Constant Serious Threats to my life on The Halifax Waterfront

Below you will see a series of previous posts proving that the harassment on the waterfront of Halifax is a deliberate preplanned covert operation The involved parties are

The Halifax Waterfront Development Corporation LTD and Their private security guards agency,

The Nova Scotia Corporate government

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic (a provincially owned public institution),

Fake Buskers, .

And The Halifax Police Department that is being manipulated by subversives.

George Soros of the U.N. (financing most faked events). of the U.N. Agenda 21 take over plans.

Here is a side note: Check out this operation of fake vendors who showed up on the Halifax Waterfront a couple of weeks ago giving out T-Shirts that said

Invasion Canada_7701 Invasion The Take Over

and The Communist Party.

The Communist party has been involved in all the faked protests, marches, speeches and even The Occupy Movement in the Halifax area.


Also see

Please see the videos and read my explanation of the latest event that just happened and also please see this other post I just did a few days ago.

At the beginning of this first video please watch the guy sitting on the bench by the wall. The guy with the shirt on. He is one of the guys who was an organizer of the faked Occupy movement in Halifax.  He is also the guy who conducted this entrapment sting operation and faked busker event..

The guy with no shirt is my friend. His name is George. He witnessed what happened and testified to the Police.

The guy at the microphone was extremely violent threatening, swearing on the microphone at me, Stood in front of my wheelchair while I was backed into the corner behind the the guy with no shirt.

The busker at one point grabbed his guitar ran over in front of me was threatening and yelling at me while he appeared that he intended to strike me with his guitar. It was the guy sitting on the bench that discouraged the busker from attacking me with his guitar.

This video was started just after I was able to get out of the corner after the woman you will see standing in front of my camera, the one doing the flips. She was in my face screaming at me non stop for at least ten minutes while the busker was yelling at full volume into his mask threats and obscenities at me so that The people walking by on the waterfront could not see nor could they hear what was happening to me. So I turned on my personal loud speaker and kept screaming into asking the woman to get away from me.

The guy with the shirt sitting on the bench contacted The Waterfront Development Corporation who then sent their private security. You can see that guy talking to the security guard that arrived. You will notice that the security guard came over with a previous plan of action and never talked to me about anything. The guards’ actions prove that this whole event was preplanned and a staged sting operation.

Just before the security guard arrives you will see the french buskers from Quebec arrive. Several days earlier I met them and invited the three guys and two french girls to crash on my living floor as I knew a big rain storm was coming. You see how friendly they were to me. The French performers new nothing of what had just happened to me.

Please see this post I just put up a few days ago. That occurred at the same location by the Museum.


Lunatic Busker now on Robie St _005_ A Truth Soldier Lunatic Busker now on Robie St _015_ A Truth Soldier

Lunatic Violent Threatening Busker on The Halifax Waterfront

Monday March 23 2015 UPDATE to the guy in the event below.. See how he harassed me publicly on Robie St while I was going to the grocery store

UPDATE about Lunatic Busker now on Robie St Mon March 23 2015

The event below occurred on Sept 10 2014

The guy you see on the left is nuts and very dangerous. I had to get the Police involved for my protection..The Police made him and his band leave the waterfront but otherwise the Police did not charge him..


Lunatic Violent Very Threatening Busker on The Halifax Waterfront  1of4

I will soon be adding more commentaries to the videos below with screen captures photos.

Lunatic Violent Very Threatening Busker on The Halifax Waterfront 2of4

Lunatic Violent Very Threatening Busker on The Halifax Waterfront 3of4

Lunatic Violent Very Threatening Busker on The Halifax Waterfront 4of4

Click on any image to view.Press F11 for full screen. Right thumbnail click to download.


The links below proves how extensive these threats on my life have been.

Gang Stalkers Repeatedly Attacking and Threatening my Life

Guy Threatens Life of Disabled Wheelchair User For Protesting about Buses

Yesterday I was doing a protest at a bus stop with my loud speaker telling everyone about the issue in this post..and this guy was threatening and harassing me…He thought my load speaker was a threat to his child. His child was not bothered by me at all and the noise from the motor cycles and buses was much loader then I was..So does this guy chase after motorcycles too..

 This guy threatened to kill me and attacked me on Halifax Waterfront

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