I am now homeless in Montreal

A Truth Soldier in perilous situation and robbed now in Montreal

Published on Feb 2, 2017

This is a detailed records of the events during my Across Canada Road Trip. atruthsoldier.com
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Daniel J Towsey

January 27 at 11:42pm ·

I am now homeless in Montreal so I will not be online much for a while.. times are very hard ..often sleeping in car now middle of winter..


Roch Longueépée
Roch Longueépée I have been there. I wish I had some connections in Montreal to send you to. Were you able to find a safe place for your belongings? If you are able to travel light, shelters might be a temporary option.
January 28 at 12:07am


Jody Branson
Jody Branson sorry to hear Daniel. Hope some goodness comes your way soon.
 January 28 at 12:27am


Russell Martin
January 28 at 12:29am


David Coyle
David Coyle I don’t know the laws or what is really going on in Montreal. Churches are a good place to start. Go to a local Resource Center that deals with these issues and helping the poor. God bless you stay in touch.
January 28 at 12:31am ·


Robyn Guinn
Robyn Guinn I feel for you and in the middle of winter. Please try to find a shelter until your situation improves….wish I knew someone there to help you.
January 28 at 1:19am


Tiana Maher
Tiana Maher I’m so sorry Daniel.
Why didn’t you stay in B.C. it’s warmer.
I was thinking of offering you a place to stay in Alberta on your way home, but felt a little shy about that because we don’t know each other very well.
Now I feel bad I didn’t and have no money to send you.
But I will be praying for you, that God provides a good place for you to be.
Bless you Daniel.
 January 28 at 2:29am


Susie Tweed
Susie Tweed My prayers r with you xx
January 28 at 2:37am


Fernando Seguí Sala
Fernando Seguí Sala BE STRONG FRIEND AND CARRY ON!!!!!!
January 28 at 3:11am


Bob Renner
Bob Renner been there done that in alberta,when i got there in the 90’s,,,,don’t fall asleep and run out of gas,,warm up turn off engine then sleep,,good luck.
January 28 at 5:21am


Jonas Kiran
Jonas Kiran I can’t tag on this phone. But my friend Charlie Poppins originates from Montereal and her parents has a farm around. Ask her for help could fix it. Goodluck.
January 28 at 6:25am


Nancy Godinho
Nancy Godinho Prayer up.
January 28 at 6:28am


Duncan Philp
Duncan Philp Better than being homeless in NYC.
 January 28 at 7:11am


Marsha McClelland
January 28 at 8:12am


E Christopher Carolan
E Christopher Carolan Karma is a bitch
January 28 at 1:02pm

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