The Civil War On Secrecy

The Civil War On Secrecy

written by Daniel J Towsey

A civil war on secrecy is a non violent action.

It is not a war at all.

It is a revolution.

It is called A Truth Revolution.

The Truth Revolution is now happening world wide.

This has been possible thanks to the two young Canadian inventers from a University

in Toronto Canada in the late 1970’s

They had an idea.

They, like most young people from the hippy generation knew and realized the serious

problem humanity and this planet faced.

They knew that a world wide truth revolution was needed.

So they started to create an electronic truth file sharing device.

A device that could be used to share files all over the world with other truthers.

That used the existing land line telephone networks to send the information.

That device is now known as a computer.

The telephone network then became known as the World Wide Web.

Then the corporations created their network we call, the internet.

Now the free world wide web is being dismantled.

It is being replaced by internet two, which will only serve corrupt corporate interests.

But the silent world wide truth revolution has taken hold.

The truth revolution is a leaderless resistance to organized corruption.

Today there are now billions of people who have woken up to the realization that there

in deed is a world wide crime syndicate machine at work.

We truthers and others in politics call this The New World Order or also it is known

as The Matrix.

Unfortunately for humanity.

This New World Order is completely insane and extremely destructive.

We have a leaderless world wide truth revolution because the New World Order has

been killing all our social leaders.

Such as Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy and the other Kennedys, Michael Jackson,

John Lennon and many other musicians that have inspired the peoples of this planet.

All our social leaders all over the world have been destroyed.

The list of amazing intelectual truthers that have been killed is endless.

The first one I can see, was Jesus.

Which is why I previously wrote.

Jesus the worlds first recognized activist.

So now the only answer remaining to save humanity and this planet is a civil truth war.

Our social leaders have given you the common peoples of this planet their very lives.

It is time for you to take the light of truth torch and spread the light world wide.

You need to bring the bright enlightenment of truth to everyone.

You need to share that flame with all those you meet that live in the oppressive

darkness of evil created by the New World Order Banksters.

You, the individual are the last hope for humanity and this planet.

You do not need to know or fully understand the Matrix of evil.

All you need to do is contribute your little piece of truth to the world wide truth revolution.

It matters not what that truth maybe.

This world wide truth revolution is not about one truth.

It not about just your truth.

The world today is very very sick.

It is mentally ill.

That mental illness goes very deep into the workings of humanity.

It is so deep that it is total.

It is total insanity.

That insaity has come into existance due to only one single event.

That insanity is known as the New World Order.

If you understand the statement that truth is absolute and that the further you go

from truth, the sooner you arrive at the opposite absolute being insanity.

You will understand the mental illness that has grown from the creation of the first


Please read my article entitled “Creation of first corporation” to get the full understanding.

Today and for only a very short time remaining.

You still have a chance to tap into what is remaining of the free world wide web of truth.

But hurry.

You need to pick up the seeds of truth and start planting them in peoples minds.

Your participation in the civil war on secrecy is absolutely the only thing that will

save you and everything that is beautiful, healthy and natural.


“When the seeds of truth are sown.

The grassroots truth revolution will

blossom from the enlightenment”

The insanity that the hippies fought against is still alive and well.

But it is world wide.

Any truthers that have not been afraid to seek and understand the workings of the

corrupt banksters New world Empire realize the limitless insanity at work.

All real truthers, like Jesus, realize that, to be sane and have a healthy mind,

is to seek understand and expose all truths.

Be they beautiful natural bright truths or ugly evil dark truths.

Pure empowering beautiful pure truth is always very simple.

But the opposite of beautiful positive truth is always hidden behind a cloak of dark secrecy.

It is time for you to be very brave and to lift the black cloak off of the grim reaper of evil’s head.

It is time for the light of truth to blind that grim Zionist Corporate New World Order

Bankster empire.

Do as Jesus did.

Jesus, like I, never asked you to follow.

Jesus, like I, never wanted to be your leader.

Leaders only exist in oppressive empires.

The leaderless resistance to tyrany and corruption has always been the only way to be free.

You need to resist the path to darkness and you need to guide yourself and this planet

towards the blindingly empowering light of truth.

Once you get out of that narrow minded tunnel vision of reality that you have been

brainwashed into believing.

You will discover that living in ignorant darkness has made your vision of reality

impossible to see.

Your eyes are the path to your soul.

But the pupils of your eyes have never opened up fully to the bright light of pure truth.

But be not afraid.

Your eyes were made to see and realize reality.

Upon escaping the tunnel of darkness and heading to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Upon exiting the tunnel you will enter into natural healthy reality.

Your eyes pupils will quickly adjust to the brightness and you will then be able to see

your way in the natural world of life.

Upon realizing reality.

You will have a duty to reach out with your helping hand and grasp a hand of another

who is trapped in the tunnel of darkness.

The other can not see their way in the darkness.

Your bright spirit will be blinding to the other.

The other will not be able to see your blindingly bright natural beauty.

You will need to be very gentle and kind.

For the other like you once were is also very afraid of the unknown reality of natural truth.

You need to be that shining light of energy that will give birth to the world wide truth


For Love can not exist in the abscence of pure truth.

You need to spread the love like the hippies did.

The hippies were right.

Then you too will one day realize that Jesus was just a common man.

Jesus was a hippy….and always wore earthy natural cloth.

Jesus was a relative.

He related truth to the family of God.

Please read my two other related articles.

God is not religious.


God is crying.



How to Stop Police Brutality

By Silver Shield, on June 3rd, 2012

Here is a video I did 3 years ago which is far better than how the “enlightened” people who stood by and watched 6 cops tazer a kid for asking a question…



My electric wheelchair is now completely unusable

An update. My electric wheelchair is now completely unusable.

from Daniel J Towsey

May 12, 2012

I am now trapped in my home.

I live alone and I have no relatives in this country.

I will not be able to go out for anything. That includes groceries.

I can walk short distances with a walker and my knee braces.

But I can not stand for more then a minute before the pain from my multiple skeletal injures becomes unbearable.

I can not carry anything and I can barely hold on to my walker.

I can travel in a taxi if it has armrests.

But there is no grocery stores near me that have motorized shopping carts.

Going to one far away that does, is still not an option as they do not deliver and the taxi drivers refuse to carry my groceries up to my apartment.

We have a public health care system here in Halifax Nova Scotia.. so they are supposed to provide and care for my wheelchair.

The supervisor Tammy Hamilton (902) 424-1946, at social services says she will not authorize me getting the wheelchair I need.

They also will not fix my broken motorized chair.

So when I went to the welfare office to speak with her because she never answers her telephone nor returns calls for anyone.

I was told that no one can come in off the street without an appointment.

Appointments are done by telephone.

But the supervisor never answers her phone, nor does she return messages.

So then they called the police and told me I am banned for six months from going to the welfare office.

If you have read my previous articles about my serious difficulties with the government abusing my rights.

You would know how serious and difficult my situation is.

You would also realize that the Nova Scotia government does not care for nor protect the rights of the disabled.

Instead they just get worse the more I try to remedy the difficulties.

Here in Nova Scotia wheelchairs are assigned by government occupational therapists.

I have been dealing with Mark Burley at Nova Scotia rehabilitation services.

He has not been willing to replace my chair with one that I need.

Plus the chair I have is constantly breaking as it is an indoor chair and I only use my chair outdoors.

If you have read my previous fifteen page report that I sent to Mark Burley (902) 473-7362, entitled.

“My invacare wheelchair is so horrible”


It will shock you at what I have been through


It can be read or you can hear the video transcript at this link.

You would then realize how criminal the behaviour of government and its agents has been. And you would fully understand why my chair needs to be replaced.

Mark Burley has chosen not to read my report and has also chosen to ignore the quote from the Bounder wheelchair manufacturer, for the chair I need.

It has now been six months since he received the quote that he has not assessed.

So now I have been getting really desperate and upset.

So now Mark Burley insults me by saying that I should go see a psychiatrist.

So now I am very worried as I can not go out of my home and I am very much a prisoner.

That is the way the government of Nova Scotia treats disabled people.

If you, my readers are concerned then please telephone Our elected ministers below and express your concerns.

Thank you.

The Nova Scotia Minister of Health. (902) 424-3377

The Nova Scotia Minister of social services. (902) 424-4304

Also please note that I am still being denied any and all medical services.

I can not even get a family doctor as corrupt government insiders keep interfering with my life.

A Note about the wheelchair and why it can not be used.

The right side drive wheel is no longer in contact with the ground.

It seems that the tire was spinning on the rim and then now the tire is not even touching the ground.

The frame of the chair must be bent or broken.

Also the chair has numerous electrical and electronic problems.

See pictures below.


June C-Lemens ‎*shared with love* Hang in there Dan ♥

  • Bob Renner Geees Dan,sorry i can’t help you out man,im broke,but i can help you out if your computer breaks,i have some extra parts that could help you out there,i don’t even know how to go about trying to get a hold of someone to fix it for you ,i will look into it monday and tell you what i found out or a way to help you-theres got to be a good samaritan out there that works on wheel chairs,

  • Bob Renner i will call those numbers on monday hope this will help you,

  • Daniel J Towsey Thanks…my problems are being done deliberately by government ..only the support of many people will make any changes happen…
    Gary N Tracy Sitteninatree Your quite welcome. If I had the money I would buy your wheel chair for you. I am so so sorry this is happening to you. I am assuming this is the man that is having this issue with these people that have no compassion or sense of what is good and right… I will keep posting this. I don’t have long distance to call this person or I would but I will still try to do this somehow. Love to you and hang in there.
Monday update..still no help…my social worker and the supervisor are not answering their telephones..I am house bound and in danger.. I need an electric wheelchair to survive…I can not reach anyone on the telephone..maybe someone out there can contact the media….HELP!

Heather Dzuris This does not shock me one bit. So Sad! I have friend long time Wheel chair bound. Thank goodness he has advocate to stay on workers as about needs for chair etc. He too has gone months with out properly working chair. He has ‘insurance!’ Welfare system worse! I have dealt with that system is like full time job! Going public good idea. Squeaky wheel gets the Oil Fingers crossed for him and bless the dear ♥

  • Gary N Tracy Sitteninatree ‎902-473-7362 Mark Burley is the uncaring soul that one needs to call and maybe let him know he may be the one that needs some help for not having compassion

  • Gary N Tracy Sitteninatree come on Facebookers!!!!!! lets do something there. Anyone live near there that can get some help to this man !!! this is so unacceptable! Please get this out to everyone and anyone living in his area please go help him!

  • Gary N Tracy Sitteninatree im tweeting too

  • Daniel J Towsey THANK YOU
    Gary N Tracy Sitteninatree Your quite welcome. If I had the money I would buy your wheel chair for you. I am so so sorry this is happening to you. I am assuming this is the man that is having this issue with these people that have no compassion or sense of what is good and right… I will keep posting this. I don’t have long distance to call this person or I would but I will still try to do this somehow. Love to you and hang in there.
    • Brandon Corona LEMME GUESS, BEFORE I READ. TSA?

    • June C-Lemens Na, but I guess the chair would be considered a weapon of mass destruction 😦

    • Brandon Corona OCCUPY LOVE
      Please read this story about how a fellow FB friend is being denied a wheelchair by the health care system in Halifax Nova Scotia. This is outrageous! Please make phone calls to the numbers listed in this article and demand a wheelchair for Daniel. Come on guys, we have to do something. Let’s get Daniel a wheelchair. Maybe we can all donate to Daniel’s cause and help him to regain his independence. If anyone knows how to set this up, please let me know.
      Heather Dzuris This does not shock me one bit. So Sad! I have friend long time Wheel chair bound. Thank goodness he has advocate to stay on workers as about needs for chair etc. He too has gone months with out properly working chair. He has ‘insurance!’ Welfare system worse! I have dealt with that system is like full time job! Going public good idea. Squeaky wheel gets the Oil Fingers crossed for him and bless the dear ♥
      Justin Arbuckle via Daniel J Towsey  Hope you can hold out!
      • Kathleen Curran Daniel, this is deplorable! We need to make this go viral so everyone can make phone calls. How much does a new wheelchair cost? We need to start a collection.

      • The Visionary Folk Photographer The chair I need has to be custom made by Bounder wheelchair manufacturer..They are in the USA.. it cost a lot. I am afraid to say…It is $40,000
        • Gary N Tracy Sitteninatree thanks for sharing Mats Cullin I just love you… 😉 and yes what is wrong with people. I wish someone from that area would see this and go and help him.

        • Mats Cullin I just can´t stand people with lack of empathy………..I too wish that someone from that area see this and help him-
          • Mats Cullin Well Daniel. I have to say that Gary´s words colud be mine. I totally agree in every word. Hang in there!:)

          • Mats Cullin shared!:)
            May 14, 2012 11:51 am

            Reblogged this on loveizallthereis and commented:
            Come on people this person needs help yesterday!! If there is anyone in his area at least go there and help him for now and we need to call these people that have lost all sense of compassion. The person to speak with is Mark Burley and his # is
            902 473 7362


            I am so so sorry, I have posted your story everywhere I can and have asked anyone in your area to go and help you. Not one person should have to deal like this. That is why it is important for peoples to stick together and say fuck governments. Sorry but sometimes it is the only way to say it. Sending you love my friend and help will be coming.

Seeds of Truth – POEM

Seeds of Truth


“When the seeds of truth are sown,
the grassroots truth
will blossom from the enlightenment”


Daniel J Towsey (2008)


Simply Marvelous work….Thank You for this Beautiful thought… Excellent!

said t1941

Beware of Internet Reverse Psychology Operations

Beware of Internet Reverse Psychology Operations

written by Daniel J Towsey

Click here to download PDF File.

Psychology operations are also known as psyops.

Psyops are so amazingly effective that once they are unleashed on the unsuspecting public

they start having a momentum of their own.

