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A Truth Soldier Homeless In Montreal Continuous Updates Starting in January 2017

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Welcome Hall Mission of Montreal Infected me and Harrassed me so to prevent me from sleeping there.

Published on Apr 18, 2017

A Truth Soldier Homeless In Montreal Reports

Jesus A Homeless God Loving Atheist – A Truth Soldier Message

Jesus A Homeless God Loving Atheist – A Truth Soldier Message

Montreal Police threaten to take A Truth Soldier’s Car

Uploaded on Mar 17, 2017

A Truth Soldier EMERGENCY Plea for HELP

Published on Mar 13, 2017

A Truth Soldier EMERGENCY Plea for HELP

Uploaded on Feb 18, 2017

Here is a post I did explaining about you tube censoring interactions of comments on my channel..



Here are some comments I received in my email that do not show up under my video “Plea for Help” There are many more.. I will have to do another video about Youtube doing this…

illusion is over
Gootube censorship
E’lenael X.
why can’t I read the other 2 comments?
Barb MacMaster
says 8 comments but can only see one

Below you can see and hear my reports of my terrible homeless situation in Montreal. Newer reports are at the top of page.

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Youtube Blocking A Truth Soldier from commenting on his videos

Quebec’s Official French Prejudice against English peoples

A Truth Soldier Wheelchair Rights Report No Accessible Housing in Montreal

A Truth Soldier Ambulance To Montreal General Hospital

Published on Feb 8, 2017

A Truth Soldier in perilous situation and robbed now in Montreal

Published on Feb 2, 2017

This is a detailed records of the events during my Across Canada Road Trip. atruthsoldier.com
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A Truth Soldier Wheelchair Rights Report Welcome Hall Mission in Montreal Jan 25 2017

A Truth Soldier Calls Montreal Police about Welcome Hall Mission Jan 25 2017

A Truth Soldier calls Quebec Minister of Health About my Homelessness Jan 25 2017

A Truth Soldier First week homeless in Montreal Jan 28 2017