Five Passengers trapped in Chev HHR with Dead Battery Jaws of Life Needed to Get them out

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written by Daniel J Towsey

Best read in pdf. left click to open or right click to download it.

 Five Passengers trapped in Chev HHR.pdf

 Audio video version

Let this report be a warning to everyone and governments who make consumer product safety regulations and legislation’s for motor vehicles.

It was a beautiful very hot bright sunny day. The family with the two older teenagers in the rear, baby in center child seat in back and elderly frail gram ma in passenger seat.

Going for a drive out in the wilderness, Gram pa was driving with the windows closed, air conditioner on and listening to the radio. Suddenly there seemed to be a problem with the car.

The radio and lights were flickering ..

So luckily the driver was able to pull over just in time. The battery went dead.

They were on a very isolated country dirt road very far from any town or residences headed to the hide away cottage in the dense Forrest by the lake.

No cell phone service in this mountainous area.

Then the nightmare begins. Very quickly the passengers began to over heat and tried to get out of the car.

This cars computer settings were set to automatically lock the doors when in drive or parked with key still in ignition.

To their horror they discovered that it was physically impossible to pull up on the door lock knobs when the battery was dead.

No one could get out of the car. Their cell phones did not work and the on-star rescue system where you can talk from inside the car with rescuers through satellite communications also did not function..

One car had driven by them, it was a lone old farmer from down the road a ways.

The passengers had no way to get the driver of the car attention.. They could not open the power windows.

One of the teens in the back thought that maybe he could open the back hatch.

Their was suitcases and such in the back. So they had to try to move the stuff out of the way to try and climb into the back to get to the hatch.

This took a lot of time and this also caused the teens to begin loosing their strength due to over heating.

The smaller of the two teens managed to squeeze through and over the stuff and get to the back hatch. Another horror sets in when the teen screams out that ’ There is no hatch handle there to open the hatch with..

The driver remembered that he had a hammer under the back floor cover were the spare tire is stored.

The teen said that he can not pull the cover up with the stuff on top of it.

So they pulled out as much of the stuff as they could. Pulling it over the back seat and jamming it into the little space they had in the front and back seat areas.

Then the teen realized that he could not lift up the cover if he was on top of it.

So he had to squeeze himself back into the jammed back seat to then try to reach back over the seat. He had previously pulled out the headrest so he could get through.

All this time the child had been screaming from over heating and possibly a dirty diaper. But now the child seemed to be sleeping.

It had to be over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit in the car now.

To the teen’s horror he discovered that the plastic floor cover is inserted through four slots in the sides and that the only way to remove the cover was if the hatch was open.

The panic set in.. Some began to scream in terror as they realized how bad the situation had become.

Gram ma was silently panicking and Gram pa felt so helpless and old now as he could offer very little advice or help as he could only see what was happening behind him through the very limited visibility of the rear view mirror.

If you are trapped in the back seats of this car it is impossible to get out by trying to climb over or through between the front seats unless if you are maybe a small child.

No one had anything that they could use to break the safety glass windows.

They did not know what to do.

Hours passed while they sat there on the shoulder of the gravel road.

The heat eventually caused the dehydrated passengers to over heat and pass out. They had nothing to drink.

It now seemed they were all going to die trapped in their modern very expensive General Motors American made luxury automobile.

Then suddenly their was someone banging on the drivers window from outside.

The elderly old farmer who had spent the day in his fields driving his tractor over the hilly slopes had finished his work and when he came over a hill he saw the car there. He remembered seeing this car drive pass him many hours earlier.

So he had to drive a distance around to be able to get to this car on the road with his tractor. He wondered why the car was still there.

As he got closer he then realized something was very wrong. He could see that everyone seemed to be asleep with the windows closed. He knew it would of been to hot in that car sitting there in the direct sun all day for them to just be napping.

No one was answering him when he was banging on the window. He wondered if they were all dead. The passengers had fainted with their heads resting on the windows.

This car has tinted windows which is why the farmer had not seen the people in the car when he had driven by earlier.
He kept banging and banging and finally there was some sign of life. Every time the banged on the window it was shaking the drivers head that was resting on the window.
Finally the elderly driver was awake and responding but very weak. The farmer could barely hear the driver through the closed window. So the farmer turned off his tractor, but did not want to as he often had problems getting it started.

The driver explains the situation as best he can. Then the farmer was very freighted at the situation. He told the driver to find something to cover his face with and that the farmer was going to go find a rock to break the window with.

