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Be sure to read these before you watch these videos

1a – Dov Zakheim: 9/11 Mastermind?
Who is Dov Zakheim? clip from 9/11 Missing Links

1b. 911 Mysteries – Demolitions 1 hr 30 min
The maker of this movie was angry at assertions that the official story
of 9-11 was not true. He set out to investigate the allegations and
found himself overwhelmed with volumes of evidence that proved to him
that the official story is just that, a story. The real conspiracy
theory is the official version of the events of that day. Here in 3
parts are the discoveries that changed his mind. READ

1b. Painful Deceptions

Go to this link to download the free original edited version
2/1/2006 BYU Professor Steven E Jones WTC Lecture UVSC
BYU Physics professor and founder of SCHOLARS FOR 9/11 TRUTH Steven E
Jones presents his presentation on the collapse of WTC Buildings 1,2,
and 7 on 9/11. A very informative and scientific presentation that
raises serious questions about the official account of the collapse of
the World Trade Center Towers and Building 7.

9-11 And American Empire – Intellectuals Speak Out 2 hr 4 min

September 24, 2006 marked the first public event sponsored by Berkeley
radio station KPFA regarding the alternative vision of the events of
9/11. David Ray Griffin, Peter Dale Scott, Peter Phillips and Kevin Ryan
plus question and answer moderated by host Ray McGovern. The audience
gave a standing ovation to this standing-room- only event.

9-11 Commission report 22 min

Really good. Frank pointed questions, the kind we deserve to be hearing
on the mainstream news but are utterly absent. The official 9-11
Commission Report left a lot to be desired, in fact it was outrageous.
Nearly everyone on the commission had terrible conflicts of interest,
critical testimonies were totally omitted, and unanswered questions were
brushed over pretending no answers were to be found. The most screaming
example being the reason that WTC 7 collapsed, which many people are
unaware of.

9-11 Conspiracy at the twin towers

And finally, another friend and i made a 33 minute video on 9-11 back in
August of 2006, just before i left for New York to be at Ground Zero for
the five-year anniversary of 9-11. While i did predict another false
flag attack before the ’06 midterm elections that didn’t happen, i must
say that i’m relieved that i was wrong. The fact that more and more
people know the truth of 9-11 every passing day just means that such an
attack will be harder and harder to pull off in the future

9-11 Evidence






International Inquiry (Toronto, May 2004) featured over 50 writers and
activists who exposed the 9-11 crimes and subsequent cover-up.

Here is a sample of the talks from some of the speakers: (in order of first
appearance): A.K. Dewdney, Michel Chossudovsky, Ellen Mariani, Nick
Levis, Thomas Kimmel, John McMurtry, Col. Robert Bowman, John Valleau,
Michael Dietrick, Jamie Hecht, Ralph Schoenman, Kyle Hence, Jim Hoffman,
Paul Thompson, Barrie Zwicker, Joyce Lynne, Bruce Gagnon, Rocco Galati,
Phil Berg, Richard Sanders, Ian Woods, Michael Ruppert, Webster Tarpley,
Ken Jenkins, Mathias Broeckers, Carol Brouillet, Jeremy Wright, John
Gray and Bill Douglas. (59 min.)
http://www.archive.org/details/911oconspiracies. ..

9-11 Overview




9.11 Truth

Could this be the US govt version of what happened, or perhaps it
includes some real facts, and asks some hard questions that the media
and … all » government want to go away. The truth can be hard to
hear – especially when it means exposing the evils of modern government
and spoiling your cosy little world.
9/11 – The Birth of Treason
Compelling compilation of tons of rare and partly unseen news footage of

9/11 – The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

Only by”Exposing the Creators” … all » of the first World Trade
Center bombing in (1993), could we have prevented the creation of the
second bombing of the World Trade Center on 9-11! We failed to make it
… “PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE” that the 1993 bombing was – Encouraged by “AGENT
PROVOCATUERS” of the FB-LIE The fact is U.S. taxpayers “bought the
bomb.” Worse still, since September 11, 2001 most of America’s sheeple
“BOUGHT THE LIE” that 19 angered Arabs & Osama bin Laden carried out the
greatest act of terror in U.S. history. The stark, raw reality is that
the 9-11 “story” is THE GREATEST LIE EVER SOLD. American’s are being
prepped for the next “staged event” Agents of the CIA, FBI, NSA, and the
propaganda press will then white-wash “USAMA BIN BUSH!” Rumsfeld,
Cheney, Ashcroft, Kissinger & crew will blame the innocent to protect
the guilty. What’s it all about? Bush & zee Boys from der “Brotherhood
of Death,” “Skull & Bones” are preparing us for a POLICE STATE. Bush
will try to surrender the Constitution & Bill of Rights. His goal? –
establish a “New World Order” WARNING: This video contains no lies, or
“White House” spin!