The purpose of psyops is to dis-empower humanity.

Once you start feeling powerless you give up and accept the results of the psyops.

Very few people in the world will ever know or understand what psyops are and how they

affect all of us.

But it is imperative (very important) that you share the information you are about to learn

with everyone.

This article, maybe the only one ever written to warn the people about this.

So if you are fortunate enough to read this, then please understand that you must share this

fortune of knowledge with everyone.

A psyop can also be named a web of deceit, especially since they are found and spread on

the Internets world wide web of deceit.

The reverse psychology psyops are so effective because good intentioned people who are

usually known as truthers are actually giving the psyops its effectiveness.

Truthers will unknowing spread the internet virus known as psyops.

The truthers will learn the so called hidden truths and will spread them.

Long ago I wrote

“Beware of the internet troll” and “Beware of the fake truther sites”.

So this article is going to further enhance your undemanding of mass mind manipulation.

There are many truthers that have purely good intentions.

The real truthers usually end up very confused and bewildered as they learn and spread

the knowledge of the workings of the evils on this planet.

The real truthers know that their intentions are good and honorable and for the good of

humanities future.

But they wonder why it appears that their efforts are unproductive and fruitless.

So I am about to explain this psycology to you in very simple english.

After you have finished reading this you will look at information you get from the internet

in a very different and enlightened way.

You will for the first time in your life truly be empowered.

For truth is empowering and knowing what to do with knowledge is wisdom.

The professional operations of psyops really know what they are doing.

So you to need to know what they are doing and how they do it to you.

[The article I am writting here is empowering you, Psyops never empower you.]

I know this applies to you for you would not be reading this if you were not wise and seeking


Do not worry. I will not let you down.

Internet psyops are backed by very powerful entities that have no limits to their technology

and resources.

What I am about to tell you is going to really shock you and surprise you.

I will now give you very well known examples of psyops websites.

Remember that people on these sites are often themsleves victims of the psyops operations.

These site are just a few examples.

Have you heard of Jessy Ventura, Alex Jones and Wikileaks, or Anonymous?

These are just a few examples. After I explain to you how psyops work and what their purpose

is you will then be able to know and see when you are being psyopted.

Psyops sites give the impression that the truths they are revealing to you are important and

that you need to know these supposed truths.

They also give you the impression that what you are being told has been achieved and that

there is nothing you can do about it. So that you will just give up in desperation.

But please understand that you by yourself have little power.

But if everyone learns what I am writing here.

Then you will be empowered for the NWO only fears one thing.

They fear people power.

If all the people start being unselfish and share the wisdom I am now sharing with you then

the psyops operations will become powerless.

But in reality the more you listen to these psyops sites, the more disempowered you become

and the easier it is for the social engineers to control you and most of humanity.

If you read my other article entitled “The web of deceit” you will get a better

understanding and more knowledge on how to empower yourselves.

I will start with Wikileaks.

Wikileaks has to be one of the best examples of reverse psychology and a web of deceit combined.

The individual always falls for the mind trap.

There you hear and find an overwhelming amount of so called truths.

That is the reverse psyops trap.

You go to the site and thinking you are learning all these secrets.

Like all psyops, yes they are filled with real truths.

I will give you a simple example on how this works.

Most people when they are told a story.

If they hear a real truth in the story, they immediately begin to drop their defenses and

start to believe that if they hear truth then the source can be trusted.

But the psyops is even more devious then that.

The psyops of today are telling you about horrible events, new draconian evil laws,

overwhelming corruption of civilization it self.

So then the trap has worked.

You can tell when you are a victim of a psyop by getting the overwhelming feeling of


You then truly believe that all the horrible things you are being told are already done and

that there is nothing you can do about it.

You then retreat away from your computer and have to go try to find some peace of mind.

But you can not lose that sensation of powerlessness.

The psyop is so effective that you then may even give up on the idea of ever again going to the

internet to seek truth of all the problems you see unfolding on this planet.

When wiki-leaks or Alex Jones tells you that some people have taken over your country,

your laws, your courts, that you are being poisoned, that the new World Order

and the United Nations have the Agenda 21 of depopulating the world. etc. etc.

You really give up.

A psyop operations intentions is to have you peacefully just give up your humanity,

your freedoms, your rights, and possibly even your life as those who are fooled into joining

the NWO military destruction machine do.

Do not get me wrong about the military for I know that most people in the military are also

good people.

They just do not know that an evil psyops operation has fooled them and the general public

that the military do only good deeds for the good of humanity.

Most people today and those in the military now realize that something is very wrong with

those who give the orders to do evil.

Those giving the evil orders are the ones I am wrting this article about.

Please understand each and everyone of us are equals.

No one, be it a General, a Doctor, A Priest, A President or anyone else are any more

important then anyone else.

Today this world is under the control and manipulations of what has long ago been termed.

A pyramid scheme.

Look that up online and you will quickly understand that anyone who enters into a pyramid scheme,

does so because they think they will prosper and that someday they will get to the top.

What everyone fails to understand is that there is only one on top and the rest trying to climb to

the top just get crushed and wiped out.

Pyramid schemes only serve those on top.

If your society is based on a pyramid scheme then you have never known freedom and have

never been free. Ever!

Look at the back of the American one dollar note.

You will see the Illuminati pyramid.

Remember the Federal Reserve is owned by members of secret societies (The Illuminatti)

Wikileaks is just a huge web of deceit trap.

All you need to do is understand that truth is absolute and that the the further you go from

truth the sooner you arrive at the opposite absolute being total insanity.

Also that truth is not a fact, and idea, an opinion or anything except a way of thinking.

For truth is only alive until the second you stop seeking it and speaking it.

Truth is an action. It only exist when you act on truth.

Truth seases to exist the second you stop acting on it.

That is why I am an activist.

I have been asked why do I always speak the truth.

I always thank them for asking and then tell them that it is because I refuse to be insane.

You will one day understand that real activists are always very wonderful and beautiful people.

For all real truthers know that true happiness can only come from sharing love.

A truther also knows that love can not exist in the absence of truth.

So the truth of the matter is, and the only thing that matters and makes life worth living and

empowers us all is sharing love.

Love is why I Love truth for the two are one and the same.

So do not ever give up seeking truth.

Just remember how psyops work and how they are designed to make you feel and believe

that you are powerless and weak.

The simple solution to life is to live for love of life and not love of money and power.

My solution to the problems we face today is to put all the financial criminals in prison

and return the power of money back to we the people.

For money has no value until someone has worked for it.

The Federal Reserve being the first corruporation on earth.. is robbing all of us.

The Federal Reserve and all the other off shoot private banks are creating their money

out of think air.

So these secret society members are destroying all that is beautiful and worth loving.

The Bansksters are insane from the power of money.

The banksters will remain insane until they stop hiding behind the beautiful cover they

created with their fake money.

Everyone needs to look behind the corporate image mask of evil that all crime sydicates are.

All corporations were created as an off shoot of the first corporation.

A corporation is structured to be a crime syndicate.

Conspiracies are real. I’ll prove it.

All corporations are conspiracies against free peoples.

To be permitted into the workings of a corporation you have to sign your conspiracy agreement.

Yes that agreement is called a secrecy non disclosure agreement.

You agree to conspire against everyone, be it the peoples government.

You agree never to tell anyone of the evils and wrong doings your corporation does.

Even if that corporation is destroying everything that is natural and beautiful.

The corporations have taken over our societies and our very governments.

When they did they wrote many of their corparate laws and told us they were lawful laws

of we the people.

Such as the laws that say that corporations have all the rights of person-hood but non of the

responsibility also the other law that says that no corporation can be held liable, responsible or

even be sued.

That again is not true.

Laws in a free and open society are only created with the consent of the people.

Otherwise they are not lawful laws.

Corporations are only held to one law.

The law they created.

That law states that all corporations have to only have one interest.

That being to make profits for its share holders.

Those share holders are mostly secret society members.

Our society has become so corrupted that today it is estimated that sixty percent of

society are members of a secret society.

Please read my other article entitled Creation of first corporation’ to get more


Secret societies, secrets in governments, and any other structures of secrecy should

never be permitted in a free and open society.

Secrecy always leads to a sick society as secrecy is the same as avoiding truth.

Remember what I said before? The opposite of truth is insanity.

So today we the people have given up our cilization to insanity.

We have left the insane incharge or our lives.

Only truth will set us free of the evil in control today and that today is unfortunately

the biggest secret of all.

Do not let absolute truth be a secret.

Share the Love that comes from caring about truth.

And then one day we may meet and when we do, I will always give you a loving smile.

 Beware of Internet Reverse Psychology Operations.pdf RIGHT CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


Psywar – The real battlefield is your mind

Uploaded by Kennykpz1979 on Jan 5, 2011

The documentary “Psywar,”
featuring CMD founder John Stauber,
by Metanoia Films —

This film explores the evolution of propaganda and public relations in the United States, with an emphasis on the “elitist theory of democracy” and the relationship between war, propaganda and class.

Includes original interviews with a number of dissident scholars including Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, Peter Phillips (“Project Censored”), John Stauber (“PR Watch”), Christopher Simpson (“The Science of Coercion”) and others.

The film explores corporate and government use of propaganda and public relations to manipulate American people.

The movie explores how the U.S. government staged events to manipulate public opinion about the Iraq war, like the rescue of Private Jessica Lynch, the supposedly spontaneous mob that pulled over the larger-than-life statue of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

It also discusses the Pentagon pundit scandal, and the hidden activities of the Rendon Group, a PR firm specializing in spinning war.

The film exposes government and corporate activities to blur the lines between real news and fake news, as well as the development over time of public relations misinformation campaigns, strategic corporate campaigns to generate goodwill and the perception of good works, the use of staged photo-ops, and other manipulative PR tools that have turned the land of the free and the home of the brave into a place where citizens are now manipulated with great efficiency, and on a massive scale.

How to Conduct Psychological Operations

une 8, 2012 in Featured

Examples of prepackaged psychological operations leaflets encouraging support for U.S. forces.

Public Intelligence

Psychological operations (PSYOP) have long been used by militaries around the world to coerce populations into acting in a manner favorable to their mission objective.  The product of these operations, which is commonly called propaganda when distributed by enemy forces, is a mixture of complex social research, art direction and psychological theory designed to manipulate its unsuspecting recipient into modifying their behavior in a way favorable to those conducting the PSYOP.  The message conveyed through a PSYOP can often stray into deeply emotional and personal territory that is intended to trigger a profound psychological response.  For example, U.S. and British troops fighting in Italy and France during World War II weresubjected to a barrage of leaflets distributed by German forces describing the futility of their mission, encouraging them to take the “POW life insurance policy” and instructing them that their girlfriends back home were being taken advantage of by Jewish businessmen.  The methodology behind these persuasive psychological tactics is described in detail in U.S. Army FM 3-05.301 Psychological Operations Process Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, which provides fascinating insight into the methods used by PSYOP soldiers to modify the behavior of targeted populations.

FM 3-05.301 is described as the “principal reference for the PSYOP process” detailing “procedures and strategies derived from applied scientific and academic disciplines in an effort to improve the efficacy” of PSYOP.  The manual includes everything from analyzing target audiences to tactical strategies for influencing populations.  There are guides for production and dissemination of pamphlets, newspapers, magazines and video propaganda designed to influence target audiences and facilitate mission objectives.  An appendix to the manual even includes complex instructions on the aerial dissemination of PSYOP leaflets, including tables for calculating the altitude and wind’s effect on the range of dispersal.

In order to influence populations more effectively, FM 3-05.301 provides PSYOP soldiers with helpful tips to produce effective and professional PSYOP packages.  A section of the manual focuses entirely on aesthetic symmetry, formal balance and how to capitalize on sequential eye movements that “follow an established logical sequence of shapes, colors, and numbers or letters” in the layout of PSYOP publications.  Detailed descriptions of the process for assessing target audiences (TA) and their susceptibility to specific arguments or sentiments are also included.  A section titled “Psychographics” provides examples of psychological motivations to utilize in the production of PSYOP material:

  • Fears: What does the TA fear?
  • Hates: What does the TA hate?
  • Anger: What angers the TA?
  • Loves: What does the TA love?
  • Shame or embarrassment: What does the TA consider shameful or embarrassing?
  • What is the TA dissatisfied with? (What are its gripes?)
  • What are the cultural norms? (How is the TA expected to act?)
  • What does the TA value? (What is important to the TA?)
  • What are the frustrations? (What does the TA want that it cannot get?)

An example of a PSYOP leaflet distributed in Iraq describing terrorists’ indiscriminate use of force, including against children.

Once the TA of a PSYOP is determined, the manual describes methods for properly appealing to the interests of the audience by utilizing legitimacy, tradition, reverence and other emotional responses to coerce audience members.  Nostalgia can be used to “encourage or discourage a particular behavior” by referring to the “good old days” encouraging the TA to “behave in a manner that will return to those times.”  Self-interest can also be used to “play directly to the wants and desires of the individuals that make up a TA.”  Or, a PSYOP may appeal to “the TA’s need to belong or conform to group standards” through either companionship or conformity utilizing “peer pressure.”