The farmer found a big heavy rock he used it to hit the drivers window and could not break the safety glass with it.

Then he tells the driver that the only way he could think of to break through the glass was to throw the rock at the window.

This was very frightful to the driver and he wondered who might get injured if that rock broke through. They decided to do it anyway. Gram pa covers his face and hears a huge loud terrifying thud as the rock bounces off the window without breaking it.

Now the driver was scared and felt like he might be having a heart attack but fortunately is was an anxiety panic attack.

BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG it took repeated efforts to break the glass and then Gram ma ended up being struck by the huge rock but she did not wake up or stir.

The old farmer was so traumatized by everything and could not give up..

The driver told him he had booster cables in the back and the farmer asked him for the key. Again another problem with having no power was that if you try to restart an HHR with no power the key will automatically get locked in by the anti theft security system which then makes it impossible to get the key out.

The farmer went to the back of the HRR to look at the hatch. He discovered that it has an electronic release and no handle or key slot.

So then he notices that the only door with a key is the drivers door. The farmer was not able to pull up on the door lock knob of the drivers door and he could not reach the one to the back door as it was at the far back end and it could not be reached.

The driver did not have a second ignition key with him. Just a note here; only the drivers door as a keyed lock on the outside.

The driver had no way to be able to get out through the window. The seating area is very tight and the steering wheel was in the way. And now the driver had become to weak. No one else in the vehicle was awake and the heat hitting the farmers face coming out of the car was over whelming.

The hood release handle was to far down under the dash for anyone to be able to reach it and the farmer had no way to open the hood to give the vehicle a boost.

Now the farmer had to panic. It took him a long time to get his old tractor running. He drives back to his farm and makes a frantic phone call to the authorities.

It took some time to explain everything.

The authorities had to send everything, fire rescue, four ambulances, police and everything they had out in the county. It took some time for them to get there.

It was a horrible frightening site for all the rescuers.

All the rescuers were wearing heavy fire proof gear that was making their work very difficult, as they too were over heating.

Now the rescuers could not figure out how to break the glass on all the windows without harming the unconscious people who were resting their heads on the glass. But they broke them anyway.

All the while when the rescuers were prying holes into the door frames the passengers did not move.

The rescuers had to use the jaws of life on each of the four doors. Then they had to actually remove the doors from the car.

They had to destroy this beautiful vehicle.

They realized that things looked really bad.

As they got the people out out they found very weak pulses but could not wake them up. The little baby at this time I can not speak of.
The ambulance crews said that these people needed air rescue, but they could not find a place to land the helicopter because of the trees except for the near by farmers field that was on the other side of the drainage ditch and barbed wire fence.

The farmer then told them he will clear a path to the field for the rescuers and he races home to call all the local farmers to bring in their heavy earth moving gear.

The farmers come in with military precision with their back hoes and gear. they literally plowed through the fence and moved a lot of earth and brush to fill in the ditch just in time for the arrival of the several helicopters.

I own a 2008 Chevrolet HHR and I was an ace mechanic in my earlier years. I am now elderly and physically disabled due to having been run over by a car several years ago.

I felt I had to write this to warn every one as to the very dangerous safety problems with the HRR and probably many other modern computer controlled automobiles on our roads today.

I understand why it is that this information has not gotten out to the general public.

For at any and all vehicle incidents of distress and trauma reporters on the scene and most everyone else there are not vehicle mechanics and could not know all of the aspects and particulars I have written about.

I also realize that today corporations will never tell about safety defects with their vehicles.
In the old days people put caring ahead of profits. Not so with corporate criminals of today.

Governments of today are also complicit, as they also no longer work for the good of the people and only care to make sure that corporations are the only ones who profit from the workings of government.

Which is why I have written this safety report about the Chevrolet HHR’s.

I assure you that all I have written about pertaining to this HRR losing power is very accurate and factually correct.

These vehicles are also the ones that had been in the news often about drivers loosing engine power while driving and losing control where some have died and were not able to tell what happened.

Much later it was understood that people who had large heavy key chains hanging from the ignition switch did not realize that the weight upon the vehicle hitting bumps and the such caused the ignition switch to turn and turn off the power which then also locked the steering.

There were also many other safety issues.

The HHR is an amazingly will made, comfortable, high tech vehicle. Unfortunately simple common sense things were over looked in it’s manufacture. That is the problem today.

