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The Return of George Orwell Big Brother’s War on Palestine Ukraine and the Truth

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John Pilger – Invasion Day, Sydney – 2016

Published on Nov 9, 2016

228 Years and still fighting for Sovereignty, Treaty, Social Justice

Indigenous Social Justice Association (ISJA) Sydney and Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy (RATE) and other organisations are called all to unite together for an Invasion Day March Tuesday 26th January 2016.

John Pilger – The War On Terror – Truth & Lies

Published on Feb 28, 2015

John Pilger dissects the truth and lies behind the ‘War on Terror’, investigating the discrepancies between American and British justification for ‘war’ and the facts on the ground in Afghanistan and Washington DC.

John Pilger – Other People’s Wars

Published on Feb 4, 2015

A look at the complicated relationship that Australians have with war.

John Pilger: ‘Real possibility of nuclear war’ – Ukraine crisis could start World War 3

With Russia, Pilger says he has never known the truth ‘so inverted’ over any one issue.

John Pilger, film-maker and award winning journalist, talks to Going Underground host Afshin Rattansi about the headline events of the year, from CIA torture to the Ukraine crisis.

He says the whole tenure of the BBC coverage of the Torture report was ‘does torture work?’ Modern British history is full of torture, and the British were ‘masters’ at it.

When the OSS become the CIA, it split into 2 sections – one an intelligence gathering section, the other a covert operations arm for the presidency, the central part of which was torture.

He warns that the culture of apologising for the state, to minimise its responsibility, has ‘burrowed’ into the minds of correspondents, citing the defence correspondent on Newsnight failing to mention the role of Britain when appraising why the Middle East was a mess.

He also says that parliamentary inquiries like the Nolan inquiry and the Chilcot inquiry are stopped before they can get anywhere, describing it as a ‘series of whitewashes.’

He talks of a ‘consensus’ to cover up, citing the arms to Iraq inquiry, where the only person that the judge commended was a Foreign Office official who described the Foreign Office as a ‘culture of lying.’

He says that the number of high-ups in the British establishment who committed serious offences ‘numbered in the dozens,’ and the only difference between the US and UK in torture is ‘in terms of scale.’

The real issue in democracies is ‘dissent being constrained’ physically on the streets. He believes it is ‘dangerous’ to protest in the way people did in 2003, whether you are an establishment figure, a journalist, or just a man on the street.

He says the Sydney siege, whilst horrific, still has to be deconstructed to find what’s missing from it. He points out that the Australian PM declared it a ‘terrorist act’ within minutes of it starting, when it turned out to be a lone wolf, and asks why someone with his history was on the loose.

He argues that looking at the list of demands, they were all negotiable, and asks why force was used, and says ‘it seems very likely that the people in there were killed by the police and not by the terrorist.’

With Russia, he says he has never known the truth ‘so inverted’ over any one issue.

He believes we are in the midst of a cold war more dangerous than the one he grew up with, comparing the raw propaganda of the prior to what we’re seeing now, with a ‘real possibility’ of a nuclear war.

He compares it to Iraq, because both involved ‘fiction,’ the idea that Russia is attacking the West.

He says oil prices were driven down by agreement between the US and Saudis, to wreck the Russian economy.

He says it was NATO and the US that took over Ukraine, to the point that Joe Biden’s son is on the board of Ukraine’s biggest private gas provider.

At a meeting in Yalta in September 2013, the ‘takeover of Ukraine was planned’ by prominent politicians and multinationals. There was a ‘coup stage-managed by the Obama administration,’ and blame shifted to Russia, who acted purely defensively.

He says there is a ‘real prospect of war’ with a nuclear power and strong conventional military, and Putin has now started ‘talking red lines’ himself. He describes ‘extraordinary propaganda’ promoting tension and demonising Russia, which ‘may end up being self-fulfilling.’
John is crowdfunding his new documentary, ‘The Coming War between America and China’, about the perceived threat to the US from China.

The War You Don’t See 2010

Published on Apr 3, 2014

John Pilger has a reputation as a journalist who can be trusted. This video is not only disturbing but truthful in what WE the people are not told or shown.
He’s a reporter with more than 25 documentaries, 11 books and countless articles published in media such as The Guardian, Daily Mirror, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, among others.

The War You Don’t See, is a work that follows the influence of the media in shaping public opinion and how governments can manipulate it to benefit their own political agenda …

Please make the public SEE what is REALLY going on.

John Pilger Breaking the Silence Truth and Lies in the War on Terror

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John Pilger – The Outsiders – Sean MacBride [1983]

1983. John Pilger interviews Irish politician Sean MacBride.


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1983. John Pilger interviews South African anti-apartheid activist and politician Helen Suzman.

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1983. John Pilger interviews Australian playwright David Williamson.

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