To further the emotional appeals of the argument presented in a PSYOP product, FM 3-05.301 recommends utilizing a variety of rhetorical tools so that PSYOP soldiers can “become familiar with, and ultimately develop, tactical and technical proficiency in the use of persuasion techniques.”  For example, the use of “glittering generalities” or “intense, emotionally appealing words so closely associated with highly valued concepts and beliefs that the appeals are convincing without being supported by fact or reason. The appeals are directed toward such emotions as love of country and home, and desire for peace, freedom, glory, and honor.”  Name-calling “seeks to arouse prejudices in an audience by labeling the object of the propaganda as something the TA fears, loathes, or finds undesirable.”  Transference “projects positive or negative qualities of a person, entity, object, or value to another.”  FM 3-05.301 also includes a list of “primary influence tactics”:

  • Rewards and punishments: “If you do X, you will get Y,” or “if you do not do X, Y will happen to you.” Example: “Surrender, and you will be treated well; continue to fight, and you will be killed.”
  • Expertise: “Speaking as an authority on the subject, I can tell you that rewards/punishments will occur if you do or do not do X.” Example: “Oil Minister Gregor (key communicator/expert) states that if rebel groups continue to sabotage oil pipelines, the national economy will be seriously affected.”
  • Gifts: Giving something as a gift before requesting compliance. The idea is that the target will feel the need to reciprocate later. Example: “This well and cistern are a gift to the people of Birmingville from the coalition forces…demonstration of our good will and hope for mutual cooperation in the future.”
  • Debt: Calling in past favors. Example: “Coalition forces have done a lot for Birmingville, Elder Chang: the new school, the well in the center of town… these insurgents are endangering all we have worked for together. We need your help in stopping these groups by reporting any information you and your people may discover.”
  • Aversive stimulation: Continuous punishment, and the cessation of punishment, is contingent on compliance. Example: “We will continue to bomb your position unless you surrender immediately.”
  • Moral appeal: Entails finding moral common ground, and then using the moral commitments of a person to obtain compliance. Example: “The killing of innocent civilians is wrong; please help the security forces stop this tragic loss of innocent life by reporting any information on terrorist activities.”
  • Positive and negative self-feeling: “You will feel better/bad if you do X.” Example: “Become part of something bigger than yourself, know honor and take pride in your work…join the national security forces!”
  • Positive and negative altercasting: “Good people do X / Bad people do Y.” Example: “Red Tribe members are brave and honorable people who care about the future of their country and are not intimidated by rebel groups. Call and report insurgent activity now on the coalition hotline.”
  • Positive and negative esteem of others: “Other people will think highly/less of you if you do X.” Example: “Earn the respect of your friends and the pride of your family…join the Patriotsville National Guard now!”
  • Fear: “Bad things will happen to you if you do X.” Example: “Only death and fire await those who continue to fight…surrender now.”

Each of these tactics is designed to further the intensity of the PSYOP argument and, thus, increase its chance of influencing its TA.  Behavioral change in the TA is the ultimate goal off these activities, “challenging or emphasizing beliefs” and manipulating “existing consequences or introducing new ones” to affect the target and exploit vulnerabilities in their psychological makeup.

Related material:

  1. Restricted U.S. Army Psychological Operations Process Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Manual
  2. “Psychological Operations” Are Now “Military Information Support Operations”
  3. Information Operations Are Now “Inform and Influence Activities”
  4. Information Operations, Electronic Warfare, and Cyberwar
  5. LAPD, Special Forces Conduct Urban Operations Exercise Over Downtown LA
  6. Restricted Army Special Operations Forces Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Operations Manual
  7. (U//FOUO) U.S. Special Operations Forces Reference Manual 2nd Edition
  8. U.S. Army Counterguerrilla Operations Manual


SchmootieKat has made a comment on Beware of Internet Reverse Psychology Operations:
The overwhelming negatives happen to be the truth of what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING !

Yes its nice to sugar coat and wear the rose colored glasses ,,but you already said yourself about helping the blind to see ,,well they are going to have to see the evil and corruption that is REALLY there !as we say”WAKE THE FLOCK UP !!

Jesus would WAKE THE FLOCK UP ! He warned them about Satan ..

so the evil minions are here planning plotting setting up Satans kingdom,,right in front of your eyes !No kidology now.

SchmootieKat has made a comment on Beware of Internet Reverse Psychology Operations:
The truth of the evil Illuminati and corruption that is behind the actions of the Gov ..the plan that the Illuminati have had for the longest time ,,is neg but you have to know about them and you have to know who you are dealing with ,,you have to know the enemy ,,what wrong with alerting when the danger is lurking? are you supposed to stay silent and and let people stay blind and tell them nothing ?Once you know the enemy you have to warn the people ,Satans minions are working behind the scene

  • Nice Work Daniel, Some nice thoughts there, I must say Alex Jones woke me up and turned me into psychological basket case, Now that my fear and paranoia has abated, I am amused by AJ these days, I watched the Jessie Ventura Conspiracy Theory Bohemian Grove episode and found myself laughing out loud, How to tell AJ is full of shit is just mention “September Clues” or “No Plane Theory” He has no logical answer except to say that its insane, he actually looks fearful and scared to talk about it 🙂


  • The truth of the evil Illuminati and corruption that is behind the actions of the Gov ..the plan that the Illuminati have had for the longest time ,,is neg but you have to know about them and you have to know who you are dealing with ,,you have to know the enemy ,,what wrong with alerting when the danger is lurking? are you supposed to stay silent and and let people stay blind and tell them nothing ?Once you know the enemy you have to warn the people ,Satans minions are working behind the scene


  • I cant listen to that robo voice for 15 minutes.
    Spooks now use voice recognition software to block content in using this voice screws up their censoring software


    • I listen to Alex Jones and feel empowered. Desperation was growing around me, so I shared INFOWARS and my circle has turned positive, togetherness. We have taken action, I secured a local public position, have saved the wealth of those who would read and listen to my research, have become MUCH MORE independent and self-sufficient. I know MANY people who like/listen to AJ and they are more empowered. This video has ‘outed’ itself by tagging some of the most credible, documented truthers. FAIL!

      lnsk  in playlist Seeds of Truth Articles by Daniel J Towsey

    • I see and know your point of view.. But Alex to often only points out the negatives and never gives real inspiration.. He has never had an inspirational guest that would teach people to improve there self worth and then go out and share it with others..

      FolkPhotographer in reply to lnsk

    • Alex basically verbally terrorizes people to the point where the people feel powerless…I know that Alec tries his best and has done much good.. but he wakes the people up and then scares them away..

      My warning in this video is to warn people not to give in to the overwhelming negatives of this world and to go out and share there positive energies..

      I first saw Dr John Coleman “The Committee of 300” on Alex Jones show. since then I have read three of his books, and there is a very old rare lecture of his on Youtube 1 hour 45 mins. “The Committee of 300” Everything I learned about the New World Order was from Dr Coleman, many, including David Icke have plagarised his works. ALL Dr Colemans research has been done on location from source material. He ranks with Proffessor Anthony C Sutton. Please check this out, would like to be proved wrong.
      I see and know your point of view.. But Alex to often only points out the negatives and never gives real inspiration.. He has never had an inspirational guest that would teach people to improve there self worth and then go out and share it with others..

      Schmootie Kat

      1 year agoin reply to FolkPhotographer

    • The overwhelming negatives happen to be the truth of what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING ! Yes its nice to sugar coat and wear the rose colored glasses ,,but you already said yourself about helping the blind to see ,,well they are going to have to see the evil and corruption that is REALLY there !as we say ”WAKE THE FLOCK UP !!Jesus would WAKE THE FLOCK UP ! He warned them about Satan the evil minions are here planning plotting setting up Satans kingdom,,right in front of your eyes !No kidology now


      1 year ago

      i would not listen to hawkings girlfriend in a boat, on a goat, down your throat

Vaccines are not Immunizations

Vaccines are not Immunizations

Also please read this related article

Written by A Truth Soldier

People today are just beginning to be enlightened about the truth of events world wide.

People today are now beginning to realize the horrific truths of the evil doings

 of the insane New World Order puppet masters.

The insanity being discovered is absolutely endless.

The common people of this planet are waking up. The sleeping giant is waking up.

I have been writing articles of truth and spreading the seeds of truth online

for the past twelve years.


“When the seeds of truth are sown. The grassroots truth revolution will blossom

from the enlightenment”

for only truth will set us free.

Only truth leads to mental health and to a healthy planet.

But there is an evil organization on this planet that thinks they own this planet.

Some of us know them by many names, such as The Trilateral Commission,

Skull & Bones,

The Illuminatti, The Freemasons, The World Health organization and etc etc.

You can learn much of the evils being penetrated on this planet

by the NWO if you read

some of my numerous articles of truth I have written.

This article is about Vaccines which are intended to bring down

the world population,

to bring down the peoples intelligence so that they will be less productive,

to sterilize people

so they can not have children. The cocktail of different ingredients

in any vaccine is limitless.

The vaccines as well as many other means of depopulation such as fluoride

are known as soft kill weapons.

They kill us slowly so no one will notice.

Fluride causes an illness that they know has no cure because that illness

is caused by fluoride.

Fluoride that they put in the water is not natural. It is a hazardous waste

product from the aluminum industry.

Fluoride is an acid. It is also what is known as rat poison.

Fluoride is the most deadly toxic element on earth.

Fluoride causes that illness they use as a catch phrase for all the deaths.

The fluoride put in water by parts per billion.

When those parts per billion accumulate in any part of the body

create an illness that the human body can not create anti bodies for.

Because that illness is not organic nor is it natural.

It is acid which causes what they call cancer…

The Nazis started putting fluoride in the water in Germany

before the second world war.

The world depopulation ugenics agenda by The World Health

organization of the United Nations

and other agencies program is named ‘CODEX ALIMENTARIOUS’

The World health organization and the UN were created at the end

of the second world war.

and it was staffed by NWO agents that were ex Nazi scientists and

and other Nazis. So was the CIA.

Just do a search online for ‘ Project Paperclip” you will learn much

about the Zionist Nazis and that the Nazi

who were not Germans but were put there by the MWO puppet masters

have never been defeated.

The Zionist Nazis were never destroyed. The Nazi agenda to control the

world is still underway.

About the title of this article.

Long a go the people were given immunizations that were anti bodies.

Anti bodies were created by people in their bodies.

These were the people who had become infected with deadly illnesses

and their natural immune systems

adapted anti bodies to kill the infections.

Only a few people developed the anti bodies.

Scientist then one day learned of this and were able to identify

the anti bodies in the persons blood.

The scientists then took samples of their blood and removed the anti bodies.

They then took those anti bodies and mass produced and duplicated

the anti bodies in laboratories.

They then produced immunizations for the masses and began to inject

the people with these safe and

naturally produced life saving immunizations.

But over time the NWO and their U.N. decided that immunizations

were adding to over population.

So then the UN starting producing the poisonous vaccines that

contained man made illnesses we call viruses.

The people were fooled into believing that vaccines were just like

the naturally produced life saving immunizations.

The people of this planet have been fooled, deceived and lied to by

those we thought were their to do

 good and to protect the people.

But thanks to the truthers on the internet, the world is waking up

fast and realizing that the NWO is insane.

We are learning about the chemtrails geoengineering, 911,

the assassinations of all the wonderful humans

and the destruction of everything natural.

The horrible truth is that truthers have discovered that we are being

lied to and have always been lied to

about everything.

Today everything is now run by crime syndicates that are called corporations.

If you read my article entitled “Creation of first corporation”

you will begin to get an understanding of how real and how everything

I have been telling was even possible

to come into existence.

The world wide truth revolution has begun for only knowledge of the

truth as to the evils are work

on this planet will save us.

So please when you wake up and realize how real all this is.

Please do not selfish. Start spreading your seeds

of truth so that the truth will be able to start growing in others who are

lost and have been weakened by the

the lack of food for though. That food needs to be grown from the

seeds of truth.

Start sowing the seeds of truth..

About the vaccines.. If you are seeking truth you will find it.

Only those that seek truth will find it. The rest will die.

Do a search online for depopulation and vaccines.

There is no shortage of proof of what I have been telling you.

LINKS; WHO worried over virus that could kill most of human race

The United Nation’s World Health Organization (WHO) issued a statement admitting it’s

“deeply concerned about the potential negative consequences” of research that developed the fatal

H5N1 influenza virus into a viable mass bio-weapon capable of killing off much of the world’s population.

woman takes Flu vaccine now she cant walk forward

Vaccines are known to cause Autism and Neurological Damage

Curtis Cost has written a well-researched, easy-to-read, no-holds-barred book entitled,

Vaccines Are Dangerous: A Warning to the Black Community.

Rat Poison Chemical Found in Ingredient List For HPV Vaccine (NaturalNews)

What do rat poison and the HPV vaccine have in common?

The answer is a hazardous chemical known as sodium borate.

Savvy readers may wonder what a toxin that is commonly used to kill rats is doing in the

ingredient list for the HPV vaccine that is currently being pushed on girls as young as nine and is

even being considered for men and boys. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t very comforting, especially

for new U.S. residents for whom the HPV injection containing sodium borate is now mandated.

Why They Lie  by Zen Gardner I don’t think people really understand how nefarious lying is.

These elites actually believe what they are telling us.

They believe it is what we need to hear, therefore to them it is an enforceable truth.

The twisted mind of the psychopathic control freaks who slither their way into positions of power

use lies not just as a cover up device, hiding truth from the rest of us. It is a thuggish, aggressive

projection of an image or idea to forcefully keep us silent and subdued. Why do you think they

also have to drug our food, air and water? Same plan.

Vaccine: Cure Or Conspiracy?

Do NOT vaccinate children anymore

Vaccination The Hidden Truth  DOCUMENTARY VIDEO (1998)

Documentary about the dangers and hidden truth about vaccines Viewers should seek advice
 from medical and health professionals of their choice.

Cancer the Forbidden Cures – Full Documentary

A documentary by Massimo Mazzucco Cancer is the only disease that has been defeated
dozens of times without anyone
knowing it. In the last 100 years, doctors, scientists, and researchers have developed
diverse and effective solutions against cancer only to be thwarted by the political and
propaganda power of the drug-dominated medical profession. This is the story of Essiac,
Hoxsey, Laetrile, Shark Cartilage, Mistletoe, and Bicarbonate of Soda all put together in
a stunning overview that leaves no doubt that inexpensive cures for cancer do exist but
are systematically blocked by Big Pharma because they come from nature and cannot be
patented. Highly informative. _________________________ Fair use – non profit!