To much technology and no old fashioned simple common sense

Chevrolet eventually stop producing the HRR’s

The people written about in this report are fiction but the events or variations of such a very real possibilities of which have not been reported about.

I love my eight year old rust free HHR.. It other wise is an amazing vehicle.

I now drive around with a portable car booster battery in the front of the front passenger seat and a little safety hammer to break the safety glass with and a spare key.
I wish my car had a voltage meter in the dash like they had in the old days.

Fortunately for me when my battery went dead I was not in my car and my after market car alarm had warned me. I have one of those remotes that chirps if my car alarm gets triggered even if I am far away.

My car alarm triggered because it felt the door circuit current drop as if someone had opened my car door and the lights had come on or such.

I had booster cables in the back but could not open my hatch. I also could not open the back doors to be able to drop the seats to have access to my back storage area.

I had to call Ace Towing to come give me a boost and my car easily started as it always does.

The battery had died because my boom box system had drained my battery.

Which I had not known until a thief had triggered my stock horn anti theft alarm and my second car alarm which quickly drained my already low battery.

I hope this report warns people and save lives….

Thank you for reading or listening to this and please warn others as we have no governments that will warn others..

Written by A Truth Soldier.


Stevie Nicole Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for sharing this. Much love xx
Just think what would happen if your car caught fire and shorted out the battery?
Patrick Smith
Thank you for this info my cadillac doors lock when you go to drive so if the battery were to go dead i would not be able to open them either.
+Patrick Smith exactly…very dangerous situation…even a blown fuse to the power doors could leave you in trouble..
Felix Siam
keep a tire iron or aluminium bat under your seat.
+Felix Siam That car only has openings under backside of front seats
That car only has openings under backside of front seats
Felix Siam
+FolkPhotographer I guess we’ll figure out something, because its apparent they aren’t carjacker proof either. I’ve been calling relatives about your post, because not everyone is on line, or don’t use the internet to look for truth. Thank you for your posts!!!!
the damn farmer should have thrown water on the people
+SurviventheOnslaught I think the farmer did a great job.. would you stop to check on a stopped car on the side of the road?  Few if any would.. I think mostly just old folk have compassion for others..
Kathy Bradbury
+FolkPhotographer I heard about that. I also heard that those who saved us were fired ( along with about 200 other 3-4 star generals)
Kathy Bradbury
Very important information. If there was any large scale disaster, (such as an EMP, or tsunami) how many people would die in cars like this?
+Kathy Bradbury you are very correct and I am sure it was planned that way.. learn about the failed nuking of the USA with EMP nukes that happened last year. The General at the Georgia military base stopped it.. he had the nukes detonated 600 off the shore of the USA in the deep ocean after which Obama who had ordered the nuking cleared out all the people in the nuclear field of the military to cover up what Obama ordered

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In nearly 50 years of being in the Auto/Truck Repair Industry, I have never read such a compelling story!

Man!  Hard to believe!

Daniel J Towsey says.
The chevyHHR forum deleted my tread. and banned me within 24 hours of paying $14 yearly subscription and will not refund my money.

3 thoughts on “Five Passengers trapped in Chev HHR with Dead Battery Jaws of Life Needed to Get them out”

  1. This story is BS. I own one and could get out of it in a heart beat. If the teenager could get the back hatch cleared. They could have kicked out the back side windows easily. I’ve broken the back hatch window on my car so I know how easy it is to do. The battery is in the back not the front. If this is true these people did not have that strong of a will to live. Were there no other keys on with the ignition key? If there were they could have been used to break glass. This IS fake news and that is the TRUTH. No actual details of where this happened no facts to corroborate this story. Anybody who believes this is a naive.


    1. Thanks for your rude comment. I will leave it up if you do not respond to my response rudely. I wrote this story to explain what happened to me. Yes I was trapped in my car and yes the lock button could not be lifted. This occurred because the anti theft system had locked the door and the mechanism that pulls the button down stayed engaged due to loss of power and did not release its grip on the button so that it was impossible to unlock the drivers door. It was also impossible for me to climb over to the passengers side and I did reach the lock mechanism on the right door and it too was staying locked…also it is impossible to climb from the front seat into the back.not enough room. And yes there is a place under the hood by the fuse box to boost the car. Also as I was trapped in my drivers seat I also could not possible kick out any window. The seating area is much to tight and impossible to pull my legs up.


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