9/11 – The Ultimate Con 1 hr 54 min

We loved this one. It’s wicked good. It’s not that you haven’t heard
most of it before, it’s just that you never saw it all pinpointed and
strung together so powerfully before. It’s fast paced, nearly
encylopedic, and even though you’ll see dozens of famous faces they’re
not on the screen for long, there’s too much to cover. It’s a direct
kick in the crotch to the official lies that won’t be so easy to recover
from. This movie does a very nice job of zooming out a little to put
Sept 11 inside a bigger picture which gives it a more powerful feel and
a more meaningful perspective to consider. Pass this link around.

9/11 – The new hiroshima – Part 1 (re-edit0


9/11 American Scholars Symposium Panel Discussion 1 hr 32 min

The information highlight of the symposium was undoubtedly the Sunday
morning panel discussion. The panel was a who’s who of the most
credentialed 9/11 skeptics ever impaneled. It was moderated by Alex
Jones who set the stage and pushed the envelope from his first
statement; this seemed to energize the crowd as well as the panel
members. The fact that C-Span had agreed to film this event had the
panel chomping at the bit to hit bullet point after bullet point.

9/11 Blueprint For Truth

The Architecture of Destruction Commercial architect Richard Gage
(founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth) presents a watertight
case for controlled demolition of the three steel-building collapses at
the World Trade Center, New York on 9/11/01.

Includes physicist Steven
Jones’ updated evidence of thermite. Gage’s website, www.ae911truth.org,
is rapidly drawing building and engineering professionals to the 9/11
movement. —

Part I – WTC Building #7 1 Symmetrical Collapse 2
Explosions 3 Fire 4 FEMA Report 5 Free Fall 6 Expert Corroboration 7
Squib Explosions 8 Molten Metal 9 Foreknowledge 10 Bldg 7 Conclusions

Part II – WTC Twin Towers 1 WTC History 2 Twin Towers’ Structure 3 FEMA
Deception 4 Explosions 5 Columns Cut 6 Rapid Onset 7 Demolition Waves 8
Free Fall Speed 9 Explosive Squibs 10 Symmetrical Collapse 11 Skeleton
Broken Up 12 Molten Iron 13 Dust Clouds 14 Destruction by Fire 15 NIST
Deceptions 16 Foreknowledge 17 Expert Corroboration 18 Conclusion — If
you appreciated this documentary and/or would like to view the high
quality DVD, please consider supporting the makers by purchasing and/or
donating at the below link. http://www.ae911truth.org/ Only the TRUTH
will set US free. Thanks to http://www.stoplyin.ca/ for producing this
fine DVD. ———— ——- FIND OUT MORE ———— ——-

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Website :

http://www.ae911truth.org/ — Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice Website
http://www.stj911.org/ — Pilots For 9/11 Truth Website :
http://pilotsfor911truth.org/ — General 9/11 Links, News and Events –


9/11 Coincidence Theory

A video presentation by Spencer Morgan of www.Utah911truth.com

9/11 Coincidences

Multi part series

9/11 Fraud: David Ray Griffin, Part 1


9/11 Press For Truth

An excellent documentary about the families of the victims of 9/11 and
their fight to uncover and expose the truth about what happened that

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wtc inside job false flag put options thermate thermite controlled
demolition NORAD stand down stand-down cover-up coverup

cover up
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islamofascist fake hoax molten steel 2001 media propaganda

9/11 The Falling Man

Do you remember this photograph? In the United States, people have taken
pains to banish it from the record of September 11, 2001. The story
behind it, though, and the search for the man pictured in it, are our
most intimate connection to the horror of that day.

