Windows Library

Below you will find a downloadable pdf library of documents, security, tip and tweaks for windows.

and information on the insides secret spying by Microsoft..

This first book is a must read. It tells you how windows is set up to spy and control your computer by Microsoft.. Must services in your compute can safely be turned off by disabling them and it will make your computer faster and safer. This applies to all windows operating systems.. XP Pro is the best operating system because you can secure it. That is why Microsoft discontinued their support of it..

Right click on files below to download them..Please share them.

M$ Windows XP Professional Bugging Device.pdf

Things you didn’t know about Windows XP.pdf


Secure Windows XP fileshares.pdf

Registry Hacking.pdf

PC Maintenance and Repair Tricks.pdf

NT XP command line a-z.doc

MS Press Windows XP Registry Guide (2003).pdf


Apply Restrictions with local_group_policy.pdf





System Configuration Utility.pdf

I Spy Your PC.pdf

For Dummies – Windows Xp Gigabook For Dummies (2004).pdf (31mb)

Hardcore_Windows_XP.pdf (8mb)

Illustrated Windows XP 101 Hot Tips (2005).pdf (56mb)

Mastering Windows XP Registry.pdf

Windows Xp – Command-Line Reference A-Z[1207pgs].pdf (9mb)

Windows XP Bible.pdf (16mb)

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