Chemical Dumbing Down Of America

Myth busted Vaccinations are not immunizations

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 by: Craig Stellpflug

(NaturalNews) There is only one kind of immunity and that is natural immunity which is achieved by battling the infectious diseases itself. Vaccination is merely the artificial triggering of temporary responses to manmade pathogens. Vaccines are both harmful and dangerous and are leading to generations of humans with no natural defenses to disease.

Vaccines do not provide long-term immunity; only temporary at best. In vaccines, an antigen is injected into the body to produce a reaction and the immune system responds in the form of antibodies, but antibody presence does not confer immunity. People still catch the diseases that they are vaccinated against. Vaccines actually skip the normal immune responses to activate killer cells which can trigger an overproduction of cytokines in response to the toxic vaccine adjuvants and can damage tissues and organs and even stop the heart and block air pathways.

Vaccines should never be called immunizations because that is a misnomer. Immunity and vaccinations are two different subjects altogether. In fact, breast milk is so potent with immune energizing effects in the infant that researchers at the CDC recommend women withhold breastfeeding their children in order to boost the “effectiveness” of childhood vaccines. The paper claims that women should stop breastfeeding long enough for the man-made poison to work on artificial/temporary “immunity.”

There is no such thing as a “side effect”

After-effects of vaccines are only followed for a very short time. Effects that are not seen for 30 years will not even be associated with the vaccine. Immunizations are contributing to the lowering of immunity along with the spread of auto-immune diseases such as arthritis and even AIDS throughout the world. Research clearly shows that aluminum mixed into vaccines carries a risk for autoimmunity, long-term brain inflammation, and subsequent neurological complications and may have profound and widespread adverse health complications. Many vaccines contain both aluminum and trace amounts of mercury. When you mix these 2 metals together it causes Extreme Synergistic Toxicity.

The facts:

As vaccinated disease rates go down (but not necessarily as a result of toxic vaccinations), the rate of chronic disease goes up in lock-step. Vaccines, as they are commonly given, destroy the natural immunity process and accelerate the auto-immune disease process.

Deaths from measles in 1900 were 13 per 100,000 people. In 1948: less than one. Measles vaccines introduced in 1963 but took full credit for what they never did – eliminate measles. Japanese health authorities realized that early inoculations were causing crib deaths so they postponed them until the 24th month and SIDS virtually disappeared along with whooping cough (pertussis) during the first two years of babies’ lives. Instead of preventing whooping cough the DPT promotes it as well as SIDS. Reuters recently reports that according to the CDC, the number of pertussis cases is growing – in the fully vaccinated population!

The recent Bachmair vaccine study reveals that the allergy rate in vaccinated children is more than double the rate in unvaccinated ones. Vaccinated children are also nearly eight times more prone to develop asthma or chronic bronchitis than unvaccinated. Furthermore, vaccinated kiddos suffer from more neurodermatitis, herpes, otitis media, hay fever, hyperactivity, scoliosis, epilepsy and seizures, migraine headaches, thyroid disease, and SIDS than unvaccinated children. Vaccinated kids historically also have more measles than unvaccinated kids

Doctor after doctor will tell you that vaccinations have reduced the incidence of many infectious diseases but they have no real proof. In fact, all the epidemical evidence shows that disease rates rise after vaccines – in the vaccinated population. Should we trust them just on their word? Make an informed decision about you and your child’s health.

Sources for this article include:
Tomljenovic L and Shaw CA. Aluminum vaccine adjuvants: Are they Safe? Current Medicinal Chemistry. 2011; 18: 2630-2637.

About the author:
Craig Stellpflug is a Cancer Nutrition Specialist, Lifestyle Coach and Neuro Development Consultant at Healing Pathways Medical Clinic, Scottsdale, AZ. With 17 years of clinical experience working with both brain disorders and cancer, Craig has seen first-hand the devastating effects of vaccines and pharmaceuticals on the human body and has come to the conclusion that a natural lifestyle and natural remedies are the true answers to health and vibrant living. You can find his daily health blog and his articles and radio show archives at

By Staff Writer
NYR Natural NewsNatural Health News — An Italian court has ruled there is a link between the  MMR vaccine and autism.In what may be a ground-breaking decision, the Italian Court of Rimini has ruled that causation between an MMR vaccine and the resulting autism in a young child “has been established.”The unnamed child received the vaccine in March of 2004 and on returning home immediately developed adverse symptoms. During the next year the child regressed, receiving the autism diagnosis one year later and is now 100% disabled by the disease.The Italian court ruled that the child “has been damaged by irreversible complications due to vaccination (prophylaxis trivalent MMR)” and ordered the Ministry of Health to compensate the child with a 15 year annuity and to reimburse the parents of their court cost.The judgement can be found in full  here and the original news report in Italian appears here. A rough Google translation appears here.The case is expected to go to appeal as authorities are concerned it may set a legal precedent.Not the first judgement against the vaccineThis, however, is the second recent judgement to come to this conclusion. Earlier this year a US court also ruled that the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine can cause autism.In a ruling that kept very quiet in the press, the US Court of Federal Claims has conceded that the mercury-based preservative thimerosal, which was in vaccines until 2002, caused autism in the case of one child.The ruling was just one of 4,900 cases currently being considered for compensation payments. Health officials are concerned that it could open the floodgates for even more claims.The ruling, made by US Assistant Attorney General Peter Keisler, was made last November, and was one of three test cases into the MMR-autism link that was being considered by a three-member panel, which Keisler chaired.The case involved a child who received nine vaccinations in July 2000, when she was 18 months old. Two of these contained thimerosal.  Within days, the girl, who had previously been healthy, began to exhibit loss of language skills, no eye contact, loss of response to verbal direction, insomnia, incessant screaming, and arching.

A diagnosis of autism was confirmed seven months later.

In its defence, the US government claimed the girl had a pre-existing mitochondrial disorder that was aggravated by the vaccine. However in his conclusion, Keisler said that “compensation is appropriate”.

Too much heat, not enough light

Both findings would appear to support the controversial findings of Dr Andrew Wakefield who, in 1998 published an article in the Lancet suggesting a link between the vaccine and autism.  Official reaction to the paper was of such force and such outrage that the Lancet withdrew the paper on the grounds that it was scientifically unsound.

Wakefield has been in a battle for his professional reputation ever since and the question of the proposed link between the MMR vaccine and autism has been largely sidelined (though not solved) by bitter and very public professional rows that have done little to bring clarity to concerned parents.

Read more here.

Dr Wakefield to BMJ: retract your allegations or face the consequences

13 January, 2011
By Staff Writer
NYR Natural NewsDr Andrew Wakefield, whose controversial research into the link between the MMR vaccine and autism has been the subject of nearly a more than a decade of argument and debate, has refused to acquiesce to his critics. Early in January 2011, the British Medical Journal published a damning series of articles accusing Wakefield of fraud, saying his data was ‘fixed’.In a PR Newswire statement, issued on January 13 Wakefield hit back: “I want to make one thing crystal clear for the record – my research and the serious medical problems found in those children were not a hoax and there was no fraud whatsoever. Nor did I seek to profit from our findings. I stand by the Lancet paper’s methodology and the results which call for more research into whether environmental triggers cause gastrointestinal disease and developmental regression in children. In fact, despite media reports to the contrary, the results of my research have been duplicated in five other countries (to see citations to studies, click here ).Two weeks later Wakefield issued a further statement demanding the BMJ“retract these articles or face the consequences”.In it he claims that he has in his possession “…documents that confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that I did not falsify this data; that the finding of bowel disease in these children is real; and that these findings were accurately reported in The Lancet in 1998” and that these documents “…were available to Deer and the editors of the BMJ well in advance of their recent publication”.In spite of this, says Wakefield, the BMJ ‘recklessly’ chose to ignore this evidence. Unbelievably, this saga has been going on since 1998 and in that time has come to represent the ugly face of the scientific and intellectual entrenchment of conventional, corporate science.It has been costly in terms of Dr Wakefield’s reputation (he was struck off the medical register in 2010) and in terms of the money spent to pursue and destroy him. Some believe that the persecution of Andrew Wakefield has taken on the mantle of a ‘witch hunt”.It has certainly has left many participants and observers on both sides very bitter. There are many frustrating aspects to this case, none the least of which is that criticisms of Dr Wakefield have been taken at face value, subjected to little or no analysis, while Wakefield’s repeated attempts to defend his work has been subject to obsessive forensic evaluation.Dr Wakefield’s contention has long been that it is possible that the vaccine could trigger a catastrophic reaction in a child with an as yet unknown pre-existing vulnerability. What that potential vulnerability might be, and how it might be detected, remains unknown.Until we understand the issue of vulnerability, the question of whether the triple vaccine is ‘safe’ will remain unanswered. Finding the answer to that would surely be of greater benefit to millions of parents and children than spending endless time, money and effort persecuting one man.

How To Legally Say ‘NO’ To All Vaccines – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Posted on April 1, 2012 by The Refusers

( – “Millions of Americans have come to distrust vaccines and mainstream medicine’s vaccine agenda. There is a growing movement in this country and around the world that questions the safety and effectiveness of all vaccines for obvious reasons.

Many childhood disorders such as autism, ADD/ADHD, SIDS and others have been linked to vaccines. Thousands of soldiers who served in the military have been severely disabled or in some cases even died after receiving their mandated shots. Vaccines are the most controversial subject in all of medicine.

The standard line heard from most parents once their eyes are open to the risks of vaccines is, “How will I get my child into day care or in school without their shots.” Those working in the healthcare field or soldiers in the military are faced with similar questions.

Dr. Tenpenny: “Vaccines are the backbone of the entire Pharmaceutical Industry (…)
The vaccinated children become customers for life!”

To help educate the people further about how to legally avoid all vaccines, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has put together a brand new book that is absolutely necessary to have in your possession if you or a loved one don’t want to vaccinate but are not sure how to get around it. As Dr. Tenpenny says on the back cover of her book, “Saying No To Vaccines is not intended to be a balanced view of vaccination literature. Pro-vaccine information is readily accessible through the American Academy of Pediatrics, the CDC, healthcare and government-sponsored organizations. This book balances the debate.”

Below is a copy of an interview Crusador editor Greg Ciola conducted with Dr. Tenpenny shortly after the release of her new book.

Crusador: What was the impetus for writing your new book “Saying NO To Vaccines”?

Parents needed a tool that did their homework for them. The evidence is there to support their decision to not vaccinate; you just have to do a little work to find it. Everyone seems to be so afraid of “bugs” and their potential ability to make us sick. But the reality is that we swim in “bugs” every day and we are not dropping over like flies.. The only “bugs” we seem to obsess over are associated with vaccines. Only two generations ago, measles, mumps and chickenpox were normal experiences of childhood. Why we have complete fear of these infections is media and money driven and unfounded.

If the focus of Public Health was on sleep, exercise, clean water and safe, non-GMO food, we would have a healthy society without vaccinesbut we would not have billion dollar industries employing millions of people to keep us “healthy.” The fact is, we are a very UNhealthy society with vaccines, so the Public health and argument that we must vaccinate ‘for greater good’ is a failure.

I put a large body of research into my first book, FOWL! and my two DVDS, documenting the dangers of vaccination. “Saying No To Vaccines” was the next logical step. It answers the question, “I’ve decided not to vaccinate, now what do I do?”

Crusador: What are some of the issues you cover in the book that aren’t covered in your two DVD’s “Vaccines: The Risks, The Benefits, The Choices” and “Vaccines: What CDC Documents and Science Reveal”?

There is very little overlap between Saying No to Vaccines and the DVDs. The foundational premise of the book is to give answers refuting the 25 most common arguments used to promote vaccination. For example, parents are often told the vaccine-preventable diseases of childhood can be serious and if their child is not vaccinated, their child could die. I tell them how to refute that argument and give documentation from the medical literature to demonstrate that statement is nothing more than fear mongering. Parents are told by pediatricians there is “no evidence that vaccination harms the immune system” and there is “no evidence that vaccination can lead to chronic disease.” I used the medical literature to prove the opposite is true.

Crusador: What are the most common questions you get about vaccines?

The most frequently-asked question I get is about vaccination exemption, meaning, “How do I refuse the vaccine and still get my kids into school or keep my job,” so by design a large part of the book covers exemptions. I included a lot of detail on how to avoid vaccinations for school situations, including college, professional situations where a job may require certain vaccines, if you are in a nursing home, foreign adoption, the military, even if you are incarcerated. I have also included a chapter on frequently- asked questions about vaccination. Saying No To Vaccines has an entire section on “most frequently asked questions.”

Crusador: There is a huge divide in this country between those who think you should vaccinate versus those who feel you shouldn’t. The majority is still on the side of thinking that vaccines are THE answer to long-term immunity. When you do speaking engagements or radio interviews or simply talk to a pregnant woman about the need to question the safety of vaccines further, how do you present your information to make someone think twice?

Even though I strongly believe that vaccines cause more harm than the “good” they supposedly do, it is important for people to see the evidence of harm ­ from a scientific perspective ­ and not just take my word for it. All of my information, every slide and every paragraph in my book, is referenced from a highly reputable medical journal or from the Centers for Disease Control, the CDC. People can see for themselves the one-sided, biased view of the vaccine industry, promoting that vaccines are “safe” and “protective.” Almost 100% of the time, once people pull back the veil and see the rest of the story, they know that vaccination is not what the drug companies claim it to be.

Crusador: Do you feel that there is such a thing as a “safe” vaccine? If there isn’t, how do you counter the mainstream medical mentality that vaccines may not be entirely without risks, but those risks are far less than the risks we would face without vaccines at all?

I really felt that parents needed strong answers for when they decided to not vaccinate. Very few people are willing to say something. The risk of the vaccine is greater than the risk of the disease. The “Green Our Vaccines” movement was partially behind the reason I wrote this book. Many activists, people with very good intentions, hedge and put their support behind “safer” vaccines which are a chemical impossibility. People just need to SAY NO.

