Telus Mobility Commits Theft and Fraud

Here you well hear my recent conversation with Telus recorded off my telephone…

This call center recording is very damning to the reputation of Telus with their own words..

Listen to what they said to me and what they did to me..

UPDATE: March 13 2015

Today I received a special delivery  letter from Koodo Mobile, which is a Telus business.

They sent me a check for $611.09 to refund my phone deposit.

Then I received my first ever letter from Telus by regular mail. In that letter they sent me a statement claiming that I now owe them ..$1,245.82.

I am going to scan the invoice I received,  wait till you see how insane and illogical the whole thing is…

I will soon post the scans here with my commentary added to them….

Uploaded on Mar 10, 2015


Ron TheFlash Smith
Un F&cking Believable! More and more these outfits think they can do whatever they want and get away with it! I think you should take them to court and teach them where they should have drawn the line.
If only we had real peoples courts..even the courts have been corrupted by corporatism.. All we have now is the court of public opinion.. which is why I published this evidence…

Ron TheFlash Smith

Well said. I agree completely. A good example of this criminality is paradoxman316 who is fighting to keep the PNC bank from stealing his home even though he has never had a mortgage on his property. Having given up on lawyers at the start, he is now sovereign and awake to their game and filing all the right paperwork but the struggle continues past 6 years.

Daniel J Towsey

If you go to this previous post. You well understand why my Samsung phone battery was going dead very quickly, why the phone was not performing properly, and why it was sending me messages while I slept.

the less you involve yourself with society the better, I just bought a cheap smart phone from sprint and pay 30 a month for text and calls, I buy my batteries on ebay and deal with the crooks in the store as little as possible, almost everybody is a crook in some way or form, its gotten rediculous

Telus is Stupid

Uploaded on Sep 28, 2011

So a representative from Telus calls me saying how awesome I am for being a customer since 2001. After everything an iPhone shows up in the mail… wtf

Telus tries to scam the wrong client 1 to 6

Uploaded on Dec 19, 2007

Cell Phone Warning


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