9/11 The New Hiroshima Part 1


9/11 The Road to Tyranny 2 hrs 24 min

This Alex Jones classic film is a must see. Long and intense are his
trademarks and this one is no exception. Alex reveals what’s hidden in
plain sight by looking at the militarization of the police, and the
police-ification of the military.

A scene in Oakland California shows a
conditioning exercise, teaching people to submit quietly when the
military comes to their town and takes total control, saying through
loud speakers, “We’re the American military and we’re here to help.
Please remain calm. We will not tolerate civil disobedience. Please
remain calm and cooperate so we can process you into the camp faster.”
The camp? Yes folks, the concentration camps that have been built all
over the country and are ready and waiting to be filled with millions of
US. Alex also exposes the FBI involvement in the “terrorist acts” in
Oklahoma City and the first bombing at the Twin Towers.

As usual, it is
they who recruit, train, arm and give the plans to the patsies; and who
are protected from indictment and prosecution by our corrupt judiciary.
Watching Road To Tyranny may not put you in a good mood, but it will
wise you up a bunch. Very important stuff.

9/11 Truth Documentary – Grave Implications


9/11 Truth Rising

This is the new Alex Jones 9/11 documentary. It focuses on the
passionate group of activists who are demanding answers from the
government and other powerful and influential people.

Please buy a copy
from prisonplanet. tv if you have the means. Your support is what keeps
all of this going. Either way, SPREAD TRUTH.



911 – In Plane Site 53 min

Yes, another 9-11 movie. It’s a good one though, and you should see it.

911 AMATEUR part 1

Check this out..shows that the videos shown to the public were tampered
with and were fake..plus it proves that a boing did not fly into the
first tower


911 Accountability (54 min video]

Prof. Peter Dale Scott presents a condensed version of the two chapters
from his forthcoming book, “The Road to 9/11”, that deal with the
actions of Dick Cheney on the morning of 9/11, and a host of troubling
contradictions on that day, in lecture form

911 Citizens Watch

Collection of videos

911 Commission Report – Ommissions and Distortion

David Ray Griffin…A lecture by David Ray Griffin about the “9/11
Commission Report” and his latest book “The 9/11 Commission Report:
Omissions and Distortions” .Here he debunkd the entire Kean commission
and the report as an enourmous lie through ommissions

911 In Plane Site

This is a really good video..don’t miss this one..

911 Loose Change (full-length)

For anyone who still has doubts about 911, weigh out the facts and the
overwhelming amount of evidence supporting the reality that the events
of 911 were one big set-up.


911 Octopus

911 Blogger Censors Media Involvement


911 Press For Truth video

Jersey Girls Deserve Answers. The families of 9/11’s victims bear a
burden of pain that goes far beyond our own breath taking shock and
sadness. They need answers which are not forthcoming.

The bush
administration had to be pushed for 2 years to start a commission to
investigate what happened, and when it finally agreed, the entire
exercise was interwoven with conflicts of interest, omissions, and
worse. Questions were asked but not answered.

Inevitably answers were
sought without official help which has unraveled hundreds of lies and
shocking facts, many of which were strangely not spoken of by network
media, leaving the public in ignorance.

This film is a veritable data
base of the lies and hidden facts in the official version of 9/11 that
everyone has the right to know. If it’s hard for you to believe your
government could lie, cheat and steal from you, then you need to watch
this movie. I know it hurts. The truth often does.

911 Revisited v2

WTC/World Trade Center/9/11/ September 11

911 Ripple Effect – 2008

This is the follow up to the movie. ‘In plane site” This a great
movie..watch it here on line
http://911rippleeffect.com/conspiracies. ..

911 The Criminal Enterprise

[WARNING: this video contains scenes of extreme violence and bodily
injury, and should be viewed by responsible adults ONLY] “David Hawkins
is the former coordinator of Artificial Intelligence and geoscience
research at Schlumberger, the inventor in 1989 of a toolkit for
virtual-reality prototyping and a world authority on the use of applied
mathematics, thermodynamics and deductive logic to analyze violent
crimes and identify the weapons, opportunities and motives of the
perpetrators. ” ** If you still believe the lies and propaganda that you
have been force-fed by the U.S. government and our lamestream criminally
collusive media about what they claim happened on 9/11, then take 23
minutes, watch this video, and you might learn something.

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