Crusador: Tell our readers a little more about the exemption clauses you discuss in your book. The medical establishment has done a terrific job of intimidating people into thinking they have to take vaccines and yet, rarely if ever will you hear about the ways to exempt yourself and family from taking vaccines.

A medical exemption is available in all 50 states but must be recommended by a doctor. The exemption can be difficult to obtain and often, it only excuses future vaccination with a shot that has already caused a severe reaction.

There are three exemptions available in this country ­ medical, religious and philosophical. As of now, 19 states accept a philosophical exemption. It is the easiest of the three to use. You request a form from the school nurse, state the reasons you don’t want to vaccinate your child, sign it and give it to the school. Generally, that’s it. However, different school systems have different rules. Some require the form annually, some require both parents to sign the exemption form, some require it to be notarized and so forth. You can find links to your state laws and more information by going to

Religious exemptions are available in all other states except West Virginia and Mississippi (which only have medical exemptions). Religious exemptions can be tricky and in some states, very difficult to obtain and defend. I often recommend that people consult an attorney for this type of exemption. Some states, such as New York and New Jersey, are difficult. New York has been known to use something called a “sincerity test.” Parents are literally interrogated by an attorney representing the school district regarding how sincere their religious assertions are for refusing a vaccine. A panel then decides if you are sincere enough in your beliefs to allow you to refuse vaccination on religious ground. I find these tactics absolutely appalling and akin to Inquisitioners of the Middle Ages.

Crusador: Where do you see the whole pro-vaccine movement going and what threats to our Constitutional freedoms do you see coming down the pike?

The dogged determination of those who oppose vaccines, and in particular mandatory vaccination, has gained traction at a grass roots level and garnered a lot of attention from the media. I feel that we have the pro-vaccinators on the ropes. Our arguments are hard to deny and the global autism epidemic can no longer be ignored. Pro-vaccinators are using manipulation, threats and fear tactics, trying to convince everyone that vaccines are not only safe but absolutely necessary. I see the vaccine industry like a wounded Tyrannosaurus Rex, gnashing its teeth and flailing its ugly head. It won’t die quickly and it will probably get worse before it gets better.

Crusador: There are many people in this country, myself included, who are concerned that there is an evil agenda to mass vaccinate the entire planet in the event of a health emergency. Do you feel that there are genuine reasons to be concerned and what might we expect to see unfold in an emergency?

Executive orders and recommendations from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have been written that stop just short of allowing government-enforced mandatory vaccination for anthrax, smallpox and bird flu. The only way to change these policies is by standing together and boldly saying no.

Crusador: Are you still confident that with enough knowledge about the risks and dangers of vaccines enough people will wake up and say NO before Big Pharma forces its will upon the populace?

I’m not sure. People tend to be sheep ­ Americans in particular. Look what we have allowed a small number in the White House and 545 people in Congress to do to our country. And even those people who want to effect a change have little time and few resources to do so. No one wants to stand out, speak up and challenge authority. Whatever happened to those bra-burning activists of the 1960s? However, people really are involved now, more than ever. It only takes a small, vocal minority to really make a difference. As stated years ago by Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

Crusador: Thank you for your time, Sherri. These are excellent answers. I encourage everyone reading this interview to make every effort they can to get a copy of your new book and share it with their friends and loved ones because it is a great tool to give the average person confidence to SAY NO TO VACCINES.”

Read the article

Bill Gates oral polio vaccine cripples 47,500 children

15 May 2012  by Jacque Fresco

With the Polio vaccine being the New World Orders’ go-to weapon of choice since it has done so well over the years. Staring back in the early 1950’s when the United States launched its first assault on the unsuspecting public. Infecting over 100 million American with the SV40 cancer virus, the Polio Vaccine is one of the eugenicists’ favorite weapons in its quest to kill, control or incarcerate the entire globe.

Today with Bill and Melinda Gates leading the charge of the “vaccinate the planet” campaign we have seen everything from genetically modified mosquitoes that carry yellow fever to genetically modified goats that lactate vaccine compounds in their milk. Now they are back at it with a more powerful version of the polio vaccine that is orally transmitted it is called; live oral polio virus vaccine (OPV). This is the same live oral polio virus that was banned in the United States and Canada after multiple cases of infection started popping up. The Salem News reports that the virus used has twice the strength of the original vaccine and reported the number of cases of paralysis; “In 2011 there were an extra 47500 new cases of NPAFP [non-polio acute flaccid paralysis]. Clinically indistinguishable from polio paralysis but twice as deadly, the incidence of NPAFP was directly proportional to doses of oral polio received. Through this data was collected within the polio surveillance system, it was not investigated.”

The Center for Disease Control & Prevention states that from 1980-1999 of the 162 reported cases of Paralytic Polio 154 of them were vaccine-associated paralytic polio (VAPP) directly linked to the oral polio vaccine. You would never know this reading through the government CIA controlled medias blitzkrieg on the Amish community. Whenever you hear about an outbreak you would think that the whole town was quarantined but in reality an outbreak can be as little as 4 people. Take for instance the polio outbreak in Minnesota during August of 2005. The media attacks the Amish while never reporting the infection had spread from a vaccinated child to an immune-compromised unvaccinated child that was in the same nursing ward. When children receive an oral dose of the polio virus it stays in their system and show up in their feces for up to 2 months after injections.

Rest assured that the New World Order is on track with a new 47,500 customers for the Military Industrial Pharmaceutical Media Educational Complex Polio Division. To learn more about how the eugenicists are using vaccines to reduce population while maiming and mentally injuring anyone in their way.

bill gates vaccine kids

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Vaccination The Hidden Truth

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Vaccination: The Hidden Truth (1998)

In this extremely informative video, fifteen people, including Dr. Viera Scheibner (a PhD researcher), five medical doctors, other researchers, reveal what is really going on in relation to illness and vaccines. Ironically, the important facts come from the orthodox medicine’s own peer-reviewed research.

With so much government and medical promotion of vaccination for prevention of disease, the video is clearly devoted to presenting the other side of the issue that parents and others are not being told. The result is a damning account of the ineffectiveness of vaccines and their often harmful effects. It declares that parents are not being told the truth by the media, the Health Department and the medical establishment, with a medical doctor, Dr. Mark Donohoe, confessing that “It is a problem for me that I am part of a profession that is systematically lying to people…”

The video presents well documented answers to questions like: Was it really vaccines that saved us? Why are they only counterproductive? How are many statistics misleading? What do vaccines contain? What are they doing to our organs, immune systems, even our genes? Are childhood diseases really dangerous to healthy children? Why does vaccination continue? What are our rights? Can vaccine damage be evaluated and countered? What is the true key to immunity?

The video raises the fundamental question of whether we should be trying to prevent childhood diseases anyway, in that they contribute to the development of a healthy immune system. If what the video says is true, why is vaccination pushed so heavily by the government authorities?

In the video, Dr. Viera Scheibner, who has studied almost 100,000 pages of orthodox medical research on vaccination, warns:

“It took almost three years of research before we looked at each other and said ‘Vaccines are killing babies’… It is a well documented fact that the incidence and mortality from infectious diseases fell by 90% well before any vaccine was even introduced.”

And this from Dr. Archie Kalokerinos, author of the book “Every Second Child”:

“So it was obvious that I, and every other doctor for that matter, had been grossly misled… It was clearly shown that the only people who got smallpox twice were the vaccinated.”

If you are in the frustrating position of wanting to inform your spouse, friends and/or relatives about vaccination, but they won’t read appropriate literature, then this video is ideal. It is clear and logical and an eye-opener. Every doctor should see and respond to it.

~New Dawn magazine review, by Mary Ellen Wheeler

Study Disproves CDC’s Primary Justification for Vaccination

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sayer Ji, Contributor
Activist Post

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Immunity to a disease is achieved through the presence of antibodies to that disease in a person’s system.”[i] This, in fact, is the main justification for using vaccines to “boost” immunity, and a primary focus of vaccine research and development.

And yet, newly publish research has revealed that in some cases no antibodies are required for immunity against some viruses.

Published in the journal Immunity in March, 2011, and titled, “B cell maintenance of subcapsular sinus macrophages protects against a fatal viral infection independent of adaptive immunity,” researchers found that mice infected with vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) can suffer fatal invasion of their central nervous system even in the presence of high concentrations of “neutralizing” antibodies against VSV.[ii]

The researchers found that while B-cells were essential for surviving a systemic VSV infection through the modulation of innate immunity, specifically macrophage behavior, the antibodies they produce as part of the adaptive immune response were “neither needed nor sufficient for protection.” These findings, according to the study authors, “…contradict the current view that B cell-derived neutralizing antibodies are absolutely required to survive a primary cytopathic viral infection, such as that caused by VSV.”

The discovery that antibodies are not required for protection against infection, while counterintuitive, is not novel. In fact, not only are antibodies not required for immunity, in some cases high levels are found in the presence of active, even lethal infections. For example, high serum levels of antibodies against tetanus have been observed failing to confer protection against the disease. A report from 1992 published in the journal Neurology found severe tetanus in immunized patients with high anti-tetanus titers, one of whom died as a result of the infection.[iii]

These research findings run diametrically opposed to currently held beliefs regarding the process by which we develop immunity against infectious challenges. Presently, it is a commonly held view that during viral infections, innate immunity must activate adaptive responses in order to achieve effective immunity. It is believed that this is why the immune system has developed a series of innate defenses, including complement, type I interferon, and other “stopgap measures,” which work immediately to lower pathogen burden and “buy time” for the much slower adaptive immune response to develop.

This view, however, has been called into question by the new study: “Although this concept may apply to other viral infections, our findings with VSV turn this view upside down, indicating that during a primary infection with this cytopathic virus, innate immunity can be sterilizing without adaptive immune contributions.”

Does this strike a mortal blow to the antibody theory which underlies vaccinology, and constitutes the primary justification for the CDC’s focus on using vaccines to “boost” immunity?

Indeed, in vaccinology, which is the science or method of vaccine development, vaccine effectiveness is often determined by the ability of a vaccine to increase antibody titers, even if this does not translate into real-world effectiveness, i.e. antibody-antigen matching. In fact, regulatory agencies, such as the FDA, often approve vaccines based on their ability to raise antibody titers, also known as “vaccine efficacy,” without requiring proof of vaccine effectiveness, as would seem logical.

The obvious problem with these criteria is that the use of vaccine adjuvants like mercury, aluminum hydroxide, mineral oil, etc. – all of which are intrinsically toxic substances — will increase antibody titers, without guaranteeing they will neutralize the targeted antigen, i.e. antibody-antigen affinity. To the contrary, many of these antibodies lack selectivity, and target self-structures, resulting in the loss of self-tolerance, i.e. autoimmunity.

Here is another way of understanding vaccine-induced antibody elevations….

Introducing foreign pathogenic DNA, chemicals, metals, preservatives, etc., into the body through a syringe will generate a response not unlike kicking a beehive. The harder you kick that beehive, the greater will be the “efficacy” (i.e. elevated antibodies), but the actual affinity that these antibodies will have for the antigen (i.e. pathogen) of concern is in no way ensured; to the contrary, the immune response is likely to become misdirected, or disproportionate to the threat.

Also, valuable immune resources are wasted by generating “false flag” responses to threats which may not readily exist in the environment, e.g. there are over 200 forms of influenza A, B & C which can cause the symptoms associated with annual influenza A,* so the seasonal trivalent flu vaccine only takes care of little more than 1% of the possible vectors of infection – and often at the price of distracting resources away from real threats, as well as exhausting and/or damaging the entire immune apparatus.

It is clear that one can create a synthetic immune responsethrough vaccination, but it is not likely to result in enhanced immunity, insofar as real-world effectiveness is concerned, which is the only true judge of whether a vaccine is valuable or not. One might view the basic criteria used by vaccine researchers, namely, that generating elevated antibody titers proves the value of the vaccine, oppositely: proving the vaccine is causing harm to the body, especially that of the developing infant and child, by generating unnecessarily elevated antibodies by any means necessary, i.e. throwing the chemical and biological kitchen sink at the immune system, e.g. aluminum, phenol, diploid (aborted fetal) cells, peanut oil, pertactin, etc.

We leave the reader with a series of quotes addressing the inherent weaknesses of the antibody theory of immunity:

Just because you give somebody a vaccine, and perhaps get an antibody reaction, doesn’t mean a thing. The only true antibodies, of course, are those you get naturally. What we’re doing [when we inject vaccines] is interfering with a very delicate mechanism that does its own thing. If nutrition is correct, it does it in the right way. Now if you insult a person in this way and try to trigger off something that nature looks after, you’re asking for all sorts of trouble, and we don’t believe it works.”- Glen Dettman Ph.D, interviewed by Jay Patrick, and quoted in “The Great American Deception,” Let’s Live, December 1976, p. 57.

