Gang Stalkers Repeatedly Attacking and Threatening my Life

Below you find links to multiple related posts about threats to my life.

 (See UPDATE below two days later again this guys dog came after me and he said “he was never given a fine the first time” . Then he did not get a fine the second time and still had the leash in his hand without his dangerous  dog being on a leash) You can see in my photos of him that he does not kept his eye on his dog and look at the concerned look of the man that was ealking near his dog.

Guys’ dog bit my ankle.

Here is my statement I emailed to the Police after they caught this guy and gave him a $350 fine for not having his dog on a leash.

  • Sep 13 at 1:02 AM
Hi. I am writing this statement for your records.
Today the 12th i was riding by the Hotel just beside Scotia Square when I pasted the man with his dog walking in front of him.
I stopped and spoke with the man for a few seconds after the man told me about his dog  as I passed by and he mentioned that his dog sometime will bit tires on wheelchairs.
I stopped to turn a bit so I could see the man but before I could turn around I heard the dog barking violently and charging at me. The dog bit my right ankle and was not letting go. The man came over and pulled the dog off and the dog had a hold of my pant leg and would not let go. When the man pulled his dog off it pulled my foot off my wheelchair foot pedal. The dog then continued to hold on to my pant leg while growling.
Fortunately I had ankle high heavy leather boots on so I did not get injured.
SIDE NOTE: What puzzles me is that I was at least twenty feet ahead of the man and the dog when he said to me that his dog will bite wheelchair tires. right after he said that before I even started turning back to look at to respond to his statement. I heard his dog barking and barking as he charged me. What is puzzling is the dog did not attack my chair at all and my chair was not moving when the dog got close.
Not once did the man scream at his dog nor did he give it any commands to stop.
I can only wonder if he gave his dog an attack command with a hand signal when the dog charged at me.
I was no where near the dog. I was way ahead by then so why did the dog charge at me long after I had passed by?
I said to the man why are you walking your dangerous dog with the leash in your hand and not having your dog on the leash.
I knew I could not again attempt to move my wheelchair while the dog was still lose.
I asked the man to put his dog on his leash.
The man refused. So I asked a couple more times. So then I said to him that I will call 911 if he does not put his dog on the leash. That was because I did not want to be bitten again.
So I phoned 9111 and waited after the man started walking away with his dog far ahead of him.
When the dog was far enough away I felt it safe to move again.
I followed him as I spoke with the Police. The chase went all the way to past Keith brewery on the waterfront. The man often started running..
Fortunately wheelchairs do travel up to a fast jog speed.
Thank you for your speedy response..Be safe..
Sincerely Daniel J Towsey
By the way. My wheelchair video camera did not record as it was out of memory..



UPDATE Sept 14 2014

Guy whos’ dog bit me two days ago, later again comes after me

While I was coming down a lane doing my report on September 14th 2014 at 11:30am about the Gottingen St Area  Huge fire, this guys dog launched at me while barking AGAIN.. Complete report with photos and video coming soon. I am also doing a complete news report about the fire.

(Clip) Huge Fire Gottingen St dog comes after me again

Listen to man scream at his dog that charged at me and listen to second video to hear the guy say he never got a fine the first time.

At the 50 second point you hear the man scream at his dog that was charging at me.

Guy whos dog bit me two days ago threatens me again (WheelchairCam)

Listen to my conversation. Turn up the sound so you can hear him say he was never given a fine on the first incidence..

I talked to a Police man at the scene, the Police man then went and talked to the guys and the Police man did not issue another fine for having a dog off leash.

I found out from the guy himself on video that he was never given a fine the first time.

I did get an incident report number again. This time i will have to go to the Police station to request a copy of the full reports from both incidences and I will probably go to court to press charges and sue this guy.

So I went to the Police station and they refused to give me the guys name…

There is no justice. The Police officer told that he chose not to give the guy a fine and htat was at his discretion.

Imagine that, the Police do not enforce the peoples law.. Who does this cop think he works for?

See full report about fire here.

Click on images for full size. dog charges at me_001_ dog charges at me_1959 dog charges at me_1972




Constant Serious Threats to my life on The Halifax Waterfront

see links to many reports at this post..

Guy Threatens Life of Disabled Wheelchair User For Protesting about Buses

Yesterday I was doing a protest at a bus stop with my loud speaker telling everyone about the issue in this post..and this guy was threatening and harassing me…He thought my load speaker was a threat to his child. His child was not bothered by me at all and the noise from the motor cycles and buses was much loader then I was..So does this guy chase after motorcycles too..

 This guy threatened to kill me and attacked me on Halifax Waterfront

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