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TheSunOfGodA Truth Soldier and The Visionary Folk Photographer

The World Wide Truth Revolution Is NOW!

So you think good has been destroyed?
Only the insane would believe that..and that is why the insane

are on a self destruction path..but of course the insane know no truth.

So for the rest of you..Do not ever give up on the power of truth

for that will be your only salvation…

I am a truth soldier for God is truth

and not God of the churches

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A Truth Soldier Occupation


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For your understanding; I am French and English speaking and writing is self taught.

So that you may find my  writing  structure odd or unusual..

So I ask that you read my writings to understand the content and meanings of my

articles and not judge by my writing style.

I write about both loves and hates. My writings cover the whole spectrum of life.

So your reading of my articles and then your enlightenment is dependent on what you seek..

Seeking truth means that you have to discover and acknowledge good as will as evil.

But then what you do with the knowledge you discover depends on your moral make up.

Living is all about decisions..and making choices.

So do you choose to be a good and positive force or do you choose to do nothing,

that results in you doing no good. Be warned that my writings will require that you truly look at how you think..

How you think will determine what you think…

Below you will find writings on my personal life as will as my discoveries in my pursuit of pure truth..

For without truth there can never be love and harmony with the natural world..

At four years old I made a promise to God to always seek and speak truth.

I discovered pure truth..and that is that God is real…

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The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes


3 thoughts on “About Daniel J Towsey”

  1. My Adventures in photography

    I have spent thousands of hours and dollars, traveled thousands of miles exploring all over this beautiful province of Nova Scotia Canada for those illusive visions of untouched natural beauty.

    It is surprisingly difficult to find pristine and worthwhile images to take. Just about every inch of this province has some kind of signs of human activity.

    Nature photography is not easy as most not experienced people would think. One sees a beautiful image and generally just thinks that it just happens for the photographer to be at the right place. Well thats not the case for me. I put allot of planning and searching into all my images. I have gone on many adventures and done allot of hiking often with no results.

    But many times I will find a location that I will return to at a different time of day, weather conditions or season. When I look around I try to envision what the place would look like under different conditions. So that I can return at the appropriate times.

    But I have to say that I have really enjoyed all the exploration adventures I have gone on. It has given me a much more close to earth feeling about things.

    But when I find absolute wilderness. I can not help but think that this land for thousands of years was preserved by the indigenous peoples with no destruction.

    I understand why the indigenous peoples cherished mother earth.

    Natural beauty is so awesome to experience. I feel its ashame that modern man seems to know little about it. Nothing beats going to places that no one has been. Traveling on ancient animal trails.

    Thats another thing. There are so few wild animals left here in Nova Scotia, Canada. I can go out quietly and almost never come across any animals. I sometimes see small animals. But here there is almost no large wild animals.

    I hope that my images will one day be seen as a time capsule to when this planet was natural..I usually see heaps and piles of garbage and dumps everywhere I go. Its amazing how some people take nature as just a convenient place to dump their old cars and fridges or what ever else. Since it can not be seen from the road they just don’t care. As a result the authorities have been in the process of blocking all old and rarely used trails, logging roads etc. Making experiencing these places impossible.

    But now nature is under attack by a much worse thing. All terrain vehicles. Its absolutely shocking to see the destruction that just one rider can do to pristine nature. I have been to so many places where a rider has gone through, sometimes years previously and left deep ruts and destroyed what it took nature for ever to create.

    Nature can not be appreciated sitting on a noisy and destructive machine. Do some hiking on foot and only then well you truly appreciate natures beauty, sounds and smells.

    Please after you experience nature. Leave it the way you found it or for that matter better. Why not pick up that garbage that others have left behind. Don’t pollute out your car windows either.

    People are always destroying beautiful delicate things. Whether it be destroying nature or beautiful delicate people.

    I sometimes wish I had been born in a time when humans cared. The world is now so filled with evil selfish deceivers.

    When I am in nature I can escape all that. But I try to bring a little back with me and then share the visions with people on the net. But even then I find that people have so little appreciation.

    But if my images capture the imagination of just one person then I have succeeded….

    Please give and not take while you travel through your short existence on this planet. Life can never be enjoyed while people are selfish…

    Thank you for reading this. And go out there and capture those illusive gems..

    Sincerely Daniel J Towsey Folk Photographer

    Check out my new photography Eyefetch profile and albums at http://www.eyefetch.com/profile.aspx?user=danieltowsey


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