The fallacy of this (antibody theory) was exposed nearly 50 years ago, which is hardly recent. A report published by the Medical Research Council entitled ‘A study of diphtheria in two areas of Gt. Britain, Special report series 272, HMSO 1950 demonstrated that many of the diphtheria patients had high levels of circulating antibodies, whereas many of the contacts who remained perfectly well had low antibody. – Magda Taylor, Informed Parent

Human trials generally correlate ‘antibody’ responses with protection – that is if the body produces antibodies (proteins) which bind to vaccine components, then it must be working and safe. Yet Dr March says antibody response is generally a poor measure of protection and no indicator at all of safety. ‘Particularly for viral diseases, the ‘cellular’ immune response is all important, and antibody levels and protection are totally unconnected.’ – Private Eye 24/1/2002

Whenever we read vaccine papers the MD researchers always assume that if there are high antibody levels after vaccination, then there is immunity (immunogencity). But are antibody levels and immunity the same? No! Antibody levels are not the same as IMMUNITY. The recent MUMPS vaccine fiasco in Switzerland has re-emphasized this point. Three mumps vaccines-Rubini, Jeryl-Lynn and Urabe (the one withdrawn because it caused encephalitis) all produced excellent antibody levels but those vaccinated with the Rubini strain had the same attack rate as those not vaccinated at all, there were some who said that it actually caused outbreaks. Ref: Schegal M et al Comparative efficacy of three mumps vaccines during disease outbreak in Switzerland: cohort study. BMJ, 1999; 319:352-3.- Ted Koren DC

*PubMed Health

Notes:[i], Basics and Common Questions: Immunity Types
[ii] B cell maintenance of subcapsular sinus macrophages protects against a fatal viral infection independent of adaptive immunity. Immunity. 2012 Mar 23 ;36(3):415-26. Epub 2012 Mar 1. PMID:22386268
[iii] Severe tetanus in immunized patients with high anti-tetanus titers. Neurology. 1992 Apr ;42(4):761-4. PMID: 1565228

This article first appeared at GreenMedInfo.  Please visit to access their vast database of articles and the latest information in natural health.



A luxurious jail cell for the financially insane awaits

A luxurious jail cell for the financially insane awaits

written by A Truth Soldier

A message to all the victims of the financially insane banksters and their for hire destroyers of life.

I now believe that even the stupidest sheeple amongst you now realize that this world is under the control of the insane.

Do not dispare. The 99.99 per cent of us are also becoming fully aware of that.

Thanks to all the truthers on the internet. The sleeping giant has awoken.

It is to be understood that the giant has lost much of its ability to walk and run freely through the effects of athrophy.

But hey, soon the giant will be free to run this world.

Unfortunately many of you believe that you have been put asleep just through social engineering done through the

hypnotic Neuro-Linguistic Programming of corporate media.

That is only a small part of it.

You and I could spend the rest of our lives trying too understand all the doings of the criminally insane banksters and we could

not possibly know all that the insane have been doing.

Such as their poisoning our skies with their chemtrails, putting the rat poison fluoride in our water,

shale fracking (Cracking) our planet, cloning creatures, creating all the viruses on this planet, Blanketing our planet with plutonium and radiation.

Hey they even tried to move the moon by detonating a huge bomb on the dark side of the moon.

Like I said their is no limit to what the finacially insane do.

For the insane never seek or speak any truth.

Those that only seek money have been driven completely insane with the unlimited power of money.

For they just creating more of their insanity.

They will never run out of it for they now have taken complete control of the peoples creation of money.

Read my article I wrote entitled “Creation of first corporation”

I have spent my whole life, like you living in the hell on earth that the banskers have created.

I have been able to have a clear and healthy mind my whole life because I have lived by only one rule.

I have made a promise to God to always seek and speak the truth.

Please read my “I am in love and I am so happy” article of truth.

I am now telling you that the times, they are a changing.

Do you want to be part of the truth revolution that is bringing about the cure for the criminally insane banksters and their

destruction of all that is beautifully natural?

The cure for mental illness has always been the simple and undeniable truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So help us God.

That is not a religious quote.

God can only help you if you seek to help yourself first.

God will not do anything for you other wise.

But God will help you if you ask for guidance. God is always listening.

God will help you even when you do not know what help you need.

Just ask and yee shall receive.

We the truthful and loving hippies will be very kind to the criminally insane.

We will take all the money nessary in the world to provide them with the most expensive cell on earth.

The cell will be wallpapered and furnished with the most expensive materials on earth.

Those materials have come at the cost of the destruction of all that is naturally beautiful and healthy on this planet.

I am not kidding you…

The wallpaper well be made of real one thousand dollar notes.

The carpets well be made of ground up paper notes.

No expense well be spared.

We well also make sure that the furnace is an environmently friendly one.

It will never run out of fuel as their will soon be no shortage of rolls of fake currency to burn.

The pillows and mattress will keep you very comfortable.

They will be very large and fluffy.

We will fill them with lots of phoney money.

Oh, and we also realize that you insane banksters have suffered your whole lives with terrible narrow minded tunnel vision.

So we will provide you with a very tiny tunnel vision hole in the wall to look outside.

The view will be excellent.

It will a beautiful unpolluted nudist beach.

You will get to see everyone un ashamed of their exterior looks as the people will be such beautiful people on the inside.

Their will also be lots of love birds, doves, seagulls, cranes and such.

The shore will be bright with every color of ungentically modified flowers.

Now that the money has been returned to the people.

They have used it to clean up the environmental disaster you financially insane have done with your criminally insane corporations.

It will take a very long time, if ever to completely cleanup the destruction of the gulf of mexico, the destruction of alberta, the destruction of Japan, Yugoslavia, libya, Iraq, Palestine, lebanon, etc etc…

That radiation you unleashed on the planet when you set off that nuke in the ocean to flood Japan and then

that virus you put in the Fukushima computer to cover up your nuclear crime, will be a problem though. That plutonium is a killer.

All that depletted uranium radioactive munitions you exploded all over the countries you destroyed will also be a problem to clean up.

We the truth seekers can only ask God to help with that.

We the 99.999 per cent will also have to ask God to fix and the genetically modified organisms polution you have unleashed on the planet.

That is altering and damaging the very fabric of life itself.

You the insane are the reason why I picked the Occupation of being A Truth Soldier.

For only unleashing the truth bombs on this planet well save us from your insanity.

Unfortunately for some, those truth bombs will blow their minds and the bright light of enlightenment will also temporarily blind them.

But those of us who can see due to already being enlightened.

Will gently guide those that have become blinded.

We will lovingly give them support until they begin to be able to see the truth for themselves.

I am praying to God for a giant wide awake army of truth soldiers.

The only equipment needed for this army is God given…

Ask God to arm you with the power of truth. For if you seek truth you will find it.

That truth can only be realized if it is sought without any preconditions.

For the light of truth truely will be blinding for those of you who have been kept in the dark by the

banksters corruption of our media, schools, books and everything else…

If God be with you, I will meet you there…

Oh and I want you to realize that Jesus my brother was a hippie.

For hippies wore naturally made clothing, spoke only truth, spread the truth, that being love.

For love can not exist in the abscence of truth.

Jesus was also the worlds first recognized and acknowledge activist.

For truth is an action.

As truth only exist if you act to seek it and speak it as my brother did.

Like God, Jesus was not religious.

He never preached any religion and he never wrote a word.

All words that have been written by man.

Were written by those that never met him.

There is only one message that Jesus gave.

That message still exists today through word of mouth.

So use your speech to speak the truth.

Jesus never ever asked anyone to follow him.

He did not want followers.

Jesus was not a leader.

He only lived his life as an example.

He only asked that you do as he does.

That being to seek Gods love.

Then to go out and spread Gods love to all those who are walking blindly in the darkness.

That is why it is said that Jesus brought sight to the blind.

For Jesus brought the light of truth to the blind.

Like the sleeping giant that became athrophied and could no longer walk freely.

Jesus gave them something to walk towards.

For only truth could make the crippled walk.

Jesus never asked for anyone to follow him.

He only asked that you go towards God.

Jesus only spoke of our fathers love…

Jesus shared Gods love…

And that being the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

That is why my Occupation is A Truth Soldier.

That occupation has made me rich beyond my dreams.

For now I am not dreaming, but am fully aware and awake to Gods love…

God is truth…

When all of you seek and speak the truth the insane will no longer control this planet.

Merry Christmas to all..

It is getting really bad

It is getting really bad

written by A Truth Soldier

I have so often heard people say that things are getting really bad.

I always have to tell them that they are very wrong.

It is not getting really bad. It ihas always been really bad.

I then tell them the point is that they (you) are just begining to find out that things are really bad.

Then when you keep learning the truth.

They will soon realize that things are unimaginably worse then their worse nightmares.

Then they, meaning you, have to wake up out of your dream that every thing is just fine and

that you have no reason to be involved in reality.

The reality is that you have been living in a corporate induced dream that everything if fine.

The sooner you turn off that television and stop getting your daily dose of psychological programing.

The better. Because then you will start looking for healthy brain food.

You can only get your food for thought by going out and finding some healthy brain food to consume.

In your search for it, you will one day soon discover that you are not alone.

You will discover that you are the 99.999%.

You then will hopefully find yourself a new occupation, like I did.

Mine is; A Truth Soldier Occupation in the army of love and truth.

“When the seeds of truth are sown.

The grassroots truth revolution.

will blossom from the enlightenment”


For only a Truth Revolution will set us free.


Spread those seeds of truth.

“Telling the truth in times of unniversal deceit.

Is a revolutionary act”

It is time for the 99.999% to act….

The story of O

The story of “O”

by A Truth Soldier

Have you ever said ‘O’?

Such as Ooooo shit.

O that is what you meant.

I am sure you can come up with many examples of how you have, or others have said Ooooo.

Do you know what the word means?

Do you know where the word came from?

Do you realize that humanity has been saying O for a very long time?

Do you realize that the word Ooooo is always said when a person becomes aware or enlightened?

I guarantee you that by the time you finish reading this you will be saying ‘Ooooooooooooo”

You will be saying, Oooooooo that is what it means.

Now you are probably saying..O get over it and tell me…

O okay I am going to tell you what the big O means.

The story of O began from the word good.

Someone took out an O from the word good and moved it.

O God thats what the story of O is.

For Good and God are the same thing.

So now you know what the big Oooooooooo means.

O God that you should of known all along.

So saying O means you are acknowledging englightenment and awareness..

For every time a person says O. They are are actually calling out God.

O God….yes the God that created heaven here on earth.

Some might say it is spelled Oh. But do you not realize that the h has always been silent…

O God you are Good……..

O I told you, you would be saying O by the time I finished writing this..

Now you are either saying. O I am correct or O I am full of crap..

But you will never know for sure until you seek the truth.

You first have to realize that one can not put any preconditions or limitations when they seek truth.

You have to blindly seek truth for the light of truth is always blinding to those who have spent their

whole lives living in the darkness.

That is why it is said that there is always a light at the end of tunnel.

That tunnel is the narrow mindedness of those who live in the dark.

For only the insane live in the dark.

Those that are narrow minded have tunnel vision.

They too one day will realize that that very tunnel is a big O.

When the narrow minded finally decide to go towards the light of truth.

They will actually be going through a big O.

That is what the dark tunnel is..

They will emerge through the big O and will for the first time see.

Then they will say……”O God”. or maybe they will say O Shit.

But either way they will be saying God even if the truth makes them shit themselves.

The shit in them has to finally come out..

Then they will be healthy with God in them.

That will be a very good thing in deed..

So hopefully one day you will stop saying O.

That will be the day when you discover God…

The insane do not know they are

The insane do not know they are

(This is a lesson on how to think)

Written by A Truth Soldier

They live their whole lives in an imaginary and artificial reality world.

To you and them they will appear perfectly sane.

But you are about to learn what is insanity and how it is possible for

 some people to live their whole lives completely insane.

The insane have these characteristics.

They always easily exhibit hate, anger, aggression, violence, evil,

no compassion, greed, complete selfishness and the willingness to do


They will most often exhibit amazingly beautiful and likeable exterior


But the insane are only concerned about their exterior appearance

and when they communicate

with others, they only look to and respond to your reactions.

The insane live only for your reaction. For the insane never look


(You might appreciate reading my earlier article entitled

“There is no reasoning with the insane”)

That is because every time or anytime they ever attempt to look

inwardly they get really scared.

For they get lost in the expanse of the darkness of their souls.

So they immediately look back to

their exterior appearance.

The meer idea that an insane person might be made to look

inwardly when in conversation with a

very  sane human will truely bring out their hate.

The more the sane person tries to make the insane one look

inwardly the more violent the insane

will become.

But the problem is also with the sane person not knowing what

insanity is and how to easily

recognize it.

It is very easy to recognize insanity. Just try to get any truth from

the insane and you will not be

able to. No matter how trivial the truth maybe.

Also please realize that the truely insane have no limits to their

insanity. They will always hide their

insanity by the beautiful exterior image they will present to you.

They will even kill you if you are a strong intellectual of honest and

truthful values. But the insane

will do it slowly, discretely and in the shadows. Be it first by

slandering you (back stabbing),

spreading falsehoods, making accusations, etc etc..If that fails to

satisfy the insane then their hate

will make them kill you..and most times the killing will be planned

out so they the insane killers

never get caught. Which is how all covert agents operate.

But hey.. I will now get back to more details as to what the insane

are like and later I will give the

really simple truth of what is sanity and what is insanity.

That explanation will truely enlighten you.

I will also write in a way that will also enlighten the freighted people

who know they have some

mental problems but have been completely unable to understand

how to easily over come their


Many insane people who try to look inwardly get confused and lost.

Some will choose never to return to where their minds were previously.

That being the reactionary

person they were.. Those insane know and do not like what they

looked like when they looked inwardly.

But they try and keep trying to look inwardly to try and help themselves.

They will very often turn to the so called mental health professionals

for help.

Only to be further convinced by the quacks that they truly are insane.

At which point some will completely loose their minds and have to be

committed to a psychiatric

institution and be put in the ward for the completely insane..

The quacks will very polite at telling you that you are mentally ill.

The quacks have created their very own dictionary of psychiatric words

to convince you that you

are insane and need the quacks medicine.

Please read the two related articles about psychiatry.

So whos delussional now

Psychiatry industry of death

Those that know they are being insane and go to the quacks hospitals

will never recover.

They will be medicated to the death of their minds and most often their


Other will go right into the dark depths of insanity where not them or

anyone else will ever be

able to bring them out into reality.

Every quack knows that to try to go reach into the totally insane persons

to help them find their

way back out will be a trap that would make the most sane human also

go insane..

