William Cooper

William Cooper – The Lost Interview – never before seen (1999)


Published on May 23, 2014


Edited from The Land of the Lost Story (1999)

Behold A Pale Horse ( Audio Book)

Published on Apr 26, 2012

BAPH original and complete Audio Book. This is actually the only official version done by Bill, recorded when he got finished in Porterville with that particular presentation. This was done in San Francisco in a professional studio for clarity and quality.

Meet Bill Cooper : Murdered by George W. Bush & Friends

Published on Jun 10, 2012

Bill Cooper is a man everyone should know about. Few actually do. There should be statues of this man in every town across America! There never will be.. He tried to do the right thing, when nobody else even cared what the ‘right thing’ was.

His words are more important now than ever! His message is more true now than ever! He warned of the world we live in today, when I for one, couldn’t even imagine it coming to this. He was murdered for telling the truth, and living by his morals and convictions. A true patriot hero!

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Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or special interest, personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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How William Cooper got killed

William Cooper Moon Landing Hoax

William Cooper – NASA Mooned America

William Cooper – The Secret Government & The Alien Agenda – Behold a Pale Horse Lecture – Remastered

Published on Dec 14, 2012

This film has been remastered from an old VHS tape. If you are expecting super high mind blowing quality, sorry but this is the best I could do.

More information on William Milton Cooper:

Daily Conspiracy News:

William Cooper – Mind Control

William Cooper – The Alex Jones Deception – (1-4-2000)

Uploaded on Jun 18, 2011

This is the original broadcast from Bill’s ‘Hour of the Time’ shortwave radio show aired on January 4th, 2000.

William Cooper – I Have Had It-Enough of This (Full Length)

Uploaded on Jun 12, 2011

Thanks to EyesfortheProfane

William Cooper – There IS a God (Full Length)

William Cooper – Brotherhood of the Snake (Full Length)

William Cooper – Archeology of Freemasonry

William Cooper – The Hermetic Marriage (Full Length)

Bill Cooper, Mystery Babylon – Hour 1 – Dawn of Man.

Published on Apr 27, 2012

This is the complete series. All music has been edited out of this version. This practically have no influence on the understanding of this series, and will save you hours in the end. Originally the series is 43 hours long, but with removed pauses, and removed talk about out-dated meetings, I have saved you around 4-5 hours. (Edit: I missed a song in Hour 1 – Dawn of Man.)

Apart from that, nothing has been touched, and is presented here as it was in The Hour of The Time radio show, hosted by William (Bill) Cooper.

You might want to keep a pencil and paper to hand. Try to listen to all the lectures in order. Otherwise you will fail to fully comprehend latter episodes .

It’s hard to explain what it’s all really about, but all you have to do to find out, is watch it all in it’s entirety. You will not regret it.


Rest in peace, Bill.

William Cooper – Mystery Babylon ┊ Hour 29 – Lucifer 2000 (Full Length) [VIDEO]

Bill Cooper interview CNN Uncut original

William Cooper – 9/11 as it happened Hour 1

FACT – September 11th 2001 was the day they planned to make a hit on William Cooper. This broadcast live is what delayed the GOV’T hit till November 5th 2001

William Cooper – JFK Assassin Unmasked (Full Length)

William Cooper – Reality Check (Full Length)

William Cooper – Let’s get it Straight (Full Length

William Cooper – I Have Had It-Enough of This (Full Length)

William Cooper – Police (Full Length)

William Cooper – The Truth About Socialism (Full Length)

William Cooper – The Federal Reserve

William Cooper – Waco, Anatomy of a Murder – (7-27-93)

William Cooper – Vaccinations (Alex Loglia) – 7-13-93

William Cooper – The Luxor – Mystery School Symbology Exposed (1994)


William Cooper – Project Redlight II (1992)

Project Redlight and Project Redlight II were the very first videos produced about Area 51, also known as Dreamland. The videos are the first that revealed the location of Area-51 and some of the secret black budget technology that is flown and tested at the super secret site.

William Cooper – Sedona Arizona (9-24-89) Full Lecture

William Cooper – The Planned Education of Your Child 1

William Cooper – The Planned Education of Your Child 2

Kennedy – The Sacrificed King – by William Cooper

William Cooper interviews a 32nd Degree Freemason

William Cooper Archive

181 videos.



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