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Covert agencies will lure the unsuspecting truthers by using an appearance that their site is really a truther site for people who care about learning and being part of a group or site that cares about discovering the truth of the events happening in our world.. Fascistbook..is not the place to be for newby truthers……














Facebook’s “Deep Face” and big data know what you look like – See more at: http://unitedtruthseekers.com/video/facebook-s-deep-face-and-big-data-know-what-you-look-like?

Facebook’s “Deep Face” and big data know what you look like

Published on Mar 19, 2014

Facebook has taken another big step to gathering data about users with its new “Deep Face” program. Promising to recognize faces in photos uploaded with 97 percent accuracy, the new program could be a boon for marketers who want to make sure their ads find the right people. RT’s Gayane Chichakyan takes a look at this new technology.

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killillumoinatti soldiers survive feam camps_002_

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FakeBook Censorship_001_


Facebook troll site.. 2013.11.27_04h09m12s_021_ 2013.11.27_04h07m37s_019_ delete-multi-friends-on-Facebook.jpg.pagespeed.ce.AmnTkK9PP2 2013.11.27_04h02m48s_014_ FacebookStinksNotice Facebook CIA facebookSTINKS If I AmNotOnFacebook DoNoTAddMeFacebook

two facedbook Occupy Earth is The Truth Revolution Facebook is watching you

Facebook NSA go to hell facebook stop child abuse facebook censors facebook censorship 2.0

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facebook friendsso sick facebookFakeBook Censorship_001_

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