I therefore warn you to never go into their minds and to never try to

understand the inner

workings of the insane mind.

Quacks, The government establishment, schools or social engineers

never ever teach anyone how

to think. They are only concerned about physiologically conditioning

you on what to think.

Which amounts to brainwashing.

What you need to do wether your are sane, mildly insane or possibly

truely insane is to understand

and know the definitions of insanity, and sanity

Insanity is an absolute. That absolute leads to a complete loss of any

logical direction.

Where as sanity is the other absolute. That absolute is guided by self

controlled direction.

I will now ask you a question that I have always asked people I am in

conversations with.

I have never met anyone that could answer it.

The answer is so very simple but due to social engineering you and

everyone else has never ever

been taught these simple and empowering truths.

So here goes…

But hey I have already answered this in my text up above.

But I will ask the question now.

Truth is absolute, so what is the one word that is absolutely the

opposite of truth?

No one ever answers insanity.

For they often do not even understand what truth is.

They have been led to believe that truth is,

someones opinion, is subject to ones ideas,

objectivity or is relative to an issue.

People can not understand the purity of truth.

The purity is that truth is an action and can only exist if you always

seek and speak the truth or at

minimum say nothing.

Truth can only exist if you act on it and truth will cease to exist when

you cease to seek it.

Truth is an action and insanity is a complete lack of action.

Which is why they insane only react.

A note I would like to add here, is that an activist is always one that seeks,

truth and then exposes

the truth. For without activists we and this planet is doomed to what

the insane will do if the

activists do not fight for truth.

I believe that even the so called and socially accepted little white lie,

is an early sign of insanity.

I was once recently told by a young lady that everyone lies and that it is

impossible to live your life

by always telling the truth.

She got really mad when she told me this.

I responded to her that she was wrong.. I tried to explain to her that is

is very easy to live your life

by truth. For truth is an action and that all it takes to do it is to have

self control.

But she had no self control, which is why she became so violently

opposed to the idea that it is

possible to be always truthful.

Another point to this lesson I would like to mention is that truth is

always blindingly very simple.

The light of truth will always blind those that live in the darkness of insanity.

And that, it is always the lies and deceptions that are endlessly complicated.

If you have understood this lesson on how to think. Then you will be in a

direction for truth.

Then and only then will you fulfill yourself as a human. For humans

need to love and be loved to

fulfill their lives. You need to realize that love can never exist in the

absence of truth.

So I hope that my lesson will bring you to the amazing point of actually

loving truth..

And when you do, you will be amazed as to how beautiful your reality

will become.

You will one day discover pure truth… Which is where God awaits you to

communicate with his

pure spirit of truth.

Also please realize that love is what fulfills a humans soul, but can and

will never exist without

pure truth.

If you seek pure truth.. God of heaven will be with you..

People get so confused and think that God can only be found or realized

in a religion.

Which is why I previously wrote the article; “God is not religious”

People who know not how to think can not understand the simplest truth.

The truth that God

truly exists.

Do you want proof?

You will never know the truth if you do not seek it…

The first lesson is to realize that You can not assume to know what truth is,

nor can you put

conditions or limitations on truth. You have to blindly seek it. For the light

of truth will always

feel and seem blinding.

This occurs for the first time the light of truth enters into the dead of the

darkness of ignorance and

stupidity, it truely will be blinding.

So try this..

Pray to God, But remember your prayer must always be completely truthful

and sincere…

You will soon know the truth for yourself.

Please read this below.. I believe it will help you on your way…

[Oh and remember that Jesus never went to church nor did he ever preach

anything but God.

Religions never existed until more then five hundred years after they tried

to kill Jesus.

Jesus was a hippie and ‘The worlds first recognized activist Jesus never

asked us to follow him.

He only wanted you do as he did. He was an example for us all.

Bit the insane as usual could only

exhibit hate and they tried to kill him. But the spirit of God (truth) can

never be killed.

Only the insane could ever believe that truth can be killed.

Ask yourself now.

Would you allow Jesus to be killed again if you discovered that Jesus

truly is here now?

Will you continue to allow the insane to guide us and this planet to oblivion

or will you finally

take control of your minds and actions by finally seeking and speaking only


I am in love and I am so happy

I did it, I found my soul mate.

Its amazing my soul mate is so beautiful and perfect.

I can count on my soul mate to never deceive me

or send me in the wrong direction.

My soul mate is always there for me.

We always get along because we are in pure love.

Our love works because its based on truth.

For without truth our relationship would be doomed.

We are never selfish for we always give of ourselves.

In troubled times I confide with my soul mate for support,

I tell my soul mate my deepest secrets and weaknesses.

I don’t fear exposing my innermost frailties to my soul mate.

Its so amazing what strength can be gained from sharing pure love.

Love makes me feel so good that I now can see beauty all around me.

I see it in the flowers and the bees.

I see it all around me in nature.

I see beauty even in the worst of storms.

I see it in other people who are in love.

before I fell in love with my soul mate,

I walked around and could never see the beauty all around me.

I am in love and I am so happy.

This pure love is so strong that I now have enough love

to give even to the sorriest of souls.

Love is so contagious.

Once I got pure love in my life I was strengthen

so that I could now share some of it with

those around me who have never felt pure love before.

This pure love in my life has humbled me so.

I could have never found my soul mate if I had not always sought truth

and always spoke the truth I discovered.

I have been completed as a human with this pure love.

I love truth for without it I would always be lost and deceived.

The more my love grows the more beautiful

my soul mate becomes for love is in the eye of the beholder.

I know that my soul mate will always forgive me if

I am always willing to face and admit the truth of my wrong doings.

My soul mate will always know if I am not being truthful to myself.

There can never be a pure love in my heart if I am not always truthful to myself.

For my soul mates pure love could never reach me if I am not pure in truth.

I am in love and I am so happy.

I love you God for you are the truth and my soul mate.

Another after thought for you. God wants all his children to be born of love

and not lust….

For God gave us life from his love…and that is the truth.

I am the child of God..

We all are..You need to know how to think to come to that realization…

Yugoslavia is Now a Democracy

The Christian people of Yugoslavia are victims of a mass genocide done by Canada, the USA and England. Just like they did to Lybia and Iraq and WW2 Japan and Germany.

The Green Book of Natural Law Democracy by MMu`ammar al-Qadhafi


Yugoslavia (Jugoslavija in the Latin alphabet, Југославија in Cyrillic; English: South Slavia, or literally The Land of South Slavs) describes three political entities that existed successively on the Balkan Peninsula in Europe, during most of the 20th century. The six countries that were once part of Yugoslavia are Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia.

The Kingdom of Yugoslavia (1 December 1918–November 29, 1943/1945), also known as the First Yugoslavia, was a monarchy formed as the “Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes” after World War I and re-named on 6 January 1929 by Alexander I of Yugoslavia. It was invaded on 6 April 1941 by the Axis powers and it’s army capitulated eleven days later. The legitimate royal government in exile was recognized and supported by Allied forces. In 1943, the new country called Democratic Federal Yugoslavia was proclaimed. The Kingdom was officially abolished in 1945.

(SFRY)” (1963). Starting in 1991, the SFRY disintegrated in the Yugoslav Wars which followed the secession of most of the republic’s constituent elements.

The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) (April 27, 1992–February 4, 2003), was a federation on the territory of the two remaining republics of Serbia (including the autonomous provinces of Vojvodina and Kosovo and Metohija) and Montenegro.

The Union of Serbia and Montenegro was formed on February 4, 2003, and officially abolished the name “Yugoslavia.” On June 3 and June 5, 2006, Montenegro and Serbia respectively declared their independence, thereby ending the last remnants of the former Yugoslav federation.

Yugoslavia is Now a Democracy

(Scroll down for more articles and a full documentary)

Written by A Truth Soldier

We in Canada were fed a daily dose of Corporate and Government propaganda,

That the leader of Yugoslavia was evil and was killing his own people.

So we were told that the solution was for all the Allied countries to bring Yugoslavia democracy.

So we, Canada participated in an eighty day round the clock non stop democratization of Yugoslavia.

It really pisses me off, the hypocrisy of the people in my town of Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

For they still have a sign up at Banook Lake.

The location of the 1997 international canoe championships. 

That names all the participating countries that Canada gladly welcomed to participate.

Yugoslavia, a kind peaceful Christian country was gladly welcomed.

Then just a few years later we went and visited the beautiful country of Yugoslavia and obliterated it with
carpet bombing with depleted uranium munitions that also contained radioactive contamination that will 
keep killing and severely deforming all breathing creatures for ever.

I was so very curious as to what we in Canada called democracy. 

I went on line and went to the Slobidan Milosovich (Former Leader of Yugoslavia) support website.

I read about how Slobidan, who was in custody at the world court known as the Hague, 

kept saying that they were poisoning him and that he was being refused proper medical care.

Slobidan later died before the trial was permitted to commence.

But Slobidan did give alot of testimony in the preliminary hearings.

All the transcripts of these hearings were on-line and I read most of them.

It was soon very very clear that, He Slobidan Milosovich was truly an amazingly kind

and honorable human being.

I eventually discovered that we Canada participated in the destruction of a

democratic country named Yugoslavia.

After this I then realized that Canada had also lost its democracy.

For a true democracy would ever go out and destroy another peaceful and free democracy.

What really shocks me is that no one here in my town has ever asked the question.

Where is the democratic Yugoslavia? After all we brought them democracy.

I learned where it is. It does not exist. The Christians were wiped out.
Their land and country was stolen and then divided up into little pieces amongst the villains.

So we, Canada brought Yugoslavia something that dose not exist. 

We brought them the illusion of democracy.

We brought them death, for democracy truly is dead.

We killed and Killed. We destroyed all the churches, hospitals,
schools, government buildings, water plants, power plants etc etc etc.

We destroyed everything that was built and created by the democracy known as Yugoslavia.

I once thought that.. 
But then I realized…
 Because we got the
 By which they created
 But beware of 


Kosovo’s “Mafia State” and Camp Bondsteel: Towards a Permanent US Military Presence in Southeast Europe
Washington’s Bizarre Kosovo Strategy could destroy NATO

by F. William Engdahl

Global Research, April 12, 2012

In one of the more bizarre foreign policy announcements of a bizarre Obama Administration, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has announced that Washington will “help” Kosovo to join NATO as well as the European Union. She made the pledge after a recent Washington meeting with Kosovan Prime Minister Hashim Thaci in Washington where she praised the progress of the Thaci government in its progress in “European integration and economic development.” 1

Her announcement no doubt caused serious gas pains among government and military officials in the various capitals of European NATO. Few people appreciate just how mad Clinton’s plan to push Kosovo into NATO and the EU is.

Basic Kosovo geopolitics

The controversial piece of real estate today called Kosovo was a part of Yugoslavia and tied to Serbia until the NATO bombing campaign in 1999 demolished what remained of Milosevic’s Serbia and opened the way for the United States, with the dubious assist of EU nations, above all Germany, to carve up the former Yugoslavia into tiny, dependent pseudo states. Kosovo became one, as did Macedonia. Slovenia and Croatia had earlier split off from Yugoslavia with a strong assist from the German Foreign Ministry.

Some brief review of the circumstances leading to the secession of Kosovo from Yugoslavia will help locate how risky a NATO membership or EU membership would be for the future of Europe. Hashim Thaci the current Kosovo Prime Minister, got his job, so to speak, through the US State Department and not via free democratic Kosovo elections. Kosovo is not recognized as a legitimate state by either Russia or Serbia or over one hundred other nations. However, it was immediately recognized when it declared independence in 2008 by the Bush Administration and by Berlin.

Membership into the EU for Kosovo would be welcoming another failed state, something which may not bother US Secretary Clinton, but which the EU at this juncture definitely can do without. Best estimates place unemployment in the country at as much as 60%. That is not just Third World level. The economy was always the poorest in Yugoslavia and today it is worse. Yet the real issue in terms of the future of EU peace and security is the nature of the Kosovo state that has been created by Washington since the late 1990’s.

Mafia State and Camp Bondsteel

Kosovo is a tiny parcel of land in one of the most strategic locations in all Europe from a geopolitical standpoint of the US military objective of controlling oil flows and political developments from the oil-rich Middle East to Russia and Western Europe. The current US-led recognition of the self-declared Republic of Kosovo is a continuation of US policy for the Balkans since the illegal 1999 US-led NATO bombing of Serbia—a NATO “out-of-area” deployment never approved by the UN Security Council, allegedly on the premise that Milosevic’s army was on the verge of carrying out a genocidal massacre of Kosovo Albanians.

Some months before the US-led bombing of Serbian targets, one of the heaviest bombings since World War II, a senior US intelligence official in private conversation told Croatian senior army officers in Zagreb about Washington’s strategy for former Yugoslavia. According to these reports, communicated privately to this author, the Pentagon goal already in late 1998 was to take control of Kosovo in order to secure a military base to control the entire southeast European region down to the Middle East oil lands.

Since June 1999 when the NATO Kosovo Force (KFOR) occupied Kosovo, then an integral part of then-Yugoslavia, Kosovo was technically under a United Nations mandate, UN Security Council Resolution 1244. Russia and China also agreed to that mandate, which specifies the role of KFOR to ensure an end to inter-ethnic fighting and atrocities between the Serb minority population, others and the Kosovo Albanian Islamic majority. Under 1244 Kosovo would remain part of Serbia pending a peaceful resolution of its status. That UN Resolution was blatantly ignored by the US, German and other EU parties in 2008.

Germany’s and Washington’s prompt recognition of Kosovo’s independence in February 2008, significantly, came days after elections for President in Serbia confirmed pro-Washington Boris Tadic had won a second four year term. With Tadic’s post secured, Washington could count on a compliant Serbian reaction to its support for Kosovo.

