Conversations With A Truth Soldier in terribly sick and dying forest

Chemtrails In Our Skies - See

I started this video very casually but when I headed across the street to the second lake I had to travel through the forest and was horrified at what I saw..Be sure to watch this whole video. It will leave you horrified and depressed if you care about what is happening to our planet…

note there is another second part to this video that is 19 minutes where I had a very informative and detail conversation with a couple and it has much more footage of the death of this provincial park forest..but youtube will not let me upload it

see full report with more videos
You can learn about why forests are dying here.

See first part..

Horrific dying forest at Sackville Lakes in Nova Scotia Canada

Located near Halifax in Nova Scotia Canada
also see

_2016.04.14_19h59m35s_009_ A Truth Soldier

Time to get serious about the UN depopulation plan. If you…

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