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Trudeau Submits to ISIS “on behalf of all Canadians”

Published on Nov 29, 2017

Marcus interviews Daniel J Towsey at Gill Camp in British Columbia

Marcus interviews Daniel J Towsey at Gill Camp

recorded Sept 5th 2017

video coming soon



Attention Canadians and First Nations: “Financial Silent War for Control” Coup d’Etat of Canada

Canadian Situations

It is being implemented by Canadian politicians and heads of private corporations under the Public-Private Partnerships.

To regain control and to stop these things from happening in Canada, 51 percent of the people have to sign an agreement saying yes or no to do anything about it. For this to be effective, we must also need to stop voting our rights away to politicians.

You can listen to our interview about the P3’s here:


The Canadian Peoples Union, Freedom 2017 – Press Release PDF download – Canadian Coup d’Etat

September 13th, 2017

Greetings to all that this concerns;

  • Canadian Citizens and First Nations
  • Small Businesses and Service Industries
  • Coalition of Small Business Tax Fairness


RE: The World Bank  Group and United Nations Corporate “Financial Silent War for Control” coup d’état against Countries and Citizens under the guise of the Public-Private Partnerships.

Those at the lead include John…

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Youtube has disabled my FolkPhotographer channel

Youtube has removed my header and You can no longer see my new and earlier uploads and I can no longer see any of my previous uploads so that means that I can no longer use  my Youtube.


A Truth Soldier Articles Videos play list

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Link to complete 911Justicehalifax play list.

Daniel J Towsey testimonials


The Fukushima Radiation Tree Reports video play list

Canadian Situations Articles video play list

Go to this link to see the videos from last year showing, dying trees, foliage bees and chemtrails..

Wheelchair Rights Reports play list

This is my PayPal if you would like to help. Thank You.

I am now homeless in Chilliwack British Columbia UPDATES

Two attempts to kill me by sawing my wheelchair trailer axle

At link below,I will be posting more information including high resolutions photos and a separate post for the first incident of my wheel coming off on the trans Canada hwy in Manitoba before they repaired and installed the new axle at Chevrolet dealership in Portage La Prairie. Ma.
Please note that I had to leave Montreal after receiving $850 in parking tickets and was threatened they would put the boot on my car and then tow and steal it.. There was no place for me to park with my wheelchair trailer.. So I am now back in Chilliwack British Columbia.

I arrived in Chilliwack on June 5th 2017. So I will be posting my UPDATES here. Please see my earlier updates here.


STOP The Banksters New World Order

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