political conversation with me and he seemed very interested, intelligent will spoken and agreeable.

He talks to me about positive energy and talks about negative energy where I said to him that only positive energy exists. There is no such thing as negative energy.

Negative only absorbs positive energy if one chooses to give up their positive energy to the negative usually due to fear.

So he asks me if he can do a video of my speech about what I think of the Political situation on this planet. He was aware about my being a well known blogger and activist with strong views.

Everything went well he was very amazed and really enjoyed the video speech I did. He said he would send me a message on my Youtube when he uploads the video.

When he first started recording me I asked him about his WiFi live feed advanced and very rare Samsung camera and was he doing the recording live. He did not answer me.

So I went on my way and everything seemed good.

I later crossed the harbour on the ferry and went to Woodside.

I returned to the Halifax waterfront by ferry at approximately five thirty pm.

I began rolling down the waterfront in my power wheelchair.

I then hear this guy call out to me.

So I stopped and went back to him.

I start what I thought would be a pleasant conversation and he completely cuts me off and screams out that I am a negative force and that he was going to stop me and kill me.

So as he starts to stand while saying this I turned away and started going down the boardwalk away from him.

He starts screaming at while chasing after saying he is going to kill me because I am a negative energy and that he was going to put out my energy and was going to kill.

So I was a bit of a distance from him so I stopped to turn and look at him to see where he was and what he was doing. He was yelling at and he did not realize that my wheelchair could move as fast as it did.

I then just yelled back at him and said there is no such thing as negative energy as negative is not energy.

Then I turned away from him and tried to leave.

He then ran up to me and jumped in from of my wheelchair and blocked while threatening me with his fist very close to my face.

He said and indicated he was going to assault me.

It was amazing to me that he did this with a boardwalk very busy with many people around us.

I notice that there were four different huge men walking by with their girlfriends.

The men did not know each other.

The guy was threateningly close to me with his fist in front of me, so I spun my chair around just in time to avoid being hit.

I kept spinning my chair as he kept trying to assault me.

I then heard a man somewhere behind me warning the guy to stop.

Where upon one really powerful man that was in front of me stepped in between me and the guy and told the guy to back off and leave me alone. He would not quit so then the other guys stepped in and surround this guy and he final was stopped.

I then went down the boardwalk and called the police. You can see (below) the videos I did of the guy after I phoned the police.

The videos below are unlisted on youtube and can only be viewed here.

Guy Threatens my life on Halifax waterfront

Wheelchair Cam – Guy Says He Is Going To Kill Me Halifax boardwalk

I have written this post for a public record and for my security in the event that this guy tries again when i am on the Halifax waterfront.

The Police man did get the guy’s identification is writing a report about this event. And advised the man that he was ordered to stay away from me. The Police man told me that if he came near me again that he would be arrested and charged from breaking the restraining order the Police man just put on the guy.

Policeman is talking to the guy below.

Crop of GuyThreatensToKillMe_0839 GuyThreatensToKillMe_0839 GuyThreatensToKillMe_0840 GuyThreatensToKillMe_0841 Crop of GuyThreatensToKillMe_0841

UPDATE Sept 14 2014.

I just sent this email to the Police officer.

  • Today at 6:08 AM
this is the guy who threatened and attacked me on the waterfront while I sat in my wheelchair..
This guy that attacked me is stalking me..He keeps showing up and standing near me and stalking me. The other day he ran after on the waterfront..He stalked me yesterday at the Gottingen 250 festival and a few days ago on Spring Garden Rd he was stalking me again..


4 thoughts on “This guy threatened to kill me and attacked me on Halifax Waterfront”

  1. This very much appears to be a covert subversive operative and operation of some sorts, but the fact that you are talking to this person while having someone on your side taking photogenic photo’s of HIS face gives the appearance that you and your photographer are stalking him.

    Your photographer seems to WANT the mans face on photo BEFORE the alleged attack, which I deem highly suspicious considering your claims of him being “covert subversive operative”.

    Not wise to accuse “covert subversive operative” while at the same time having yourself and your photographer stalking him before the alleged attack that you seem to not have on photo or video.

    It looks more like you and your photographer are ambushing this lone man and setting him up on charges, to have YOUR MAN photograph him BEFORE the alleged attack makes you appear to be the aggressor in this situation and makes you appear to be “covert subversive operative”.

    By your own admissions you and YOUR photographer are targeting THIS MAN before the alleged attack that you nor your photographer caught on film/photo, so it appears more like you and your “partner” that you did not want to name are targeting this person before the alleged attack.

    Keep in mind you and your partner are engaged in conversation with him before an alleged attack and your partner WANTS photogenic photo’s of him BEFORE an alleged attack, THAT more than anything is like the pot calling the kettle black.


    1. You have no idea what you are talking about and did not read anything I wrote nor did you listen to what i said in the videos……I am in a wheelchair. I am the photographer. The photos and videos were done after he attacked me.. Why don’t you do some thinking…


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