Immediately after the bombing of Serbia in 1999 the Pentagon seized a 1000 acre large parcel of land in Kosovo at Uresevic near the border to Macedonia, and awarded a contract to Halliburton when Dick Cheney was CEO there, to build one of the largest US overseas military bases in the world, Camp Bondsteel, with more than 7000 troops today.

The Pentagon has already secured seven new military bases in Bulgaria and Romania on the Black Sea in the Northern Balkans, including the Graf Ignatievo and Bezmer airbases in Bulgaria and Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base in Romania, which are used for “downrange” military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Romanian installation hosts the Pentagon’s Joint Task Force–East. The US’s colossal Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo and the use and upgrading of Croatian and Montenegrin Adriatic harbors for US Navy deployments complete the militarization of the Balkans.[ii]

The US strategic agenda for Kosovo is primarily military, secondarily, it seems, narcotics trafficking. Its prime focus is against Russia and for control of oil flows from the Caspian Sea to the Middle East into Western Europe. By declaring its independence, Washington gains a weak state which it can fully control. So long as it remained a part of Serbia, that NATO military control would be politically insecure. Today Kosovo is controlled as a military satrapy of NATO, whose KFOR has 16,000 troops there for a tiny population of 2 million. Its Camp Bondsteel is one of a string of so-called forward operating bases and “lily pads” as Donald Rumsfeld called them, for military action to the east and south. Now formally bringing Kosovo into the EU and to NATO will solidify that military base now that the Republic of Georgia under US protégé Saakashvili failed so miserably in 2008 to fill that NATO role.

Heroin Transport Corridor

US-NATO military control of Kosovo serves several purposes for Washington’s greater geo-strategic agenda. First it enables greater US control over potential oil and gas pipeline routes into the EU from the Caspian and Middle East as well as control of the transport corridors linking the EU to the Black Sea.

It also protects the multi-billion dollar heroin trade, which, significantly, has grown to record dimensions in Afghanistan according to UN narcotics officials, since the US occupation. Kosovo and Albania are major heroin transit routes into Europe. According to a 2008 US State Department annual report on international narcotics traffic, several key drug trafficking routes pass through the Balkans. Kosovo is mentioned as a key point for the transfer of heroin from Turkey and Afghanistan to Western Europe. Those drugs flow under the watchful eye of the Thaci government.

Since its dealings with the Meo tribesmen in Laos during the Vietnam era, the CIA has protected narcotics traffic in key locations in order partly to finance its covert operations. The scale of international narcotics traffic today is such that major US banks such as Citigroup are reported to derive a significant share of their profits from laundering the proceeds.

One of the notable features of the indecent rush by Washington and other states to immediately recognize the independence of Kosovo is the fact that they well knew its government and both major political parties were in fact run by Kosovo Albanian organized crime.

Hashim Thaci, Prime Minister of Kosovo and head of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, is the former leader of the terrorist organization which the US and NATO trained and called the Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, or in Albanian, UCK. In Kosovo crime circles he is known as Hashim “The Snake” for his personal ruthlessness against opponents.

In 1997, President Clinton’s Special Balkans Envoy, Robert Gelbard described the KLA as, “without any question a terrorist group.” It was far more. It was a klan-based mafia, impossible therefore to infiltrate, which controlled the underground black economy of Kosovo. Today the Democratic Party of Thaci, according to European police sources, retains its links to organized crime.

A February 22, 2005 German BND report, labeled Top Secret, which has since been leaked, stated, “Über die Key-Player (wie z. B. Haliti, Thaci, Haradinaj) bestehen engste Verflechtungen zwischen Politik, Wirtschaft und international operierenden OK-Strukturen im Kosovo. Die dahinter stehenden kriminellen Netzwerke fördern dort die politische Instabilität. Sie haben kein Interesse am Aufbau einer funktionierenden staatlichen Ordnung, durch die ihre florierenden Geschäfte beeinträchtigt werden können.“ (OK=Organized Kriminalität). (Translation: “Through the key players—for example Thaci, Haliti, Haradinaj—there is the closest interlink between politics, the economy and international organized crime in Kosovo. The criminal organizations in the background there foster political instability. They have no interest at all in the building of a functioning orderly state that could be detrimental to their booming business.”3

The KLA began action in 1996 with the bombing of refugee camps housing Serbian refugees from the wars in Bosnia and Croatia. The KLA repeatedly called for the “liberation” of areas of Montenegro, Macedonia and parts of Northern Greece. Thaci is hardly a figure of regional stability to put it mildly.

The 44 year old Thaci was a personal protégé of Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright during the 1990s, when he was a mere 30-year old gangster. The KLA was supported from the outset by the CIA and the German BND. During the 1999 war the KLA was directly supported by NATO. At the time he was picked up by the USA in the mid-1990s, Thaci was founder of the Drenica Group, a criminal syndicate in Kosovo with ties to Albanian, Macedonian and Italian organized mafias. A classified January 2007 report prepared for the EU Commission, labeled “VS-Nur für den Dienstgebrauch” was leaked to the media. It detailed the organized criminal activity of KLA and its successor Democratic Party under Thaci.

A December 2010 Council of Europe report, released a day after Kosovo’s election commission said Mr Thaci’s party won the first post-independence election, accused Western powers of complicity in ignoring the activities of the crime ring headed by Thaci: “Thaci and these other ‘Drenica Group’ members are consistently named as ‘key players’ in intelligence reports on Kosovo’s mafia-like structures of organised crime,” the report said. “We found that the ‘Drenica Group’ had as its chief – or, to use the terminology of organised crime networks, its ‘boss’ – the renowned political operator … Hashim Thaci.” 4

The report stated that Thaci exerted “violent control” over the heroin trade. Dick Marty, the European Union investigator, presented the report to European diplomats from all member states. The response was silence. Washington was behind Thaci.5

The same Council of Europe report on Kosovo organized crime accused Thaci’s mafia organization of dealing in trade in human organs. Figures from Thaçi’s inner circle were accused of taking captives across the border into Albania after the war, where a number of Serbs are said to have been murdered for their kidneys that were sold on the black market. In one case revealed in legal proceedings in a Pristina district court in 2008 organs were said to have been taken from impoverished victims at a clinic known as Medicus – linked to Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) organ harvesting in 2000.6

The question then becomes, why are Washington, NATO, the EU and inclusive and importantly, the German Government, so eager to legitimize the breakaway Kosovo? A Kosovo run internally by organized criminal networks is easy for NATO to control. It insures a weak state which is far easier to bring under NATO domination. Combined with NATO control over Afghanistan where the Kosovo heroin controlled by Prime Minister Thaci originates, the Pentagon is building a web of encirclement around Russia that is anything but peaceful.

The Thaci dependence on US and NATO good graces insures Thaci’s government will do what it is asked. That, in turn, assures the US a major military gain consolidating its permanent presence in the strategically vital southeast Europe. It is a major step in consolidating NATO control of Eurasia, and gives the US a large swing its way in the European balance of power. Little wonder Moscow has not welcomed the development, nor have numerous other states. The US is literally playing with dynamite, potentially as well with nuclear war in the Balkans.

*F. William Engdahl is author of Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order. He may be contacted via his website,


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6 Paul Lewis, Kosovo PM is head of human organ and arms ring Council of Europe reports, The Guardian, 14 December 2010.

F. William Engdahl is a frequent contributor to Global Research. Global Research Articles by F. William Engdahl


The death of Yugoslavia. BBC complete documentary..avi (4 1/2 hours)

Published on 28 Sep 2012

One of the most impressive documentary ever made. You live the facts that happened with the disintegration of Yugoslavia as if you were there. The war in Bosnia and the siege of Sarajevo are presented in a way that perhaps only BBC can do. A masterpiece. And a must, if you want to understand how things were and are in the Balcans.

(Scroll down for this documentary in parts 1-5)

Operation Storm 1995! Croatian war! The Death Of Yugoslavia Documentary

Published on Mar 17, 2016

Operation Storm (Croatian: Operacija Oluja) was the last major battle of the Croatian War of Independence and a major decisive factor in the outcome of the Bosnian War. It was a decisive victory for the Croatian Army (HV), which attacked across a 630-kilometre (390 mi) front against the Republic of Serbian Krajina (RSK), and a strategic victory for the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ARBiH). The HV was supported by the Croatian special police advancing from the Velebit Mountain, and the ARBiH located in the Bihać pocket, in the Army of the Republic of Serb Krajina’s (ARSK) rear. The battle, launched to restore Croatian control of 10,400 square kilometres (4,000 square miles) of territory, representing 18.4% of the territory it claimed, and Bosnian control of Western Bosnia, was the largest European land battle since the Second World War. Operation Storm commenced at dawn on 4 August 1995 and was declared complete on the evening of 7 August, despite significant mopping-up operations against pockets of resistance lasting until 14 August.

Operation Storm was a strategic victory in the Bosnian War, effectively ending the siege of Bihać and placing the HV, Croatian Defence Council (HVO) and the ARBiH in a position to change the military balance of power in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the subsequent Operation Mistral 2. The operation built on HV and HVO advances made during Operation Summer ’95, when strategic positions allowing the rapid capture of the RSK capital Knin were gained, and on the continued arming and training of the HV since the beginning of the Croatian War of Independence, when the RSK was created during the Serb Log revolution and Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) intervention. The operation itself followed an unsuccessful United Nations (UN) peacekeeping mission and diplomatic efforts to settle the conflict.

The HV’s (and ARBiH’s strategic) success was a result of a series of improvements to the armies themselves, and crucial breakthroughs made in the ARSK positions that were subsequently exploited by the HV and the ARBiH. The attack was not immediately successful at all points, but seizing key positions led to the collapse of the ARSK command structure and overall defensive capability. The HV capture of Bosansko Grahovo just before Operation Storm, and the special police’s advance to Gračac, made it nearly impossible to defend Knin. In Lika, two guard brigades quickly cut the ARSK-held area (which lacked tactical depth and mobile reserve forces), isolating pockets of resistance, positioning a mobile force for a decisive northward thrust into the Karlovac Corps area of responsibility (AOR), and pushing ARSK towards Banovina. The defeat of the ARSK at Glina and Petrinja, after a tough defence, defeated the ARSK Banija Corps as well, as its reserve was pinned down by the ARBiH. The RSK relied on the Republika Srpska and the Yugoslav militaries as its strategic reserve, but they did not intervene in the battle.

The HV and the special police suffered 174–211 killed or missing, while the ARSK had 560 soldiers killed. Four UN peacekeepers were also killed. The HV captured 4,000 prisoners of war. The number of Serb civilian deaths is disputed—Croatia claims that 214 were killed, while Serbian sources cite 1,192 civilians killed or missing. During and after the offensive, 150,000–200,000 Serbs—or nearly the entire Serb population of the area formerly held by the ARSK—fled and a variety of crimes were committed against the remaining civilians there. The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) later tried three Croatian generals charged with war crimes and partaking in a joint criminal enterprise designed to force the Serb population out of Croatia, although all three were ultimately acquitted and the tribunal refuted charges of a criminal enterprise. In 2010, Serbia sued Croatia before the International Court of Justice (ICJ), claiming that the offensive was an example of genocide. In 2015, the court ruled that it was not genocidal, though it affirmed that the Serb population fled as a direct result of the offensive and that serious crimes against civilians had been committed by Croatian forces. As of November 2012, the Croatian judiciary has convicted 2,380 persons for various crimes committed during Operation Storm.

Published on 7 Feb 2013

Documentary movie by polish author: Ivan Zwarovsky
Oluja – Operation Storm – Pad Krajne – 1995 Hrvatska – Srbija
Movie shows ethnic cleansing of serbs from Croatia.About 250 000 people were ethnicly cleansed from their land where they lived about 400 years (4 centuries)

Croatian army with help of US NATO EU and Slovenia created action called “Operation Storm”
in witch they defeated small Republic of Kraina’s force and start cleansing that area from Serbs.

If u need more explanation where is Kraina.
Kraina is Serbian land in former Yugoslavia by the creating of communist borders Kraina supposed to be in Croatia ,but Croats wants ethnicly clean state of Croatia so they decided to ethnicly clean that area by expeling 250 000 people.

All copyrights to this video goes to Zwarovsky young amateur film director from Poland

TalkingStickTV – Michael Parenti – The U.S. War on Yugoslavia

Uploaded on 16 Aug 2008

Talk by Michael Parenti on “The U.S. War on Yugoslavia” given May 16, 1999 in Seattle, WA.

Yugoslavia – the Good Old Days of Tito-style Communism

Uploaded on 11 Aug 2011

travel film showing the “country” that used to be one of the greatest travel destinations in the world. Instead of espousing e pluribus unum, they divided and subdivided, then imploded. today we have only the pieces of what used to be. So for old time’s sake, i hope you enjoy this american TV piece that promoted the wonderful state of YUGOSLAVIA some 30 years ago!

The Death Of Yugoslavia – parts 1-6 (Full documentary)


Published on 26 Feb 2013

The Death of Yugoslavia is a BBC documentary series first broadcast in 1995, and is also the name of a book written by Allan Little and Laura Silber that accompanies the series. It covers the collapse of the former Yugoslavia.

It is notable in its combination of never-before-seen archive footage interspersed with interviews of most of the main players in the conflict, including Slobodan Milošević, Radovan Karadžić, Franjo Tuđman and Alija Izetbegović.
The series was awarded with a BAFTA award in 1996 for Best Factual Series. Because of the series large amount of interviews with prominent leaders and commanders of the conflict, it has been frequently used by ICTY in war crimes prosecutions.
All the papers relating to the documentary series, including full transcripts of the many valuable interviews conducted with participants, are lodged at the Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives at King’s College, University of London.

Bombing of Dresden

Published on Feb 13, 2013

During the night of 13 till 14 February, allied bombers bombed the German city of Dresden. It was not a military act but an act against civilians.
1.5 million people died in the fire and after the three firebombing raids.
This is not war. This is a crime.
Euro-Rus will never forget the past.